Can I wash my hair after a keratin or straightening treatment? How long should you wait?

wait for two or three days

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Today, I want to talk about one of the most-talked about topics in salons around the world.

It doesn’t matter if the salon is in Dubai, New York, or Buenos Aires, I’m sure they talk about it everywhere.


How long should you wait to wash your hair after a straightening or keratin treatment?


Some people said that you should wait 48 hours.

The more daring ones say that you can wash your hair immediately after straightening.

What is the truth?

Who is right?


That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you today.

Straightening treatments are costly, whether you do them yourself or in the salon. Yes, the products for straightening can end up being very expensive, especially in some countries in Latin America. Maybe in USA or Spain there is more of a variety of straightening products for everyone’s pocket.

But in other countries, there is as much variety. And the few that are offered usually end up being expensive because they are imported.

That’s why doing a straightening treatment with good quality products is expensive. So, since you’re going to spend a good chunk of change on straightening, you better not ruin it.

how to take care of it and when to wash the hair

Every day, people come to the salon with their hair ruined for not waiting the necessary time before washing. In some cases, this hair can be fixed. But other times, it’s impossible. The hair ends up dry and without form. It’s horrible.

Surely, you don’t want to damage your recently straightened hair, right?


If you have any doubts about how long you should wait to wash your hair after your straighten it, this article is for you.

I’m not only going to tell you how long to wait. Also, I’m going to give you some simple tricks so that your straightening lasts longer.


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How long I should wait to wash my hair after straightening

What happens if I wash my hair after straightening?

Every day, I get questions like this.


Let’s suppose that you have done a straightening treatment.

How many days should you wait to wash your hair?

 Between 48 and 72 hours. 


You have to understand that when it comes to a straightening treatment, this includes a wide variety of treatments.

For example, there is the classic straightening that’s been around for your whole life but also there is keratin tretments and much more. Every one of them has different needs.


 When you go to the salon to do the straightening it is important that you ask them exactly how many days to wait before washing your hair. Generally, it will be two or three days.  


What happens if I wash my hair immediately after straightening it?

how long to wait

This is another question that I get quite frequently.


You will simply lose the effect of the treatment. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair and after the treatment it ended up straight, if you wash it, it will go back to its natural form. You will be throwing away your money and time.


20 years ago, straightening treatments weren’t as popular as they are today. And also, there weren’t as many channels of information available. So, it was much more common to see due to a lack of information that women washed their hair after doing a straightening treatment.

 I remember that once, a crying girl came into the salon. She was 16 or 17 at most.  

She had done a straightening treatment and because she simply didn’t know, she washed her hair the same day. Her hair was a monstrosity. I can’t think of any other word to describe it better. I think that I had never seen hair as messy as hers in my life.

So, now you know. You shouldn’t wash your hair after a straightening.


4 tricks so that your straightening lasts much longer

Let’s suppose that you have gone 2 or 3 days without wetting your hair. “Now what,” you might be asking.

Because the work isn’t over, my friend.


Many people do the straightening treatment, but after, they continue mistreating their hair like they usually do. They use a ridiculous number of products, they use the flat iron without protection, they expose themselves to the sun at the worst time, etc. They think that their hair and the straightening treatment are unchangeable. But things don’t work like that.


You have to really care for a straightening treatment.

If your fast-moving, lifestyle doesn’t leave you with even the smallest amount of time that your hair deserves, maybe you shouldn’t do a straightening treatment.

You have other very good options as well. For example, there are straightening shampoos or creams. Any of them will help you relax your hair and get rid of frizz but it doesn’t need additional care like a straightening treatment.


How should you care for a straightening treatment from now on?

For Chemically Processed Hair

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  • First and foremost, you should choose a good, sulfate-free shampoo. In this way, you avoid the cuticles form opening in your hair. If the cuticles open, you run the risk of losing the effects of the straightening.

What sulfate-free shampoo should I choose?


In my opinion, one of the best sulfate-free shampoos is EverSleek Sulfate Free, from L’Oréal.

It’s the perfect shampoo for straightening shampoos like yours.


Think about the day that you did the straightening treatment in your hair.

Maybe it was today.

Or maybe it was a few days ago.

Now, imagine that your hair looks as beautiful as the day that you got the treatment done for a long time, months and months.


You have two options, the way that I see it.

  • Continue using the shampoo that you’ve been using up until now and ruin your straightening treatment in a few days
  • Make a simple change of shampoo and make your hair look sensational, shiny and silky for longer

The decision is yours.


  • When you use the hair dryer, protect your hair with a heat protectant. It’s like a solar protector but to protect your hair from the intense heat of the hair dryer. Ah, and it would also be good to use a professional hair dryer like CHI. The good thing about those hair dryers is that they have a heat regulator.


  • It’s very important to avoid ocean water and direct sun. Ocean water is abrasive, even more so in chemically-treated hair.


  • If you are going to use other products in addition to shampoo and conditioner, look for products specially designed for chemically treated hair. If you have any doubts, check the product label.



And that is everything for now, my dear readers.

If you have doubts about how long you should wait to wash your hair after a straightening treatment, you can leave me a comment here below and we can talk about it.


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