T Gel vs T Sal: What are the differences between these two shampoos? Which should you choose?

cleans and prevents dandruff


T gel or t sal? Which is best to use for your hair?


If you still are doubting which of the two shampoos to choose, stay with me. I’ll tell you all the differences between the two shampoos.

The main difference between Neutrogena T/Gel and T/Sal shampoos is that T/Sal is stronger, designed for scalps that suffer from serious psoriasis. While T/Gel is mainly for people that have mild psoriasis, dandruff, and an irritated scalp.


Now you know what the main difference is between these two shampoos.

But you also should know when to use each one.

 Although it seems like a lie, many people go through life not knowing that they suffer from seborrheic dermatitis known as psoriasis, which is the reason that these two shampoos were created in the first place. 


And I was one of those people, up until some time ago.

Do you want me to tell you how I ended up using one of these two shampoos?


It all started a few months before my wedding.

I don’t know if you have gotten married or if you are about to.

It’s one of the happiest moments in the life of a woman and a man, but also, it tends to be one of the most stressful.

Choosing dates, commissioning the dress, organizing the party, and even the honeymoon can bring you to the maximum stress level.


 That’s how it was in my case, and my body paid for it. Well, actually, my scalp paid for it.  

It all started with simple dandruff, irritating and unpleasant, but dandruff nonetheless.

I thought that it was from rinsing my hair poorly, and I started to use another type of anti-dandruff shampoo.

But nothing helped me get rid of my dandruff.


So, the itchiness became unbearable. I scratched until I couldn’t anymore, and scales started to appear all over my scalp.

My scalp was a pity.

Tired of the suffering, I decided to consult a dermatologist. And today, I thank God that I did it.


Because she explained to me that I suffered from seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.

And that was when Neutrogena T-Gel and T-Sal came into my life.

And that was what saved me.

But I’ll tell you about that later on.


Now, let me dive into:

  • Differences between T Gel and T Sal shampoos
  • When it is best to use T Gel
  • When it is best to use T Sal
  • When both shampoos are the best solution


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Main differences between T Gel and T Sal shampoo

Although they are similar, there are a few differences between T Gel and T Sal that are pretty easy to see.


  • T Gel shampoo contains coal tar, which is what allows for deep cleaning of the scalp.

But the best part is that the ingredients that act on an irritated scalp remain there even after you rinse.

Just as you read it! They keep working on your scalp for an hour after you rinse off the shampoo. That’s why it’s so effective.


  • T Sal shampoo uses salicylic acid, which is used frequently in hair loss treatment and is one of the main ingredients in the product.

You may be saying, what does hair loss have to do with psoriasis?


Everything! Because in serious cases of psoriasis, where there are lots of serious scrapes from eczema from scratching, hair can fall out in the most affected areas.


Now, if you feel like you could have psoriasis on the scalp, you should know which of these shampoos is best suited for your needs.

Because even though both have the same purpose, fighting scalp psoriasis, each one is meant for different levels of seriousness of the skin affection.


When is it best to use T Gel Shampoo

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 Even though T Gel is the most popular option between the two, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option.


  • Do you have a lot of dandruff?
  • Are you tired of those horrible, evil white flakes falling on the shoulders of your clothes?
  • Do you feel like there are moments that the itching on your scalp can make you go crazy?


Then T Gel is best for you, especially keeping in mind that Neutrogena is one of the most trustworthy brands for the care of your irritated scalp and dandruff treatment.

Do you remember when I said before that one of the main ingredients of T Gel is coal tar?


Well, because this ingredient is the one that suppresses the fungus that generates dandruff and reduces the inflammation of the scalp.


If you are persistent in using this shampoo, it can reduce the production of sebum.


When is it best to use T-Sal

psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis

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I’m sure that in your kitchen you have olive oil as well as sunflower oil.

Both oils can do the same thing: just as much for frying as for dressing salads.

However, when you want the flavors of your most exquisite salad to pop, you use olive oil.

Its aroma and flavor are deeper, and because of this, you can bring out even the simplest of salads.

With the T Sal and T Gel shampoos, it’s the same.


T Sal would be like olive oil because its formula is made to act on the most serious scalp psoriasis types.

And the reason that using T Sal is recommended to be used in the most serious cases is that the higher percentage of salicylic acid is ideal for improving the look of your scalp.


To make it clear. In the case of serious scalp psoriasis, we aren’t just talking about dandruff. It’s much more complicated. Because the affection even forms in areas affected on the neck and behind the ears. And in these affected zones, hair doesn’t grow because the pores are clogged with sebum.

And these areas itch a lot, to the point that it is almost impossible not to scratch and hurt yourself.

Which can quickly turn into infected zones.

That’s why it’s necessary to treat your scalp with T Sal shampoo urgently.


When I started with my scalp problems, I realized that many more people than I thought suffered from these types of problems.

Without going much further, my friend, Marta, who, in addition to being one of the bridesmaids at my wedding, also combated her dandruff’s growing problem with T Gel Shampoo.

Do you want me to tell you about her experience?


How T Gel helped improve a scalp suffering from mild psoriasis

The truth is that I had never looked much at Marta’s scalp, more than that she had a beautiful, straight main that fell like a brown waterfall almost to her waist.


One day, we met up at her house to plan a few details of my wedding party.

Because Marta is one of those friends that is always there for the most important moments in your life.

At one point, when I went to the bathroom, I found the Neutrogena T Gel bottle.


 When I asked her about it, she told me that that shampoo had changed her life.  

And that she had used it for more than two years to control her terrible problem of dandruff.

A problem that even kept her from wearing dark clothes.

And little by little, she was slightly damaging her scalp every time she scratched.


That’s why she decided to consult a dermatologist, who recommended T Gel.


And really, this shampoo was able to change part of her life.


  • Because she could control the dandruff
  • Her scalp didn’t itch
  • And also, she had gone back to wearing dark clothes.


She uses it two times a week.

She applies a few drops of the shampoo to her dry hair and massages it for a few minutes. After, wet your hair and continue massaging until a lot of foam forms.

After, rinse your hair well and repeat the process.


After a week of using it, she noticed the difference.

She didn’t feel her scalp itching, and her scalp didn’t have scales.

She also noticed that her hair looked shinier and silkier.

So, now you know.


If you have dandruff and your scalp itches a lot, the T Gel shampoo will help you control dandruff and alleviate the itching.

Now, what happens when psoriasis on the scalp extends to the back of the neck and the ears with an unbearable itch, leaving white patches on your head?

The solution is T Sal shampoo, at least it was for me.


My results with T Sal Shampoo

I already told you that because of a bit of stress, my psoriasis got worst until tears.

There were a few months left before my wedding, and I looked horrible with some white spaces on my scalp, there where I had scratched.

It had also spread to some places behind my ears and at the base of my neck, and dandruff grew and grew like a giant, threatening wave.


I understood that I needed to use a specific product, and that was when my dermatologist recommended T Sal shampoo.

My life changed radically after two weeks of use.


  • Because the rash and the acne on my scalp disappeared almost completely.
  • And with it, the itching.
  • Because when I started to use it, psoriasis on my scalp was terrible, and it left flakes of skin all over the place.


After a few weeks of using T Sal, my hair and scalp were a lot better.

The horrible white circles behind my ears started to disappear, and the flakes of skin gradually decreased.

The shampoo cleaned my scalp’s pores deeply so I didn’t lose my hair.


I use it twice a week on my wet hair, massaging my scalp for five minutes.

Now there isn’t much time left before my wedding, and I’m more than happy because nothing will keep me from looking beautiful and at ease.


Now, you know the difference between T Gel and T Sal shampoo and when it is most recommended to use each one of them.

Have you ever tried one of those shampoos to control dandruff and scalp psoriasis?

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