Perming Products and Materials: Where you can find them, and how much they cost

where to buy the solution and the rollers

Have you ever thought about what you would need to do your own perm at home?


If you have, look no further!

Because here we’re going to discuss two key points to a successful home perm: what materials you need, and how to prevent damaging your hair.


A year ago, I was in the same situation that many of you might be in today.

Although I had ringlets when I was younger, my curls gradually transformed into waves, and as time passed, practically disappeared.

And, as trends often do, curly hair came back in style. And now it’s undeniable: the perm is back.


 A friend recommended a salon, but I didn’t have $300 to spend on a perm. And although the salon in my neighborhood only charged eighty dollars, I had my doubts about going there. 

The stylist there not only reminded me of my grandmother’s, but I’m also pretty sure she was old enough to be Cleopatra’s stylist at one point.

No, ma’am, I wasn’t leaving my precious locks in the care of a salon that looked like it was built in the 40s.


So, as if I was studying for an exam, I took some time, did some research, and created a market study. Which, since I’m studying advertising, I actually know how to do.

After hours of research, I slowly uncovered all the secrets to perming my own hair and quickly noticed that choosing the right products and materials was just as important as knowing how to curl the hair.


You’ll need a perm solution, a neutralizing liquid and rods or rollers that fit the size of curl you want.

Of course, these three items are the bare essentials.


But use caution if you’re going to apply these chemicals to dyed hair.

Perm dyed hair, and you run the risk of ending up with dry, damaged hair that’s almost impossible to tame.


What kinds of rollers should you use?

Well, that depends on the curls you want. As we all know, soft waves and Shirley Temple-style corkscrews are not the same thing.

Ever heard of her?


Shirley Temple was a child movie star in the 30s, who enchanted audiences with her charm… and perfect golden curls.

But to get great results, it’s very important to choose your curling materials wisely.


Imagine if you were trying to impress your boyfriends by cooking him dinner. You would use your mom’s infallible recipe, buy everything on your shopping list, and never swap out an item for a lower-quality one.  Well, the same idea applies to perming hair.


So, if you’ve decided to perm your hair yourself, keep reading, because we’re going to cover some essential tips.

  • 4 Essential Tips to Perming Your Hair at Home
  • Where to buy perming solutions and products[/ su_list]


Ready to make your shopping list?


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4 Essential Tips to Perming Your Hair at Home


1- Perming solution

between eight and fifteen dollars

Of course, the most important product in the process is the perming solution.

But won't worry, it's easier than it sounds.

Ever heard of a color kit?


Basically, color kits are boxed sets with everything you need to dye your hair at home.

Well, perms kits are very similar. They come with everything you need to perm your own hair at home.

A perm kit includes:

  • perming solution
  • neutralizer
  • and depending on the brand, even gloves.


  There are different kinds of perm kits designed for healthy hair, difficult to curl hair, delicate hair, and dyed hair.[/ su_highlight]

Believe it or not, many salons won't run the risk of perming dyed hair. But, thankfully, there are perm kits designed specifically for dyed hair.

Basically, designed just for people like me.

Personally, I use this one, and perm my hair at home for only eight dollars.

Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm for color-treated hair.


Because my hair is long, with very fine strands and dyed on top of that, I was worried about the solution damaging my hair. But I was happy to discover that this product didn't damage my hair at all,

nor did it alter the color of my hair.


What if I have healthy, natural hair?

If that's the case, I would recommend this kit.

Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm for normal hair.


It only costs around 5 dollars and has numerous positive reviews and comments from other users.


2- Rods or curlers

Now that you have a great perm kit, it's time to move to your next essential item. While they are usually called rods, they're sometimes called rollers or curlers.

Whatever you call it, it's what will determine the size and shape of your curls.


It's often possible to find an economically priced set of rods. I managed to find a set of 48 rods in a variety of sizes for only $3.50.

  Keep in mind that smaller rods will create tighter curls, while larger rods will create looser curls that are more like waves than ringlets.[/ su_highlight]

And remember, you don't have to use just one size of rod, and combining various sizes actually creates a more natural-looking perm.


3- Additional materials: gloves and plastic cap

As well as solutions and rods, you'll also need some gloves to protect your hands from the perming solution, and a shower cap to cover your hair after you've applied it.

Although you don't absolutely have to use a shower cap, I highly recommend it, as it traps heat and allows the product to penetrate the hair fiber better.


4- Time

Although this isn't something you can buy at the store, planning enough time is essential to any home perm, or you run the risk of the solution not curling your hair.

Plan about three hours to do a perm at home, and a just like when you get a perm at a salon, a  home perm can last between three to six months.


Now that you know all the materials you need to perm your hair, let's take a look at where to buy them.


Where to buy perming materials

If you're thinking your search for great perming materials will about as easy as hunt for treasure, don't worry.


Professional hair products are now more and more accessible o consumers.

  That being said you're not going to find them at your neighborhood supermarket. But they can be easily found at stores that specialize in hair products.


But, there's one more interesting option, that saves you both time and effort.

Online shopping, such as wholesalers like Amazon or Ebay.


Personally, I buy most of my products on Amazon.

As well as great prices that often beat brick-and-mortar stores, your purchases arrive right at your door, safe and sounds.

What more could you ask for?


Just like me, you could save time and money doing your perm at home. And instead of spending $200 in a salon, you'll only spend around $15.

What type of perm will you choose for your luscious locks?

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