Can I wet my hair after a perm without washing it?

wait 48 hours to wash the hair

Have you gotten a perm done, and you want to know if you can wash your hair without using shampoo and conditioner?


Do you remember the vampire movies where the poor victims try to get away with a cross?


Well, I advise you also to stay away from shampoos and conditioners the first days, as if they were a deadlier version of Dracula.

What is more, I advise you to stay away, even from a few drops of rain.


 To wet your hair after a perm, you should wait at least forty-eight hours. With or without shampoo and conditioner.  


It’s that simple. If you don’t want to ruin your perm, you should wait to wet your hair for two days.

Or don’t do it, and risk that what happened the first time I did a perm also happens to you.

Do you want me to tell you?


I walked out of the salon completely amazed.

Finally, I had adorable, mischievous curls in my hair that moved from one side to another as if they were following the rhythm of a song that was inaudible to my ears.

Of course, there was one little detail.

I didn’t like the smell of my hair.

I presume it was from the smell of the chemical products used, an aroma that didn’t go unnoticed to my sense of smell.


So, I decided to wash my hair. I didn’t use shampoo or conditioner. I wet my hair to see if the bothersome smell would go away.

What a mistake!


 When my hair dried, those adorable and fun curls looked like horrible waves. They weren’t even curls or waves or anything. Horrible. 

But where had my curls gone?

Where was the perm, that on top of everything, I had spent a small fortune on?


Of course, now it’s easy to say, “You shouldn’t have wet your head.”

But at that moment, I didn’t know.

That’s why, if you have recently done a perm, don’t do anything that can ruin it.


And so that you can understand better, I will tell you:

  • Why you should wait to wet your hair with a perm for at least two days
  • What are the best products to care for hair with a perm
  • Advice so that your perm looks attractive and splendid for longer.


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Why you should wait two days before wetting your hair with a perm

Now you know that you should wait at least 48 hours before wetting your hair with a perm.

But we human beings are special beings that always need to know the reason for things.

And I will tell you.


 The reason you should wait the recommended time between getting a perm and washing your hair is to allow the hair to completely adjust to the new wave patterns before doing anything that could affect them.  


  • I don’t know if you know, but the chemicals used in a perm break the natural bonds in your hair to reform and generate new forms: the curl.
  • When your stylist starts to work in your hair to get a perm, they will apply a chemical substance that breaks down your hair’s chemicals.
  • Keratin is a protein that gives your hair the strength and form that it had before. Once that is gone, a neutralizer is applied, like hydrogen peroxide, to help the keratin in your hair be reconstructed around the rods, which is what leaves your hair curly.


I recommend not washing your hair with shampoo, not even getting git wet during at least the first two days, because what breaks those bonds that formed from the chemicals, modifying the elasticity of the hair.

The recommended waiting time is 48 hours to allow that the hair goes back to completely establishing itself, assuring the best and longest-lasting results of your perm.

Wetting your hair, or even washing your hair with shampoo can cancel out the curling process.


It’s simply that. If you wash your permed hair before 48 hours, the water will erase the chemical effects that should happen for the hair to become curly.

It’s something similar to if you do a keratin treatment. If you wash your hair, goodbye straight hair. In this case, goodbye curls.


What are the best products to care for your permed hair

After that first time I messed up my perm, I did it again.

Of course, this time, I waited the blessed forty-eight hours to get my hair near water.

And, of course, I was happy with my curls.


They looked great, just as much when I went to bed as when I woke up.

Of course, I also learned to care for my perm so that my curls looked divine.

Do you want to know my secrets?


  • At least during the first week after doing the perm, I tried not to touch my curls. I left my hair down, and I didn’t tie it back with clips or anything else.

Because even the most basic hairstyles and simplest accessories for hair can make your perm break and transform in ways you don’t want.


  • Don’t brush your hair. At most, detangle your curls with your fingers, and if it is necessary, use a wide-toothed comb in the shower after applying the conditioner.


  • Now that you have the perm completed in your hair, it’s time to look at the hair products you should use.

Because straight hair needs a different type of product than permed hair.


Try to avoid hair products made with alcohol and silicones because alcohol will quickly dry out your hair, leaving your perm fragile, frizzy, and ruined.

Silicones, on their part, can make permed hair look greasy and heavy. If you can’t avoid these ingredients, at least look for products that have minimal concentrations.

for thick and colored hair

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  • For your shampoo and conditioner, opt for moisturizing formulas that improve curls, but be careful that they aren’t ultra-creamy, which can overload your hair and interrupt the curls’ formation.

I also suggest that you do a deep cleaning every week.


Other advice so that your perm looks absolutely attractive

Do you know the damage that dryers can do to your hair?

They dry it out to the point of being like straw.


  • So, since I did the perm, I chose to ban hair dryers from my bathroom, and I let the hair air dry.


  • I also learned that wet hair is much more fragile, so I don’t rub it with a towel. I barely wrap my hair in it so that it absorbs the excess water.


  • Are you afraid of doing a perm for fear of frizz appearing?

Let me tell you two things.

The first, frizz is the enemy of both straight and curly hair.

And secondly, if you want to prevent frizz in our perm, brush your hair with your fingers.


  • Do you use to dye your hair?

I advise you to wait for at least a month after doing the perm because the color’s chemical products can interfere with the perm process.

If you follow my advice, which I learned the hard way, you will get your perm to last about six months.

And that is much longer than any other type of hair process.


Have you decided to do perm your hair?

Wait two days to wash your hair after doing the perm and enjoy the happy, attractive curls for longer.

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