Can I Use Cold Hair Dryer Every Day? Yes, but…

Happy woman dries her hair with dryer

  • You don’t want to wash and dry your hair every day. But if you have to, it’s better to blow dry it with cold air.
  • Some hair tends to break more than others. Therefore, cold air is better in these cases.
  • If you have chemically straightened hair, then cold air is NOT good for you.
  • In this article, I’ll tell you why it’s better to blow dry your hair with cold air if you plan to do it every day and what other options you have in case you want to avoid it.
  • I’ll also give you 7 tips to take the best care of your hair.


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Were you wondering if you could blow dry your hair every day with cold air?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. My answer is: yes, yes, yes.

When someone tells me that they blow dry their hair every day, I always think:  I wish they would blow dry it with cold air. 


The truth is that  most people blow-dry their hair with hot air  and, if possible, the hottest setting, so it dries faster!!


Well, everyone has the right to ruin their hair.

So, to answer this question, I say yes,  the best thing to do if you plan to blow dry your hair daily is to do it with cold air. 


That isn’t to say that blow-drying your hair with cold air won’t damage your hair. But  the damage will certainly be as little as possible. 


In this article, we’ll see if you should blow dry your hair with cold air every day and in which cases it’s better to do it only with hot air. I’ll also share many tips on how to take the best care of your hair.


Should I blow dry my hair with cold air every day?

Woman hesitating with hair dryer in hand
In this case, I have to say no.

I know it sounds contradictory to what I said at the beginning, but in reality it isn’t.

 What I don’t agree with is the idea you should wash and blow dry your hair every day. 

But if you’re going to do it anyway, you might as well do it with cold air.

Why shouldn’t you wash (and dry) your hair daily?


Because when you wash your hair, the cuticles open up.

And  if you do it every day the strands become weaker and can end up breaking . Consequently, you’ll start to see those famous dry, split ends.


On the other hand, blow-drying your hair with hot air dehydrates it. As a result, your hair becomes dry, dull, and lifeless.

For this reason,  cold air is less damaging,  but you would still be handling your hair on a daily basis.


What is the ideal frequency for washing and drying hair? It depends on your hair type

Ideally,  wash and dry your hair every two to three days, ]because the less you manipulate it, the better.

That way, you’ll avoid subjecting it to that constant washing and drying process.

So, do I have to go through life with dirty hair?


Of course you don’t.

That wouldn’t be nice and you wouldn’t feel comfortable.

  • If you have oily hair washing it every one and a half days will be fine.
  • If you have a dry scalp, it would be great if you wash and dry your hair every three days.


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What type of hair can you blow dry with cold air

Woman shows off her thin, break-prone hair
There are certain types of hair that go well with using your blow dryer with cold air. Even more than with hot air. Let me show you what they are:

  • If you have fine hair, it’s best to blow dry your hair with cold air, as  your hair is more sensitive to heat  and therefore more prone to breakage.
  • If you have colored or bleached hair it will also need less heat. Because having gone through chemical processes your hair is fragile and  heat can worsen that condition. 


Is there a type of hair that you shouldn’t blow dry with cold air?

Woman with chemical straightened hair

If you have chemically straightened your hair or have had any thermo-active treatments, then  blow-drying your hair with cold air is not going to be a good idea . These types of treatments need heat to activate.


If you want to take care of your hair treatment, then cold air is not for you. You’ll need to blow dry your hair at higher temperatures or use a straightener.

But this isn’t ideal, since  the straightener dehydrates your hair much more. 


Does blow-drying with cold air damage the hair?

Woman with very long and damaged hair with expression of doubt
As I said, blow-drying your hair with cold air is better than blow-drying it with hot air. However,  this doesn’t mean that cold air doesn’t damage your hair at all. 


Every time you manipulate your hair in any way, whether it’s brushing, washing, towel-drying or air-drying, you alter it. Because of this, there is no 100% safe way. That’s why  you should always choose the least damaging way to manage your hair. 


Advantages of cold air on your hair

  • Reduces the damage that blow-drying with hot air would cause.
  • Helps to fix your hairstyle, whether you have waves, curls, or straight hair.
  • Seals cuticles.
  • Gives a natural shine.
  • Minimizes the risk of  tangles and annoying knots .
  • It can help give you volume by drying from underneath.


7 tips to take the best care of your hair

  • Wash your hair with shampoo that doesn’t contain salt or sulfates, to avoid drying out your hair and scalp.
  • Always  moisturize your hair with good products.  Ask your hairdresser to recommend the right products for you.
  • Nourish your hair at least once a week.
  • Dry your hair with a microfiber towel.
  •  Always use a heat protectant,  even if you’re going to blow dry it with cold air.
  • The best option is to let your hair air dry at least 50% or 80% and then finish drying it with cold air.
  • Finally, as I said, try not to wash your hair every day.


Conclusion: if you have no other choice, blow dry your hair with cold air

 Blow-drying your hair with cold air will be the least damaging to it  in case you want to do it every day.

However, it isn’t the best option. I don’t recommend you wash your hair every day either as it gets too dry and can break.


In this article, we’ve seen that unless you have chemically straightened hair, it’s always better to blow dry it with cold air as that won’t damage your cuticles as much.

Keep in mind your hair type to know how often you should wash it, but  the more days you can go without washing or blow-drying, the better. 

And always remember this: the less you manipulate your hair, the healthier it will be.

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