Brazilian Straightening Treatment at home or in the salon? Prices, products and how long it lasts

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Doing a Brazilian straightening treatment at home is much cheaper than getting it done in a salon.

The cost of doing a Brazilian straightening treatment at home is around 10 or 20 dollars. But, what is the price of doing it in a salon?


In a salon, the price may be around 50 and 100 dollars.

As you can see, there is a big difference in prices between doing a treatment in a salon and doing one at home.


Ana is my best friend.

We have done everything together since we were 1 year old.

We learned to walk together, we went to school together, and now that we are older, we get together every time we can to catch up.

The last time we saw each other, we made a decision.


We were both going to do a Brazilian straightening treatment.


 She did it in the comfort of her own home and the whole treatment cost her 20 dollars. 

I decided to go to one of the best salons in my city and I paid 85 dollars.

That means that I paid almost four times more than my friend to straighten my hair.


  • Why is there such a difference in prices between a straightening treatment done at home and done in the salon?
  • How long does a treatment done at home or professionally last?
  • Is it worth it to do the treatment in a salon when you can pay 4 times less?


To tell you the truth, both Ana’s hair and my hair ended up looking great.

She had wavy hair, but wanted to get rid of frizziness. And she acheived it.

I wanted to get rid of my corkscrew curls, and I achieved it. But I paid four times more than she did.

smooth and without frizz

Now, we got the same result, but what happened ten days after we did the treatment? And twenty days?

 We are going to analyze if it’s really worth it to pay the difference. Because these days, I don’t think anybody has too much money, right?   


But on the other hand, we are talking about a treatment that will change the external structure of our hair, and in during the process, your hair can suffer some damage.

In the end, spending or not spending is not the question.

The question is simple, the quality-price relationship, which will always go hand in hand with the health of your hair.


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Why is there so much difference in price between a treatment done at home or done in the salon?

lasts up to ten weeks

To explain this, it is necessary to tell you each of our experiences.


In the case of my friend, Ana, applying the product was no problem.

In fact, I think it was actually the easiest thing. Also, today, companies go through the trouble to create products without formaldehyde.

This is very important, because the dangers from using this product are reduced enormously.


 A few years ago, Ana even had to use a mask to cover her nose and mouth so she didn’t breath in the product.  

Now, it has practically no order.

Although, just in case, she applied the product in a well-ventilated space.

very cheap

But, the difficult part came after. Because to seal the product in your hair, you have to patiently pass through the flat iron some fifteen times on each piece of your hair.

Pieces of hair that should be wider than three centimeters.

Can you calculate how much time Ana spent passing the flat iron over her hair, that was about ten centimeters below her shoulders in length?

An hour? Two hours? Three hours?


None of that.

She spent almost five hours flat ironing her hair!


 Additionally, flat ironing the pieces of hair at the back of her head was truly awful.  

Finally when she finished, she had spent six hours in total, and she was happy with the results, although she had worked hard for them.


My experience was completely different.

As soon as I got to the salon, they were serving me a coffee with some exquisite tarts. I know that this really isn’t transcendental, but honestly, paying for a Brazilian straightening treatment in the salon should be an experience for the client.

And this salon showed me that.


After, they washed my hair with a special shampoo to get rid of the residues from other products that they had used in my hair.

I don’t remember the name of the shampoo, I think it was something like a clarifying shampoo.

According to my stylist, that is a fundamental step, because if there are residues from other products in the hair, these impurities obstruct the cuticle of the hair, and the straightening product, the keratin, doesn’t penetrate.


After, they dried my hair, not completely, and started to apply the keratin.


Fifteen minutes later, that already started to flat iron my hair.


 Another important detail: it’s not to use the flat iron at any temperature, because we run the risk of burning the hair, and I mean that literally.  

In my case, since I have curly hair, it’s best to use a professional flat iron, that regulates the temperature at 230°.

After an hour and fifteen minutes, my hair was completely straightened.

I hadn’t even realized that the time had passed. It flew by, between the coffee, talking with the stylist, and feeling like I really deserved to be sitting there receiving all that “caressing.”


So, in one corner of the ring, we have Ana, with her straightening treatment done at home.

And in the other corner, we have me, with my treatment done at the salon.


Do you think it was worth it for me to pay four times more for my straightening treatment?

In my case, the answer is a complete yes.

It was worth it to pay four times more for the straightening treatment done at home.

Do you want to know why?


  • First, the stylist ensures that your hair is 100% free of impurities before applying the keratin. This makes it so the product really penetrates into the cuticle of the hair.

Ana never found out about this first step.


  • Second, the stylist flat irons you hair at the appropriate temperature according to your hair type.

And this is very important. Because according to what the stylist explained to me, fine or fragile hair doesn’t support temperatures higher than 170°. And if it can stand them, it will end up fried.

If your hair is normal or easy to straighten, the adequate temperature for you will be 200°.

Ana never knew what temperature her flat iron was at.


  • Third, the stylist ensured that the flat iron was used correctly on each piece of my hair.

And meanwhile, I watched the flat iron slip delicately over each one of them.

Ana had to call on all of her patience and wit to get to the pieces at the back of her head and on some of them, she ended up with small marks.

Nothing dramatic. But I can assure you that afterwards, her arms and shoulders hurt because of the positions that she had to put herself in to reach those sections.

However, I was as cool as a cucumber.


  • Fourth, the time. In an hour and fifteen minutes, I had straight and shiny hair.

Ana took more than five hours.

It’s a little, but big difference!


These are the differences between doing a straightening treatment at home and doing one in a professional salon, other than the obvious difference in prices that we talked about before.


Do you want to know what happened in the following days?

What do you think? Will the treatment last the same amount of time?


How long does a treatment done at home and a professional one last?

does not affect the respiratory tract

After two months, the truth is that the difference was much more notable.


My hair looked straight and healthy. I almost never had to use the flat iron after washing my hair.

In Ana’s case, things didn’t end up so well.


 Fifteen days after doing the straightening treatment at her home, she had to use the flat iron again if she wanted it to look perfectly straight. 

And we all know that that is time, time that you could use to sleep more or learn Chinese if you wanted.

Also, she noticed that it was more difficult to detangle her hair. And that probably had to do with the fact that the keratin hadn’t completely entered into the cuticles.


The frizz in Ana’s hair had started to threaten to show up. Possibly the excess heat from the flat iron weakened her hair so that it broke.

Do you want to know how Ana ended up?


 Three months after, she was scheduling an appointment at the salon where I did my treatment.  

Because she wanted to moisturize her hair, get rid of the frizz and not depend on the flat iron every blessed day of her life.


So, what is best: straightening your hair in a salon or at home?


Is it worth it to do the treatment in a salon when you could pay 4 times more?

In my experience and that of my friend Ana, in very curly or fragile hair, it’s worth it to pay for a Brazilian straightening treatment in a salon.

That way, you’ll be sure that your hair doesn’t get damaged and that the treatment lasts at least six months. 


 Now, if your hair isn’t very curly and you only have a few small waves, you can save the almost one hundred dollars that they’ll charge you in the salon and do it for twenty dollars.  

But remember.


Use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate all the residue in your hair and control the temperature of the flat iron.

And if you have a friend, ask if she can flat iron your hair to get better results.


So, what did you decide? Straightening treatment at home or in a salon?

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