My hairdresser didn’t do what I asked. I’m very upset. What can I do?

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Be honest with your hairdresser when you are not happy with the result. Tell him what you don’t like.

Identifying the problem is a crucial step in finding a solution.


  • If the problem is that you got a shorter haircut than you wanted, you should not worry too much about that: the shorter the hair, the faster it grows, since it is healthy.
  • However, if it is a matter of color, it can be fixed! If your hairdresser is a good professional, he’ll know how to fix it.


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If you are a regular client, he probably knows how your hair behaves and knows which haircuts and colors suit your hair. If you discuss it with him, you can find a solution together.

If you’re looking for a new look, I recommend that you take a photograph that is as similar as possible to what you want to get, so as to avoid misunderstandings!


  I want you to know that you are not alone. Many women have experienced the same situation and I also want you to know that everything has a solution, everything can be solved.  

There is no doubt that going to the hairdresser’s is every woman’s wish, because you end up totally renewed, you look many years younger and relaxed because of all the hair massages you received when your hair was being washed.

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However, not everything is bright. There are always exceptions. It can happen that you go with something in mind and come out looking not nearly as well as you imagined. Don’t suffer!

It’s a matter of being honest. What you can do is talk to your hairdresser, be sincere with him and, then, you can look for the solution together.

 You may also run into a hairdresser who, in his great ego, won’t accept the mistake and won’t take charge. Let’s be thankful that they are the minority, but they do exist. You must be prepared for everything. 


If you’ve talked to your regular hairdresser, told him how you wanted your color and he didn’t do it as you expected, you should know that hairdressers are people too and we have bad days, I admit it. But if he’s professional, he won’t have any problem in solving it.

On the other hand, if he cut too much, I want you to know that hair grows very fast and the shorter it is, the more it grows, because the healthier it is, the faster it will grow.

If you are scared and don’t want this to happen again, I have taken the initiative to make a list of recommendations for you before going to the hairdresser’s so that you can be very clear about what you want to achieve. So, you may avoid unexpected results.


  • How should you prepare for a new look?
  • I’m going to a new salon, how do I know if they’re real professionals?
  • What do hairdressers think of their clients?


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How should you prepare for a new look?

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Here I will explain in detail everything you need to know before going to the salon, because you must keep in mind that it is not just going and sitting on the couch.


  • If you want something in particular you should look for information, look for photos, looks, or how such a tone would look with your skin color. Nowadays, you have many tools in your hands that will help inspire you to change your look.
 So, if your idea is simply to change your color, look for at least two or three photos with different tones that you like.  When you arrive at the salon, your stylist will decide which hair tone will best match your skin color.


This way, when it dries, you won’t be surprised if the Long Bob turns out to be a Short Bob because your hair gets too spongy.


  • If you only want to trim your ends, tell him specifically how much it would be: one centimeter, two centimeters. You have to be very specific about this detail so as not to be prone to error.


  • If you want to get new bangs instead, tell him if you have any swirls, if your hair gets too high, give him all the details. It is always preferable that you show him a picture of a bangs a little longer than you would like. [/su_highlight]

In any case, you can correct it and ask him to cut your bangs a little more instead of just leaving them too short.


 Never tell a hairdresser to cut all the ugly stuff: you can go bald.  

When expressing your idea you must be as clear as possible. Give that security to your professional so that he does not hesitate for a second to execute what you are asking. Well, after looking for so much inspiration I think that you are already prepared, don't you think?


I'm going to a new salon, how do I know if they're real professionals?

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Luckily, nowadays the media, internet and social networks allow you to investigate and know in whose hands you will be handing over your precious treasure.

Most hairdressers have an Instagram account where you can see their work: haircuts, highlights or even a perfect balayage. It's all a matter of research.


I must admit I'm one of those people who does extensive research before going anywhere. As a demanding hairdresser, I had a hard time finding someone who could meet all my expectations.

But, finally, I found a professional to match. So, if I could do it, so can you.


 Another way to get to a good salon is by recommendation from a friend, aunt, mom, or co-worker.  You can tell at a glance if you like it or not depending on how the recommender's hair looks like.


What do hairdressers think of their clients?

I find it interesting that you see the other side of the coin. Many clients think that we are gurus or fortune tellers of aesthetics simply because we are hairdressers. But it's not like that. Everything takes its work, study and specialization, as in any trade or profession.


I will speak from my personal experience as a hairdresser. Other colleagues may have a different point of view, since we are very different from each other.

I, for example, love it when determined clients come to the salon for a drastic change of look and they just trust that it will look great on them. They will always be pleasantly surprised.


On the other hand, there are those who come with great expectations, but do not know precisely what they want. If they don't know what they want, then I certainly don't either.

Do you follow me?


 What I mean is that I love women who are forward and determined, who come to the salon with a picture and say, "I want this!" 


For many hairdressers, it is happiness itself represented in a situation, but it rarely happens. That's why I invite you to research, investigate and choose the identity you want for your hair.

With all of this, everything will be solved and there will be no margin for mistakes the next time you go to the hairdresser's.


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