3 Best shampoos for hair damaged by dyes, chemicals and heat tools

how to fix hair

Many people ask me the same question.

How do I know if I have damaged hair?

It’s easy to realize.


I’m going to ask you three simple question

1- Do you have frizz?

2- Do you have dry hair?

3- Do you have breakage or split ends?


If you responded yes to the three previous questions then it’s because YOU HAVE DAMAGED HAIR.


Damaged hair is sick hair.

Do sicknesses have cures?

That’s what we’re going to discover in today’s article.

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Verdict: who is at fault because your hair is damaged?

hair damage by chemicals dyes and keratin

I always say the same thing.

Before choosing a shampoo it’s important to know two things:

  • What condition your hair is in
  • And how it got to be in that state

Let’s try to think about and discover these two things in your own hair.


Do you have dry hair, breakage, or split ends?

You have DAMAGED hair.


Let me tell you something.

You might not like what I’m going to say too much.

You may close the page and never come back.

But I prefer to be sincere.

Everything I’m telling you has been built up over years of experience as a professional stylist.

Are you ready?

Here it goes.

 The only culprit for your damaged hair is you (read that again please).  

But Carina, how is it my fault that my hair is damaged?

dry split ends

It must be partially your fault. Now you’re going to see why I say that.

I’m going to ask you some questions. I ask that you be as honest as possible when you think about the answers.

  • Do you straighten your hair with a hot flat iron frequently?
  • Do you frequently dry your hair with a hair dryer?
  • Do you abuse your hair with straightening treatments?
  • Do you abuse your hair with products like masks, creams, gels, and other chemical products?
  • Do you change your hair color as often as your change your shirt?


I could keep going with these types of questions, but I think you get the idea.

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions,  you are damaging your hair. 


I would say that about 95% of damaged hair is because of these reasons.

The other 5% we can blame on other causes like climate change or illness.


Now you understand why I say that it’s very proable that you are at fault for your hair being how it is.

I’m not blaming you.

Most people don’t know they are damaging their hair. I guess if they knew, they wouldn’t keep doing it.

Once you discover how damaged your hair is is when you start looking for miracle solutions on the internet.

Is there a solution for damaged hair?

Can such damaged hair go back to being silky, shiny, and full of life?


First, the short answer: there is a solution for damaged hair.

During the last few years, I’ve developed a solution for damaged hair.

A very simple solution, yet effective at the same time.

The best thing about this solution is that you can start it today.

You know what the solution is?


I must be joking, right?


No. It’s not a joke.

Did you think I was going to give you some super secret and impressive solution?

I’m convinced that this is the solution to fix your hair.


But Carina, how am I going to fix my damaged hair simply by taking care of it?

Believe me that over the years I have seen a lot of damaged hair. The thing that works the best for fixing them is caring for your hair.

What I’m telling you may seem simple.

It’s so simple that there are lots of women that can’t do it.

I’ll say it again.


The best solution for damaged hair is to start caring for your hair from today on.


Soon after, the second part appears: THE SHAMPOO.

If you combine this idea of caring for your hair with a good shampoo for damaged hair, you’re going to see how little by little your hair will go back to being shiny and silky. It will have life again.

best shampoo to repair fix it

Are you ready to get the life back in your hair?


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What is the best shampoo for damaged hair?

with sulfate free products

The next step after making the decision to start caring for your hair is to choose a good shampoo.

What does a good shampoo for damaged hair have to have?


A good shampoo has the ability to transform your hair.

If your hair is dry with a lot of frizz, the shampoo has to leave it moisturized and silky.

If your hair has a lot of breakage, the shampoo should solve that problem.

You hair can be straight, wavy, or curly but the purpose always has to be the same: transform your hair.


I’m going to recommend 3 shampoos.

The first is the best.

Or at least the one that has shown the best results on damaged hair.


If you can’t find the first, you could look for the second and then the third.

They are shampoos that are relatively easy to find. If you don’t find any of the three I recommend to you, look for the shampoos that say, “for damaged hair” or “to fix hair.

If we can be a little bit more picky, I would say if you could find sulfate-free products or with a little amount of sulfate, that would be even better.

Now, let’s look at the shampoos.


TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner (750 ml)

It’s two products in one: Shampoo and Conditioner

The results of using the two products in one are up to 75% better than using them separately.


What does this shampoo do?

  • Fixes hair by moisturizing it
  • Gives life to damaged hair


There are only two disadvantage of this shampoo.

1- It’s not 100% sulfate free

2- When you enter a place, they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

Even your stylist is going to ask you what kind of shampoo you’re using.

resurrection fixing hair

Tru Moroccan (236 ml)
Are you looking for a shampoo to use daily to fix your damaged hair?

This shampoo fixes your hair with organic and natural ingredients like argan.

Using this shampoo daily will leave your hair silky and shiny.

Something that I’ve been recommending lately is sulfate-free products and this shampoo doesn’t have any.

Does this shampoo have anything negative?

Yes, the volume of the shampoo is a third less in respect to the previous one and they cost the same. 750 mL versus 236 mL.

with organic and natural ingredients

Arvazallia Shampoo Repair System(300ml)
Arvazallia is a brand that makes high quality products.

This shampoo has a few things in common with the previous 2.

  • It’s made without sulfates or parabens.
  • It’s made with natural ingredients like argan oil and macadamia oil.

It’s highly effective on all types of damaged hair: hair that has been exposed to heat, to chemical products, and to aggressive treatments like keratin.

moisturize damaged hair


Some important things to keep in mind.

Don’t wait for surprising results after one day. No shampoo can fix the damage to your hair from one day to the next.

Do people think to fix a broken bone from one day to the next?

Of course not.

  It’s a process that could take a few months.  The same thing happens with your hair.

Now, okay. If after a reasonable amount of time you don’t see any substantial change or improvement to your hair, then you can start to look for a new alternative.

Don’t get frustrated if the first shampoo you try doesn’t give you good results. Sometimes finding a better shampoo for your hair can take some time.


Many women discover a shampoo that gives them good results and they use it for a few months.

Then after a few months, the shampoo stops working as well as it did at first.

Don’t worry. It happens when your hair gets used to a product.

In these cases, I recommend looking for another shampoo that has similar characteristics and use it for some time. When your hair starts to get used to it, go back to the first.


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Can you fix your hair with a simple shampoo?



It seemed like the hair of a person that was 30 years older

Felicitas Rojas, from Concepción

using good quality products

Over the last few years, I have gone in and out of moments of deep depression.

The state of my hair was the last of my worries.

Do you know how many times I have gone to a hairdresser in the last 3 years?



Until one day I understood something.

The image that I saw of myself in the mirror didn’t help me very much to get out of depression.


My hair was a disaster.

It seemed like the hair of a person that was 30 years older than me.

I hadn’t realized it until a hairdresser friend of mine told me.


She suggested that I visit her in her salon the next day. And that’s how it went.

My hairdresser friend explained to me how to care for my hair with high-quality products.

Now, I care for my hair and know how important it is for my self-esteem.

What products do I use?


At first, I used shampoo for damaged hair.

After a while, I started interchanging it with other shampoos.

I always choose products carefully to be sure they don’t have sulfates or parabens to not damage my hair again.

I started to change the style of my hair every two days

Felicitas Rojas, from Concepción

damaged hair by changing color once a week

At 18, I hit my rebellious stage. I guess it was a bit late.

In reality, it’s never late to be a bit rebellious.

But anyway, back to the hair.


In this rebellious stage, I started to change the style of my hair every 2 days.

One day I dyed it blonde, and two days later, I dyed it red. One day I flat-ironed my hair, and then next day I curled it.

I did that for years.

Until my hair said enough.


It started to get more and more dry with more and more frizz. It was impossible to pass a comb through my hair.

 I was so worried that I decided to spend a third of my humble salary to go to a professional hairdresser.

The truth was they did they best they could with my hair.

How did I fix my hair?


With a lot of patience.

I went from changing my style every two days to almost never using any product other than shampoo.

Little by little I’ve been seeing the improvements.


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Conclusion: Why my partner doesn’t like the article

shampoo for dry and split ends hair

Before and after using  Shampoo Tigi Bed Head

Sometimes when I finish writing an article I asked my partner to read it to give me an opinion.

His knowledge of styling and hairdressing are the same as mine about quantum physics. That means nothing.


I’m not as much interested in his opinion in respect to the concrete themes I write about.

I’m more interested in his opinion in respect to the tone that I write in.

Do you know what he told me after reading this article?

Hair damaged by keratin abuse and chemicals

“Cari, the truth is it seems a bit aggressive at some points.

Shouldn’t you turn down the aggressive tone a bit?

At times it sounds superb.

What you explain in respect to the shampoos seems great to me. It seems really well explained.

But really, you are pretty aggressive at times.”

Do you want to know what I answered him?


“Perfect. Thank you for your help, my love.”


Being aggressive was just what I was looking for.



Because there is no other way to get people to understand that their hair is NOT a plastic wig.

Hair is a natural fiber. If you damage it, in the long run, it dies.

If you abuse it with heat, it dies.

If you abuse it with chemicals, it dies.


I hope I’ve made that clear.

If at any moment I was too aggressive, I apologize.

My only intention is that you understand  the damage you are doing to your hair. 


Like we said at the beginning, damaged hair is sick hair.

We can do two things to cure it:

  • Let it rest and care for it.
  • Use a special shampoo for damaged hair.

That’s it for today. I hope this had helped you and that you’ve learned something.


Now, I’ll ask you

If you have damaged hair, what shampoo do you use?

What were the results?

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