Will my hair grow back after a bad perm?

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  • Yes, your hair will grow back after a bad perm. You can rest assured.
  • Even if you have a bad perm, your hair will grow back because the hair growth cycle is not affected by the bad result of your perm.
  • The perm doesn’t touch the hair follicle. So, the growth stage of your hair will continue.
  • Evaluate the condition of your hair and determine if you need a haircut and nourishment to help recover from the bad perm.
  • Follow my action plan to help your hair recover from that bad perm.
  • If your hair is burned, you may need to cut it off.


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A bad perm is a real nightmare

he doesn't like the way his perm looks

And I say this from my own experience.

A few years ago, I got a perm, and the result was not what I expected:  my hair was ruined. It was weak and brittle. 


 At that moment, I only wanted my hair to grow back. I wanted to recover my hair. 

Unbelievably, it happened: there was light at the end of the tunnel.


My hair started to grow again, and I kept cutting off the damaged parts.

In some months, my hair healed and recovered, and I recovered the mane I had before my failed hair perm.


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Your hair will grow back again after a bad perm

due to lack of hydration

Assess your damaged hair after a bad perm.

You need to evaluate your hair, touch it, look at it closely. Only then will you be able to determine the extent of the damage.


Your hair will look shorter but, at the same time, it’ll look less damaged or dry.


  • If the damage is in the mid-lengths, you could start a total reconstruction program. At the same time, cut off your ends little by little.

Did you know that some layered cuts could help you disguise the dry and brittle parts?


  • On the other hand, if your hair is burnt, drab, and unhealthy,  you will have to cut it off. That’s the only solution for this kind of problems. 


  • As I told you earlier, you need to look at your hair yourself.

If it is too dry and frizzy but not burnt, then all is not lost. You could start a total restoration program and help your hair recover while it continues to grow after that bad perm.

Help it look even prettier!


Hair restoration program after a bad perm

If your hair is drab or dry from a bad perm, here are a few tips to help it heal while it’s still growing.


1) Repair and nourish your hair with appropriate products

The market is full of products for this problem. Some of them are quite pricey.

Hair care isn’t free, especially when it comes to products that could save your hair.


In my years as a hairstylist, I’ve seen hair brought back to life with L’Oréal Absolut Repair professional line.

I use it myself in the salon. It’s truly magical, and it works by thickening the most damaged hair to recover the hair after bad perms.


2) Get regular haircuts

In addition to investing in products, cut a few centimeters of your hair. Visit your stylist and tell them about the process you’re undergoing.

 A haircut won’t only stimulate growth, but it may also help you disguise unhealthy hair. 


Apart from repairing your hair at home, an excellent option is to get professional treatment at the salon. It’ll also help restore hair that is damaged and dry.


3) Space out hair washes

Spacing out hair washes is an excellent practice for recovering hair that is too dry and damaged.

Remember that washing it daily could dry out your hair. You may irritate your scalp and sweep away the natural oils that help keep your hair moisturized.


4) Avoid excessive heat

straighten hair with iron

It’s recommended to keep all styling tools away.

Do it until you notice that your hair starts to grow and the badly permed part of your hair starts to improve with routine care.


5) Don’t do water sports

If you were swimming or diving into a chlorinated pool, forget it.

Chlorine dries out your hair too much. Remember that you’re on a growth and repair plan after a bad perm.


6) Don’t accept straightening or keratin treatments

flat iron

These treatments make your hair look more beautiful, but  many of them hide chemicals that could damage your hair even more. Be careful! 

You’re undergoing a recovery and growth phase. Don’t accept miracle solutions.


Your hair will grow back faster than you think

After a bad perm, it’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable or sad. It wasn’t what you expected, and the hair looks damaged and ugly.

However, remember that it’ll be temporary. Your hair will grow back faster than you think, and the damaged parts will be recovered with the proper care.


Now that I’ve recommended this action plan, you can follow the steps below to help nourish your hair while it grows.  Remember that perming will not damage your follicles. 


All is not lost. Soon, it’ll be an anecdote. Cheer up! In no time, you’ll be happy with your hair again.

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