3 best shampoos for lightening your hair (without damaging it)

with chamomile and other ingredients

Today we are going to talk about the best-known shampoos for lightening hair.

Do they really work or are they a waste of time?

I will tell you a crazy story about how I got to write this article.


The other day we went to see some apartments with my husband.

We’re looking for a new place to live.

The kids are growing much faster than expected and where we live now it’s getting smaller every day.

One apartment we went to see was very ugly.


It was actually a very nice and spacious apartment located in a comfortable area of the city.

But it was very dark. There were almost no windows.

It was so dark it was scary.



What does this have to do with shampoo for lightening hair?

When we saw that dark and scary apartment, I thought, ‘How is it possible that someone lives here? There must be some way to lighten this apartment.’

At that moment hair came to my mind.


Like I’ve always said, I’m passionate about my profession.

I take it everywhere I go.


How could you light up such a dark apartment?

How could you lighten hair without using dye?

I thought that lightening a windowless apartment like this was the same as lightening hair without dye. Maybe lightening hair is even easier.


The next day, while cutting a client’s hair, she asked me this question.

“Carina, do hair-lightening shampoos really work?”

I started to laugh, remembering the apartment we had seen the day before.


In today’s article, I will tell you the truth about these shampoos for lightening hair.

Do they really work or are they an invention of advertising to play with our desires and money?

What are the best lightening shampoos?

And much more.

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The whole truth about hair-lightening shampoos, do they really work?

from blonde to light blonde

Carina, do hair-lightening shampoos really work?

Yes and no.


Carina, are you crazy?

How can they work and not work at the same time?

That’s right, my friend.


First, I’ll explain in which cases these lightening shampoos do not work. Then I’ll explain in which cases they do work.


In what cases do lightening shampoos not work?

They don’t work if you want to change your hair color the same way hair dye does.

Hair-lightening shampoos don’t work the same way hair dye does.


When someone dyes her hair in a beauty salon, the change is instantaneous and clearly visible. Maybe when you get back home your partner will tell you something nice about the color of your hair.

without using dye or other chemicals

Something like “You look cuter than ever” or “Your hair looks outstanding” or something similar. What your partner tells you will depend on how many years you have been a couple.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, he may not notice your hair change. On the other hand, if you are in the first stages of a relationship, he may tell you that you look wonderful and take the opportunity to play the gallant role.


When you dye your hair, the color change is instantaneous.

One day you wake up brunette and go to sleep blonde.

That’s how dyeing works.

But lightening shampoos don’t work like that.


Shampoos have no immediate effects, like hair dye does.

When using these shampoos, you need patience and constancy to see color change.

Most people don’t have that nowadays.

for lightens the hair in a natural way

Most people have lost, at some time in their life, that little thing called judgment.

Because they lost their judgment, they thought they could change their hair color with one or two washes using a simple shampoo.

Do you think it’s logical to change your hair color in one or two washes?

I’ll help you with the answer.


If you expect to buy one of these lightening shampoos and change your hair color immediately after the second use, don’t waste your precious time (and money).

Better go to the nearest beauty salon and dye your hair.


The only way lightening shampoos work is to use them steadily for several months.

Yes, I said several months.

Not days.

Not weeks.


If you really want lighter hair, you need to wash your hair with these shampoos for a long time.


Do you understand now why I said that these shampoos could or couldn’t work?

That’s why some people complain about them and others say these shampoos are a miracle.

Those who complain are the ones who used the shampoo for three washes at most. The others used it for a long time and lightened their hair.

washing hair with a chamomile shampoo

One more thing before I forget about it.

Don’t expect a color change as sharp as one you’d get from dyeing. Shampoo lightens hair subtly. The luckiest may expect to lighten their hair as much as two or three tones.


Now you know that these shampoos work, but only if you use them continuously for several months.

Are you willing to make the effort?

If your answer is yes, you should continue reading because I’m going to reveal the best lightening shampoos.


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What are the best shampoos to lighten the hair? What’s the key ingredient they should have?

natural ingredients shampoos

What’s the key ingredient for a good lightening shampoo?

The shampoos that work best at lightening hair are those with chamomile.

With that in mind, the three shampoos I will recommend today contain chamomile.


Chamomile has multiple health benefits. We will not name them all in this article. What matters to us is that chamomile will help us lighten our hair.

The three shampoos I’m going to name are relatively easy to get and are affordable.

Let’s start.

safe for colored hair


Klorane Chamomile

If I had to recommend only one shampoo, it would be this one.

Klorane almost needs no introduction.

Is a top-quality brand.


Those who have had the opportunity to try a Klorane product, even once, know that there’s no turning back. When you start using a Klorane shampoo, any others look like garbage.

All the people to whom I recommended this shampoo have come back to thank me. It never fails.

Some clients have been using Klorane shampoo for 30 years!

Thirty years using the same shampoo.


Klorane products are a bit more expensive but the difference is worth it.

Natural ingredients to lighten the hair


John Frieda Go Blonder

If you want to discover a new dimension in hair products, then do not miss this John Frieda shampoo.

It’s a professional product used by some of the best stylist in the world.

Even some of the most known models we see in New York, Paris or London fashion shows, wash their hair with John Frieda products.


One of the biggest issues of all lightening shampoos is they tend to dry out the hair. Luckily, this shampoo solves that problem because adds moisture to the hair, leaving it shiny and silky.


Do you have colored or highlighted hair?

You can use this shampoo without any risk, is totally safe for colored hairs like yours. Because it does not have ammonia or peroxide. Two ingredients present in many of the other shampoos.


In addition to all the above, shampoo leaves the hair with a delightful scent that your partner will love.

with chamomile


Tio Nacho Chamomile
Now let’s see another chamomile shampoo.

There was a lot of controversy around Tio Nacho shampoo.

Some time ago, Tio Nacho had the “good idea” to run an advertisement that said this shampoo would lighten hair in three days.

People ran out to buy it.

Guess what happened?


It turns out the shampoo does not lighten hair in three days.

People began complaining about it on social networks, YouTube and any other channel where they could share their anger.

Anyway, the advertisement should still be out there if you want to laugh for a while.


As we said before, expecting a shampoo to lighten hair in three days is almost the same as pretending that my dog can learn Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Tio Nacho exaggerated with its publicity. There’s no doubt about it.


Having said that, if you have patience, the shampoo works. The shampoo lightens the hair.


Tio Nacho is a respected brand. It has excellent quality products that can compete against any of the most recognized brands.


One of its best-known products is its chamomile shampoo.

In an industry where the norm is products with high amounts of chemicals, Tio Nacho stands out for its products with royal jelly and other natural extracts.

The shampoo leaves the hair so soft and shiny that it reminds me of the hair of a baby.

products with high amounts of chemicals


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What color will your hair be after using the shampoo?

only using shampoo

Many people ask me what color their hair will be after using a lightening shampoo.


There are several factors that come into play when evaluating the results of these shampoos.

I’m going to name just two factors that I think are the most important and that have the most effect on the hair.


The natural color of hair

Imagine the following situation.

Suppose you and a friend start using a lightening shampoo.

You both use the same shampoo. Both are applied and constant in use.


Your hair is dark brown, closer to black.

Your friend’s hair is blonde.

Which hair will see more noticeable changes?

You or your friend?

(Do not look at the answer, do not cheat.)


The answer is your friend’s hair. The blond.


There are many hair colors: blonde, brown, black.

The clearer your hair, the better results you will get with the shampoo.

Blonde hair gets the greatest variation in tone, then brunettes, and so on.


It’s easier to lighten light-toned hair than darker hair.

That would be the first factor that will affect the shampoo results. There is a second important factor.


Sun Exposure

Helps to lighten the hair

Now suppose you have another friend who has the same hair color that you do.

The two decide to start using the same shampoo to lighten your hair.


Your friend has a job opportunity in another country. Luckily, she can continue using the shampoo to lighten her hair.


One day you are talking to your friend by Skype and notice that her hair is much clearer than yours.

How is it possible that your friend’s hair is clearer than yours if you are both using the same shampoo?

Why did the shampoo behave differently?


Sun exposure.

That’s why your friend’s hair looks lighter than yours.


Your friend moved to a city where the sun is stronger than usual. On the other hand, you live in a city where the sun appears only occasionally.

The more exposed hair is to the sun, the easier and faster the color change will be.

Lightening shampoo in combination with the sun will speed up the lightening process even more.


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Conclusions and the actual results of shampoo

natural ingredients

Marina is an old client of the salon.

I won’t say her age because it would be disrespectful. A woman’s age shouldn’t be stated, especially if she’s past her 30s. Oops. There, I gave you a clue.


Marina had been dyeing her hair from a very young age. She dyed her hair every month with no exception.

Until one day she surprised me.


She asked me the best way to lighten her hair without dyeing it. After so many years, she was ready to stop dyeing her hair every month.


Certain circumstances had caused her to live more healthily – to begin eating better, avoiding fats, salts, sugars, etc.

In this new way of healthier living, she decided to start being more careful about the products she used to take care of her body and her hair. This includes, for example, soap, shampoo and, of course, hair dyes.

That’s why she decided stop using hair dye.

simple way to lightens the hair

I explained that there were several methods to lighten the hair without dyeing it. What I always recommended was lightening shampoo because it works.

She told me that she was willing to start using one of these shampoos. If the shampoo worked, she wouldn’t use hair dye anymore.


After a few months, she came back to the salon for a haircut. She had been using a lightening shampoo for almost 90 days.

When I saw her hair, I couldn’t believe it.

Want to know what results she had with the lightening shampoo?


It’s better that she tell us herself.

I asked Marina if she could write a few words about her experience with the shampoo.

So, now it’s Marina’s turn.


Hello, my name is Marina.

Carina asked me if I could write some words for her blog.

I’ll tell you how I became interested in hair lightening shampoos.


Two years ago, my husband had a heart attack.

Thank God and the doctors, his life was saved.

Before he left the hospital, doctors told him that if he wanted to continue living, he would have to start taking care of his health. This meant leaving behind salts, fats, sugars and all kinds of bad habits.


I decided to join him on this path to a healthier life. We started eating healthier, exercising and doing yoga twice a week.

When you enter this healthier lifestyle, you want to add new layers. First was the food. Then was physical exercise. Then the mind with yoga…


At one point I decided to look for healthier alternatives to cosmetic products: shampoos, conditioners, soaps and hair dyes.

For almost 20 years I had dyed my hair once a month with no exceptions.


Now, in a conscious and premeditated decision, I wanted to stop dyeing my hair.

I went to the salon and asked Carina what alternatives I had to lighten my hair without dyeing it.

She explained that there were a few ways to do it, but she advised me to start with the shampoos.


So, I bought one of the shampoos Carina recommended: the Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile.


I’ve been using the shampoo for almost three months.

What can I say about the results?

The shampoo works. It lightens my hair.

However, I want to clarify something. I guess Karina would have talked about this too.


There is a lot of confusion about the results that can be obtained with a lightening shampoo. Many people think that shampoos should change hair color just as a dye would. The shampoo doesn’t work like that.

The shampoo can lighten the hair but the color change is much more subtle than it is with dye.


For example, I used to dye my hair blonde. Now I have to be grateful to get a light brown…but I know I’m not mistreating my hair with dyes.


Having said that, I’m very happy about the results I’m getting with the shampoo. Now I’m recommending it to all my friends.

That’s it.


See you.



Are you looking to lighten your hair?

Have you ever used a lightening shampoo?

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