Why do I have so many split ends all of a sudden? 5 reasons and 1 solution

split ends from one day to the next

If your hair has a lot of split ends all of a sudden, it’s almost certainly because of one of these five reasons:

  • Reason 1: Chemical processing, like hair dyes, straight perms or bleaching.
  • Reason 2: Using a hair straightener or dryer.
  • Reason 3: Using low quality hair brushes or combs.
  • Reason 4: Insufficient hair care.
  • Reason 5: Dry or thin hair.


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And here I’ll give you 5 tricks to avoid getting split ends again


Did you notice that all of a sudden you have a ton of split ends?


Well, split ends are nothing more and nothing less than your hair wearing out.

But, what does that mean?


For a particular reason, your hair dehydrates, then it splits and finally it breaks.

That might be more or less noticeable depending on how worn out your hair  isand the treatments it has undergone.

Is there a way to fix it?


Of course there is!

But, before I tell you what the solution is, I want to take a closer look at some of the causes behind getting split ends all of a sudden.


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Reason 1: Chemical processing, like hair dyes, straight perms or bleaching

second time in 20 days

Any chemical product you use on your hair will change its texture.

Maybe you don’t notice it at first, but if you dye your hair once a month because you have gray hair, the accumulated effect of that dye will cause your hair to thin.

And that might be a reason why you notice that you have split ends all of a sudden.


If you get highlights every three, four or five months, the same thing can happen.

Bleaching your hair is a cumulative process. The same thing happens with perms.


So, to make things super clear:  any color work on your hair can bring you closer to getting split ends all of a sudden. 


Reason 2: Using a hair straightener or dryer

split ends from using a hair dryer

Split ends don’t just happen with hair dye, they can also happen in virgin hair.

If you like to straighten your hair or use the blow dryer a lot, then you might also get split ends all of a sudden.


Like I said at the beginning, split ends happen because your hair wears out.

 So, the heat from styling tools like a hair dryer or straightener can cause that wearing out, making your hair more fragile and prone to breaking.  


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Reason 3: Using low-quality hair brushes or combs

brush caused split ends

Believe it or not, having a good brush is essential to taking care of your hair.


 A brush can be a mortal weapon for your hair.  If it’s low quality, it can break your hair, causing split ends or accentuating split ends that you already had, but didn’t notice.

And that might be why they appeared all of a sudden.


Reason 4: Poor hair care

choosing products to prevent split ends

Would you believe me if I told you that 80% of my clients have trouble taking care of their hair?

A lot of them have all the products they need, but don’t use them.


You need to take care of your hair.

Our hair is very important to us all, right?

Not to mention if you also dye your hair or use some kind of styling tool that dehydrates it.

 Not using hair care products has consequences.  What are they?


Well, one of them is split ends appearing all of a sudden.

It’s like if you never used face cream and only washed your face with soap. Can you imagine what your skin would be like?

With your hair, it’s the same. It’s not enough to just wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

Your hair needs more! And, we’re going to talk more about that soon.


Reason 5: Dry or thin hair

split ends on fine hair

Although split ends can appear in any hair type, there are certain hair styles that are more prone to this problem.

In this case, it’s fine hair and dry hair that tends to deal the most with it. Especially, if you have both of these characteristics: fine, dry hair.


 Fine hair dries out quicker than thick hair. So, if you have this hair type, it’s likely that you’ll notice split ends more easily than other hair types. 


If you have normal to thick hair, but it’s dry, then it’s also likely that split ends will appear all of a sudden.


Fixing the problem of split ends

hairdresser cuts split ends of client

Now that you know the five possible causes for getting split ends all of a sudden, I’ll tell you how to fix this problem.


I’ll also teach you a few tricks to help avoid this situation again in the future.

 The only solution for getting rid of split ends is cutting your hair, at least a little bit. 


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What happens if you don´t cut your split ends? Will your hair stop growing?


That way, you’ll heal the ends, and start to care for your hair the way it deserves.

The sooner you cut your hair, the better, that way you can stop the ends from splitting even more.

What happens if you don’t cut your hair?


Well, then the split ends will just keep being there. You can hide them with hair products, but they won’t disappear.

Now the solution depends on you.


5 tricks for avoiding split ends in the future

protect hair from the heat of the flat iron

After cutting your hair, adopt these tricks as a routine for having healthier hair and avoiding split ends in the future.

  •  Cut your hair half an inch every three months  to avoid split ends and keep healthier hair.
  •  Before using a hair straightener, curler or dryer, use a heat protectant product  to stop your hair from wearing out or dehydration from the process. A heat protectant product is essential if you dry or straighten your hair often.
  •  Use professional hair masks regularly. 
  • If you’re going to be out in the sun or you’re going to the beach, use products with sun protection. Remember that you have to stop the hydration and wearing out of your hair.
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy: your hair will reflect everything you eat.


I promise that with this care routine, you won’t get split ends all of a sudden again.


Not caring for your hair and having dry or fine hair are the main causes for split ends

In this article, I told you about five reasons why you might have noticed split ends all of a sudden and I explained that the only way to fix this problem is to cut your hair, at least a little bit.


From now on, follow the care routine I proposed and you’ll see how your ends stay healthy and moisturized.

Give it a try!

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