How to style permed hair after a shower: Products and tips

detangle hair after washing

Have you recently done a perm?

Do you want to know how to style and shape your hair after showering?


Then, stay with me, because I will tell you what to do so your permed hair looks sensational after washing it.

I won’t just tell you how to style your hair, but also I will tell you what products to use so that your hair always looks perfect.


We women are always eternal nonconformists.

Those that have straight hair, want it curly.

And those that have curly hair, want it perfectly straight like Pocahontas.


 Of course, I’m not the exception. After thinking it over in my head a lot, so much so that I was getting dizzy, I decided to do a perm in my hair.  


Because I lived with the feeling that my straight hair didn’t have any life. It was like a chocolate waterfall, without movement, without volume, a curtain stuck to my head and to my shoulders.

I wanted to give it movement. I wanted my hair to be fun, like jumping beans and that they would bring out my green eyes.

So, for the first time, I had decided to do a before and after of my hair.


I drew together my courage, and I went to salon very decided. I finally was going to have curls!

Permanent curls, not those that you work really hard to get with curlers.


The result, I loved it.

It was exactly what I had wanted for my whole life.


But something happened.

Something unexpected, like a threatening cloud.

My curls were literally disappearing.

What had happened?


 I called my stylist, and she asked me how I had washed my hair and how I styled it when I got out of the shower.  

My answer was immediate, like everyone, I washed my hair, I rinsed it, I conditioned it, I rinsed it again, I got out of the shower, I wrapped my hair in a towel, and I detangled it with a comb.

My stylist took a deep breath, and told me that I had done everything, absolutely everything poorly.


And in that moment there, I found out that it was fundamental the way that I washed and styled my hair after washing it.

Can you believe it?


 That’s where I understood that I was completely ignorant, because I had been so happy that day when I left the salon with my permanent curls, that I didn’t even listen to my stylist’s recommendations. 

That’s why I told you at the beginning that you shouldn’t let the opportunity pass to get the information that I have for you.

Because thank God, I could save my perm from disappearing, and that was because I changed the way that I washed and detangled my hair after showering.


That’s why I will tell you about:

  • A washing, drying and detangling routine for permed hair
  • The products that you should use for your permed curls


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How to style your permed hair correctly after washing it

In general, women that have curly hair or particularly long hair have more probabilities of having problems when styling and detangling their hair.

And this becomes even more problematic after having washed it.

Luckily, you only need to know a few secrets to prevent your hair from getting tangled and it all starts with when and how you style it:


  • Did you know that the best that you can do is detangle your curls before washing them?

I also didn’t know that. In fact, I always detangled them after getting out of the shower.

But this only makes your curls get more tangled.


  • On the other hand, how do you apply the shampoo in your hair? Do you scrub it as if you were trying to kill I don’t know what strange bug in your hair?

Another error! The best that you can do is apply the shampoo close to your roots and softly massage the product on your scalp and hair.


  • And lastly, forget about wrapping your hair in a towel like an Arabic turban. This will only break the hair fibers, making it look like frizz.

Instead, be gentle with your curls and absorb the extra water by wrapping small sections of your hair with a towel softly.

Once you have absorbed the water, start to detangle your hair.


  • Stop there! You shouldn’t use any type of comb or brush!

You should use a wide-toothed comb, and if possible one made of wood because plastic combs create light electric charge as it passes through your hair.

Start by dividing your hair into small sections, and detangle and comb the ends with short, quick movements to get rid of the knots that are there.

As you go detangling your hair, you can go up to the middle and the roots.


But I have more advice for you to be more careful with your perm.

Did you know that there are special products for permed hair?


Tips to care for permed hair

Before I recommend some products to you to extend the life of your perm, allow me to tell you some secrets so that your curls look splendid.


The first culprit in ruining a perm is water because it damages the chemical bonds applied to the hair to change the structure of the cuticle of the hair.

 So, if you can, wash your hands every two or three days. 


Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally when you get out of the shower. If you can’t wait, use the hair dryer on low temperatures, and if you have a diffuser, even better, because it reduces frizz.

Now, yes, What I promised you.


Just as I learned to wash and style my permed hair correctly when it was still wet, I also started to pay attention to the products that I used to improve the look of my curls.

After all, the secret of curls is keeping them hydrated and defined so that they look good.


  • Immediately after washing my hair and detangling it, I applied a few drops of the Curl Charisma leave in cream by Briogeo.

leave in

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I love it because the ends don’t look frizzy and it doesn’t leave my curls heavy or stiff.


The avocado oil in this cream is ideal for protecting your curls from the moisture in the air, which can only cause frizz in your curls.

I also use it when I don’t have time to wash my hair, and I want my curls to be defined and fun.


  • In addition to products that help you define your curls when they are wet, it is also important which shampoo you choose.

I went for the Shea Moisture shampoo with coconut and hibiscus.

for thick and colored hair

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In addition to not containing sulfates nor silicones, this shampoo is ideal for hair with a perm.

Do you remember that I told you when possible, avoid washing your hair frequently?


This shampoo is able to eliminate the excess grease from your scalp and hair, and at the same time, moisturizes it.

Therefore, you will not need to wash it as frequently because you feel that it is greasy and opaque.

Do you want to give shine to your curls?


  • Then you should incorpórate this serum into your hair care routine.

In addition to giving shine to your curls, it also helps you improve split ends and frizz.


Now, the tangles in your permed hair can appear more frequently than we want.

I curious thing happens to me. When I am really stressed, like during exam times, I notice that I have more knots in my hair.

And that means suffering when you detangle it, no matter how careful you are.

That was, until I discovered this incredible product.

DevaCurl detangling spray.

removes knots and tangles

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When I finish showering and I squeeze the extra water out of my hair, I spray my curls with this spray and miracles happen.

Because the wide-toothed comb slides easily around my curls, without needing to tug.


Now you know how to style your permed hair after you get out of the shower to enjoy healthy, fun curls.

Do you know other secrets for styling your perm?

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