How to sleep after a keratin or straightening treatment? (so you don’t damage your hair)

satin or silk pillowcase

Have you done a keratin or straightening treatment?

I have bad news for you.

From now on, you have to sleep sitting up.

Just as you read it.


 If you want your hair to look perfect for longer, you will have to sleep in a chair. 

It’s very simple.


You put your pajamas on every day.

And instead of sleeping in your beautiful bed, you make yourself comfortable in a chair and sleep.

You can also choose the sofa, if that ends up being more comfortable.

What do you think?


Don’t believe it, woman, it’s a joke!


I didn’t eat breakfast today and I’ve been saying ridiculous things since early.

I need at least a cup of coffee for my ideas to start to function. It’s like my fuel.

Well, let’s get back to why we’re here.


Let’s suppose you’ve done a keratin treatment.

You are in love with the results.

Your hair looks more impressive than ever.

Even the birds are showing up at your window to praise your brilliant head of hair.

Your boyfriend, partner, or lover even complemented your hair. He who never picks up on the details.


But of course, the last thing you want to do is ruin the treatment while you sleep, right?

That’s what a lot of women do.


They spend a fortune on the best keratin treatment, in the best salon in their city.

They get home and the first thing they do is wash their hair with a common shampoo with sulfates.

Afterwards, they dry their hair with the hair dryer on high heat.

And as the cherry on top, they sleep with their hair pulled back with lots of tension.

They think that keratin is immune to damage.

They think that they can mistreat their hair as if it were a plastic wig. But no.


 If you want your hair with keratin to look as beautiful as the first day, you have to take care of your hair. 

If not, you’ll be throwing away that money and time that you invested into the treatment.

Do you want to throw the money you invested into the trash?


I guess not.

Unless you are a millionaire, I don’t think you want to go wasting your money.

That’s why today, I want to tell you how you can care for your keratin treated hair.


To be more specific, how to sleep after a keratin treatment.

And the same thing applies for other hair treatments, like a straightening or a hair botox treatment.

Let’s start with the most important.


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Don’t put your hair up

not ruining the treatment

This is the first mortal sin that many women commit when they’ve done a keratin treatment.


If you start a diet to lose weight, surely you will reduce the amount of grains and fats you consume.

You have to say goodbye to pizza, pasta, fried food, etc. In other words, all the good food. Like my grandfather said, everything that is Delicious makes you fat.

If you want to lose weight, you have to stop eating those foods.

If you want your keratin to stay intact for longer, you have to stop putting your hair up when it’s time for bed.

Let me ask you a question.


What do you do with your hair when you sleep?


I don’t know about you, but most women I know tie back or put their hair up to sleep.

They tie it up with clips, hair ties, rubber bands, or whatever else.


Well, from now on, if you’ve done a keratin treatment, I recommend that you don’t tie your hair up. It’s best to sleep with your hair down.

It makes sure that your hair stays as straight as possible and without creases.

If you put your hair up, you run the risk of marking your hair. Keep in mind that your head will on top of your hair for various hours. If your hair is on top of a crease, that’s where the damage will be produced.


If your hair gets creased at night, don’t worry. There is a solution and in just a few moments, I’ll tell you.


Cover your hair with silk or satin cloth

for curly hair

Check satin pillowcase price on Amazon


I’ll bet you on something.

That’ you’ve never thought about the material of your pillow case, right?


Well, some people are a little more selective when it comes to choosing sheets for their bed. But most people use cotton sheets and that’s it. Problem solved.


The problem in this case is that cotton produces friction with your hair and this can ruin the keratin. The solution is very simple.


 You should change your pillowcase for one that is made of silk or satin. Those materials are the softest and they don’t produce friction when they come in contact with your hair. 

In addition, using a silk pillowcase will prevent the much feared and hated frizz.


Attention. When I recommend this, many say, “Carina, how am I going to change my sheets for my hair?”

No, woman.

Not like that.


You don’t have to change your entire set of sheets.

Changing your pillowcase is enough.

Satin or silk pillowcases can be purchased in any linen’s store or on websites like Amazon, Ebay, etc.


Comb your hair for a few minutes

This probably is something that you already do, but just in case, I added it as well in these tips.

Before going to bed, brush your hair for a few minutes. It’s best to pass the brush from the roots to the ends. This way, you are sure to distribute the natural oils of your hair throughout your whole head.


It’s very simple.

The scalp produces a series of natural oils that are able to protect the hair from external agents. But of course, sometimes it happens that these oils stay on the scalp without reaching the rest of the hair.

That’s why it’s important to brush your hair daily before going to bed. Even more so if you have done a keratin treatment.

I recommend using natural fiber brushes.


What to do if your hair has creases or wrinkles while you sleep

If when you wake up, you discover that your hair is wrinkled or has tiny plaits, simple pass the flat iron over your hair a few times until your hair is straight again.

Now, don’t abuse the flat iron, because you’ll end up generating the opposite effect and damaging the treatment.


Other tricks for caring for your keratin treated hair

Use sulfate-free shampoos.

I’ve said this an infinite amount of times, but I don’t get tired of saying it because it is fundamental.


 You can be the most careful person in the world, and respect everything that I commented above, but if you use a poor-quality shampoo, your keratin treatment will definitely disappear like a work of magic in a couple of days. 

And since I’m sure you don’t want that, I recommend that you choose your shampoo products with a lot of care.

Use sulfate-free shampoos, the most organic as possible.


Also, don’t put dozens of products in your hair.

The other day I went to visit the house of a friend. I won’t say her name so I don’t put her in the limelight.

The thing is that at one moment, I asked to use her bathroom. When I entered the bathroom, I found something incredible.



The whole bathroom was full of hair products, skin products, perfumes, etc.

It looked like a perfume store.

Many people think just like my friend. They think that the more products they use, the better. They use masks, creams, serums, gels, etc. All of those products that promise miracles for their hair, they use them.


I recommend that you try it from another angle.

Use a few products, but that are of good-quality.

If you are going to use a mask, let it be just one. And again, choose products that are as natural as possible. Use them only when it is necessary. You don’t need to saturate your hair with layers and layers of chemicals.



A keratin treatment can last between two and five months depending on many factors.


For example, the quality of the applied treatment, and the professionality of the application, the products used to do the keratin, and many other factors.

To give you an example, it’s not the same to use products from a brand like Alfaparf, than generic products.


 Without a doubt, the most important factors so that your keratin treatment will last longer is the care that you give your hair after the application. 

Basically, there are two types of women.

  • Those that do the keratin treatment and then continue mistreated their hair like they have their entire lives
  • And those that start to care for their hair methodically after keratin

If you are going to invest your time and money, I recommend that you be a part of the second group of those that care for their hair after keratin.

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