Hair Breakage and Split Ends after Keratin Treatment, how can I fix it?

a lot of frizz and dry ends

Is your hair broken after doing a keratin treatment?

Do you have split ends?


Then surely you will feel disappointed and honestly, I understand.

 Weekly, I receive two or three women in the salon that come in with damaged hair after doing a keratin or straightening treatment.  

And they are desperate. Because they had all their expectations put into the treatment, but something went wrong.

And instead of improving, their hair got worse.


  • Where there shouldn’t have been frizz, there was a lot of little hairs that stood up like they were electrified.
  • Instead of being moisturized, the hair was limp and lifeless.
  • And the ends were horribly open.


They show up looking for a solution and insulting the stylist that did the treatment.

And they ask me two questions.


The first: Karin, what happened during the keratin application?

And the second: Karina, how do I fix my broken hair?


For the first question, there is no one solution.

Maybe the stylist did the treatment poorly. Or maybe the products that they used weren’t good quality.

Or maybe, the responsibility isn’t on the professional, but on the client.

Yes, don’t look at me like that.


Unfortunately, I also have had clients that after doing the straightening treatment forget all the recommendations that I explain to them patiently.

And then, they continue using the same shampoos full of sulfates. And they don’t worry about protect their hair from the sun or chlorine water. And they don’t even moisturize their hair deeply at least once a week.


As you can see, there are many reasons that after applying a keratin treatment, your hair can end up broken, straw-like and the ends completely damaged.

The Good news is that broken hair is not a life-long sentence.


 With the right products, you can turn your straw hair into a brilliant mane.  

However, the key to all of this is finding the best products for damaged hair which fortunately are available for all types of budgets.


That’s why, if you want to fix the health and beauty of your hair, that was ruined after applying the keratin, keep reading, because today I will tell you how.


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The best products to fix broken hair

When it has to do with damaged hair, what we are really talking about is moisture lost during the keratin treatment.

When the treatment isn’t done correctly or the aftercare isn’t don’t properly, the cuticles of the hair chafe and break. And the ends of the hair don’t have the best luck.


Repairing the hair at the roots and in the middle is much easier than fixing the ends. To be completely honest, to improve the ends of the hair, you should start by cutting them even if it’s just two centimeters.

I know that we women take more time to make the decision to cut the length of our hair. I personally love long hair.

 But if you cut a few centimeters at the ends, the rest of the hair will be strengthened and you will stimulate hair growth. 


When the cuticles are compromised, your hair will not be able to retain moisture which leads to breakage and an unhealthy texture.

What do you do when you feel the skin on your hands or legs is dry?


Most likely, you run to find some moisturizing lotion and you apply it with some good massages.

With broken hair, the same thing happens. You will have to look for hydrating ingredients in your shampoos, conditioners, and masks.


But so that you don’t lose time and money, here, I’ll tell you the ones that for me are the best moisturizing products to fix your hair damaged after keratin.

And first, the king of moisturizers, the preferred product of the most dazzling, Hollywood Stars.

Can you guess which one I’m talking about?


Olaplex 3

poorly made keratin

The Olaplex products line jumped to fame thanks to Kim Kardashian, when from one day to the next, she went from brown to platinmum blonde and her hair looked spectacular.

Olaplex 1 and 2 generally are applied at the salon, while Olpalex 3 is designed to be used at home.

Do you want to work a miracle for your dehydrated ends and cuticles?


 This is the product that you should buy, without a doubt, because it works immediately, linking the broken bonds in the hair fibers that produce frizz and dryness.  

There’s just one problem: it’s a very strong product. That’s why you shouldn’t use it too often and you should reduce its use to once a week.


  • To use it, simply wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and dry it with a towel.
  • After, you should apply the product over your whole hair starting from the roots and going down to the ends.
  • It’s very important that you let it sit for at least two hours.
  • After, simply wash your hair with shampoo and condition.

If you want to accelerate your hair’s recuperation process, and since you can only use Olaplex once a month, here, I’ll tell you about another product that is worth it.


Triple Moisture Hair Mask by Neutrogena

It almost needs no introduction.

Neutrogena is synonymous with trustworthy products of high-quality, when it comes to repairing damaged hair.

Also, for a Little more than ten dollars, your hair will quickly get back moisture and shine lost during the keratin treatment.


It contains two botanical ingredients that work to intensely repair each hair fiber: olive extract which penetrates to the interior and almond which covers the outer layer wrapping it in a blanket of moisture.

 To optimize the effects of the mask, I advise you to use it as a conditioner one to two times a week letting it sit for about ten minutes in your hair.  


Remember that I recommended it to Maria, one of my clients that had completely fried ends and dry hair.

After fifteen days, I received a call from Maria to thank me for the suggestion for this mask. In just two weeks, her hair was like new, her ends had improved by 50% and the frizz had almost disappeared.


In addition to these products that can be used once or twice a week, the shampoo you use regularly is also important.

Surely you know that the best shampoo to wash keratin hair, is one that doesn’t contain sulfates.

And there are many types of brands of these shampoos on the market.

If I had to recommend one, it would be this one.


Shampoo Don’t Despair, Repair! By Briogeo

From the name it suggests that it’s the ideal solution for broken hair: “Don’t Despair, Repair!”


It is sulfate-, silicon- and parabens-free so your hair won’t dry out more, which is key to fix the health of your hair.

Also, its formula contains algae extract which is very nourishing, and panthenol which works to reconstruct the elasticity of your hair.


I’m a fan of this shampoo, even though I recognize that it can have an elevated price. But remember that we are talking about the health of your hair and what products to use at home to improve it.

It will always be cheaper than paying hundreds of dollars in a salon for a moisturizing treatment.


And if we talk about shampoo, a good conditioner also will work to improve the look of your damaged hair.


Nourishing conditioner with mango butter from Klorane

Another great Brand when it comes to hair beauty.

To heal your broken hair, leaving out a good conditioner is not an option.

This product nourishes your hair and gives your hair its life back. At least, that’s what one of my clients said after I recommended it to her.


If Sofia could fix her hair, you can too

Sofía came into my salon with hair that hurt to look at. She had done a keratin treatment at home, but something didn’t go right. When evaluated her hair, I couldn’t believe what I saw.


 Her hair broke just when I combed her hair to detangle it, and when I touched it, it was one of the roughest things that I had touched in the last few years.  


In addition to cutting off a few centimeters from the ends, I applied the Olaplex treatment 1 and 2 at the salon. And I recommended that she include Olaplex 3 in her haircare routine at once a week and the products that I recommended above.

When she came back into the salon after a month, I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Her hair was brand new. She was very happy. She told me that these products left her hair softer and more moisturized but without looking flattened or greasy.


Of course, you can always use some organic oil treatment once a week like coconut oil or argan oil. But believe me, when you try any of these products in your broken hair, you won’t want to stop using them.

Have you ever used any of these products to repair your damaged hair after doing a keratin treatment?


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