Can I Straighten My Hair After Keratin Treatment, or do I risk ruining the treatment?

with the help of a comb

  • Once you do a keratin treatment, you must straighten your hair at least twice a day for the first 48 hours.
  • This way, you will ensure that the keratin seals the hair fiber and adheres completely to it.
  • But it’s important that you use a ceramic flat iron to prevent damage and that you pass it through your hair correctly. And here I’ll show you how to do it.


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It isn´t just that you can iron your hair during the first 48 hours after the keratin treatment. You have to do it!

What’s the first recommendation you’ll hear from a stylist when she gives you a keratin treatment?


Don’t wash your hair for, at least, the first 72 hours.

Do you know why?


Because that is the time keratin continues to work on your hair fiber. But also, at that time, the hands of the clock continue to move.

In other words. Your life goes on. You go to college or school, you meet your boyfriend and your friends, you work, you do your Zumba class at the gym, and you sleep.


And in those first 72 hours, thanks to those activities, your keratin-treated hair can be affected, and, then, some waves threaten your incredibly perfect straight hair.

 That’s why it’s important to flat iron your hair twice a day during those first few days. 


Keratin treatment is reactivated with heat.

This means that  if you flat iron your hair, you won’t ruin the treatment. On the contrary, you will finish sealing the keratin in the hair fiber. 

Now, can you use any flat iron? How should you use the iron correctly in those first few hours?


Don’t move from there, because today you won’t have any doubts, since I will tell you:

  • How to correctly straighten your hair the first hours after the keratin treatment.
  • Which iron to use if you want the keratin treatment to last longer [/su_list

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How to correctly straighten your hair the first hours after the keratin treatment

titanium plates

The first 72 after having a keratin treatment on your hair are essential.

In that time, the hair fiber absorbs the nutrients of the treatment, and the keratin manages to restructure the fiber and repair the damage.


That’s why  the first three days after the treatment, I recommend that you straighten your hair at least twice a day, so that your hair fiber absorbs the keratin faster,  and, also, to eliminate those marks caused by your daily life.

After all, you won’t be sleeping standing up so as not to ruin the treatment. Also, most likely when you wake up, you will see some marks on your hair.

Don’t panic!


Your pillow didn’t ruin the keratin. It’s still there, in your hair, but you need to reactivate it. How? With heat.

I don’t mean you have to go out in the sun. You have to use the flat iron. Yes, I know that excess heat causes hair damage. However, in this case, your hair will be protected by reactivating the keratin in the treatment.


 Bear in mind that you can’t just use any flat iron. You should only use those that won’t damage your hair.  I still remember the old hair straighteners that had steel plates.

I suffered every time I used them because I noticed how they dried out the ends and ruined them!

But, that’s what there was at that time. Nowadays, the market has evolved, and the hair straighteners evolved with it. In a few moments, I’ll tell you which ones are used by professional stylists.


Now, in addition to the flat iron, the hand that runs it through the hair is also important, that is, yours.

That’s why this is how you should spend the first days after doing the keratin treatment:

  • Comb your hair with a middle part and separate it into 4 sections: 2 in front and 2 behind, holding it with hair clips.
  • Plug in the iron and set the temperature. Wait until it reaches 450 F or 232 C.
  • Release one of the back strands and start flat ironing from root to tip in one continuous movement.
  • Repeat 8-10 times per strand until your hair is completely straight and manageable.
  • If you have any strands with a noticeable mark, flat iron over them until they are completely straight.
  •   Repeat these steps at least 4 times a week after the first 48 or 72 hours.[/su_highlight


Also, always remember that heat reactivates keratin. So, every time you wash your hair, dry it, and iron it, to take full advantage of the properties of this incredible protein.


Which flat iron to use if you want the keratin treatment to last longer

with temperature control

The first recommendation is that you always use your flat iron at 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Celsius. It is not necessary to use it at a higher temperature, because you will only damage the ends.

The plates of the hair straighteners are now made of ceramic, so the impact of heat damage on the hair is reduced.


If I were your Aladdin's lamp, and one of your wishes was that I put the best professional hair straightener in your hands, my magic would be complicated.

There is not one, but three best irons:

  • BABYLISS PRO: the best brand of plates worldwide.
  • REMINGTON: the oldest brand in hairdressing products, recommended for those looking for a durable hair straightener
  • GAMMA TURMALINE: a brand that adapts professional products to be used at home. All their hair straighteners have ceramic plates infused with tourmaline, so you will never lose moisture in your hair.


Any of these flat irons will give you excellent results and you will be able to keep your keratin treatment like the first day.



As soon as you do your keratin treatment, don't wash your hair for 72 hours and iron it at least twice a day.

This way, you will ensure that the protein is completely impregnated, sealing the hair fiber.

It is also very important that, when you dry your hair after washing it, you reactivate the keratin by flat ironing your hair, always at the right temperature, so as not to damage the hair fiber.

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