My perm looks like a poodle. It’s awful! Is there a solution?

perm looks like a poodle

If your perm looks like a poodle, do this:

  • If it hasn’t been 48 hours since your perm, wash your hair. This will prevent the poodle curls from settling.
  • If it’s already been 48 hours, you should follow my action plan to nourish and de-curl your hair: wash, moisturize, mask once a week, sleep with a satin pillowcase, use hairspray, and scrunch to shape your curls.


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Did you get a perm with the illusion of looking spectacular and different, but you only got the opposite effect?


You don’t look like a model with eye-catching curls. Instead, your perm looks like a poodle.

In this article, we’ll first evaluate the causes of your perm gone wrong. Then, I’ll give you my   action plan to get rid of poodle perm. 


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Why does your perm look like a poodle? Possible causes

choosing the right curlers

Your perm is playing a trick on you, and you need to fix it urgently.

I understand and want to help you with this problem. First, I want you to know why your perm looks like this.


  • Lack of communication with your stylist
  • Poor choice of rods
  • Inadequate hair treatments


In this first part, I’ll focus on explaining these three points in detail because they’re often the cause of perm failures.

Although the saying goes, “what’s done is done,” I’ll help you avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.


1) Lack of communication with your stylist

blonde highlights in hair salon

It’s not that you have to confess to your stylist – far from it. However, when it comes to a change of look, you need to ask all the necessary questions to check if the change will suit you.


For example: will I be able to handle the curls?

How long will I need to take care of my hair?

Ask all the questions you need to find out if it’s the right look for you.


When there’s a lack of communication, the technical work fails. In this case, the perm turned out to be imperfect.


2) Poor choice of rods

big curls perm

We’re back to miscommunication: a beach wave perm isn’t the same as an “afro” style curl. The visual effect on the hair is different.


There are different types of perm rods available on the market.

Some flexi rods are wide, medium, or small rods. Other curlers are called spiral rods and are used to make tighter curls with different widths.


The perm curl is finished according to the rod that was used.  And if you look like a poodle, your stylist selected the wrong rod. 

That’s why it’s so important to talk about the desired curl.


3) Inadequate treatments

After a perm, you should use curl-specific products not only because they’re designed to style your new curls but also because curls need extra care. Only those products give curly hair that essential care.


Curls need weekly masks and styling creams.

  Also, you can’t wash your hair every day because it’ll make it look even more poodle style.  If you don’t try to style it, you won’t be able to master it.


I’m sure you’ve already found the problem in your permed hair and why it turned out that way. Now, let’s look for a solution to your awful perm.


How to fix your perm right now to say goodbye to the poodle perm

ph balanced shampoo before keratin

Wash your hair right away

If it hasn’t been more than 48 hours since you left the salon, wash your hair right away.

A freshly permed hair cannot be washed, let alone touch the water because it needs about 48 hours to finish setting.


If this isn’t your case, stay with me. I’ll show you a specific care plan to magically change your perm


Action plan

comb the perm


  • Wide-tooth comb
  • A spray bottle
  • A scrunchie
  • A satin or terry cloth cap or pillowcase
  • Curl shampoo
  • Curl conditioner
  • Curl mask
  • Curl oil
  • Styling cream or styling spray (if it’s for curls, all the better)


I’m sure you think I’ve gone crazy.

If you think you look like a poodle and all you want to do is detangle, how can I ask you to use anything for curls!


 Did you know that the most common mistake is to believe that if you use curling products, they’ll “curl” even more? 

This isn’t the case at all.

By using curling products, you’ll achieve the desired effect. Our mission is to get that frizzy, shapeless poodle effect out of your hair. I guarantee you that one of the ways to achieve this is by nourishing and styling your hair. It makes more sense now, doesn’t it?


1) Shampooing

Washing your hair is the first step in getting your perm to lose that awful poodle look. You’ll use shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.


2) Conditioning

At this point, we’ll use the wide-tooth comb.

Use the conditioner and apply it without touching the scalp by means of downward strokes.

Once it’s all over your hair, comb through your hair until it’s detangled.

Rinse thoroughly. Then, dry it with towel pressing. Don’t rub your hair.


3) Styling product

prevent the perm from curling

There are many varieties. I advise you   to choose a curl product that also suits your hair type. 

If your hair is too fine or thick, use hairspray because it’ll give you more freedom and won’t weigh it down too much.

The styling product is essential to control and open up those curls that are too tight.


4) Mask

You’ll use it once a week after your washing routine. It’ll help you to keep moisturizing and styling your poodle perm.


5) Satin pillowcase and scrunchies

At night, you’ll sleep with a satin pillowcase. If your hair is too long, you’ll secure it with a scrunchie or some type of band that doesn’t damage your hair.

The satin pillowcase will prevent the unintentional friction of your head against the pillow from giving your hair even more frizz. The difference is remarkable.


6) Spray

You’ll use it in the morning when you wake up. How?

With dry hair, you’ll spray just water all over your hair to activate the styling products.

  Never comb your curls with your hair dry because it’ll get frizzy, and the poodle look will return. 


7) Don’t forget to scrunch your wet hair into the desired shape

If you think it’s necessary to reapply styling cream, do it until you get the desired effect. Once you have finished, you can apply a little bit of oil to the ends while your hair is still damp.


In a few days, you’ll say goodbye to your poodle perm!

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