Does hair botox straighten hair? Does it repair damaged hair?

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Hair botox, keratin, Japanese straightening treatment…

What is the best treatment for your hair?


Actually, there is no such thing as a perfect treatment. What does exist are treatments to get the objectives are looking for.


  • That’s why if you want to completely straighten your hair, hair botox is not for you. For that, you should do a keratin treatment or a Japanese straightening treatment.
  • Now, if you feel that your hair doesn’t look very healthy, with breakage and dull, then hair botox is for you.


 In the end, hair botox won’t straighten your hair. Because this treatment improves the natural texture of your hair so that it is more manageable and radiant.  

You can apply it in both straight and curly hair, making the naturally straight hair look shinier and smoother and in curly hair, it will eliminate frizz and the curls will become smoother.

Do you want to know how I know?


Because I myself have tried it on my curly hair. I wanted to nourish my curls, finally get rid of the frizz, but still maintain the form of my curls.

Are you looking for a treatment that gives your hair back its shine and natural health?


Then hair botox is for you.

And so that you don’t have any more doubts, today, I will tell you about this magnificent treatment.


I will tell you:

  • What hair botox is
  • What types of hair are recommended for hair botox
  • How to care for your hair after applying hair botox


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What does a hair botox treatment consist of?


Hair botox is a treatment that contains a formula rich in proteins that corrects the imperfections in each strand of hair with active ingredients.

This mixture of proteins, caviar oil, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, natural acids, and curative agents hydrate, nourish, and restore hair from the inside out.


 That’s why, after applying the botox in my hair, I noticed it was smoother, less frizzy, and it was much easier to detangle.  

Do you think a deep hydration mask has the same power as a hair botox?


Definitely not.

Because hydrating masks, don’t act on the most internal layer of the hair.

Botox acts by filling those small holes made in the hair with proteins, repairing the internal damage which are left by processes like bleaching or continuous use of the flat iron.

Do you think that hair doesn’t get old?


 Our hair also has a biological clock. As we get older, our hair also gets older, because we produce less keratin which I’m sure you know is a vital protein to prevent frizz for example. 

When hair gets older, or suffers through different processes like coloring, for example, the cuticles remain open for larger periods of time, and make it so the hair loses its strength.


Botox Works through each part of the hair, from the roots to the ends, restoring the destruction that we cause.

That’s why I told you before that it isn’t a straightening treatment, but a hair reconstruction.


How long do you think the effects of the hair botox last? A month? Two months? Six months?

A botox treatment generally lasts between two and six months. It all depends on how you care for your hair.


Do you want to know how your hair care routine changes after doing the botox?

I’ll tell you now.

But first, I want to be sure that you understand what type of hair botox is for.


When is it best to apply botox?

Does hair botox eliminate curls? What is hair botox for?


Hair botox works on all types of hair! Straight and curly hair can benefit from this treatment.


  • Is your hair dry or damaged?

Botox is perfect for you.


  • Do your curls look dehydrated and crunchy?

Then botox is perfect for you.


  • Is your hair dull and lifeless?

Apply this treatment.


  • Do you have split or damaged ends?

Botox is also for you.

Because hair botox repairs the damaged parts of your hair and makes it so the hair retains the most moisture. That way, frizz disappears.


The minimalist amount of moisture outside or even the dew in the morning automatically makes my hair stand on end. With botox, I got rid of this problem.

Alsi, I was able to detangle my hair very, very simply.


Now, who should avoid hair botox?

Actually, botox is absolutely perfect for all hair types.

It’s for all those types of people that look to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair so that it looks smoother and without frizz.


 Now, if you want your hair to be perfectly straight, then I recommend a different type of treatment, like keratin or Japanese straightening.  


How to care for your hair after applying botox

Remember that I told you that a botox treatment can last between two and six months?

And the time will depend on how you care for your hair.

If possible, try to avoid certain bad habits so that the botox lasts longer.


  • The first time you can wash your hair after botox is after 48 to 72 hours, to allow for maximum absorption.

After the first wash, you should try to wash your hair less frequently, approximately every three days.


  • Washing your hair with a common shampoo after going through a botox treatment is a huge error.

Start by reading the labels of the products and be sure to start using products without sulfates or parabens.


  • Products that include argan oil and coconut oil are excellent to care for your hair after having done a hair botox treatment.


  • In addition to the washing process, it’s also good to avoid whenever possible the excessive use of heating tools, like flat irons, for example.

If you really want to use a hair dryer or a flat iron, be sure to use a heat protector product.


Well, now you know how to transform your weak, opaque hair into silky and smooth hair.

You can keep fighting every day and lose the battle against frizz or achieve hair without any type of frizz.

Botox did wonders to my hair, a miracle that I also care for every day with the right products.


Did you already know about hair botox? What results did you get?

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