Why is the top layer of my hair always frizzy? 6 tips to avoid it

  • Hair in the top layer is more likely to be frizzy because it is the most exposed hair part to pollution, sunlight, humidity, and friction when we sleep.
  • It’s important to replace your conditioner with heavier masks and your regular shampoo with an acid shampoo to prevent frizz.
  • You can also use oils such as argan and coconut, which are very effective in reducing frizz.


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You may have heard that “the human body is a perfect machine.” It really is.

Every part of it, even the smallest one, is like a piece of clockwork, making everything work perfectly.

However, sometimes external elements, such as an illness, influence the machine, which is the body, and prevents it from working properly.

The same thing happens with hair.


External elements influence it to lose its shine, nutrition, and strength. Then, it weakens, breaks down, and frizz appears.

Why does frizz appear in the top layer of hair, which is the one we all see?


 Because it’s the most exposed one. It’s your hair’s first line of defense against environmental agents and the abuse of straighteners and hair dryers.  

However, it is always important to see the half-full glass and not half an empty one.

What do I mean by that?


When frizz appears in the top layer of your hair, you can choose two ways.

  • Sitting around mourning your bad luck and hiding your hair from other people’s eyes.
  • Drawing your best weapons to defeat the frizz.

Which way are you going to go?


I knew it! I knew there was a little warrior in you, so stay with me because I will become the general who leads the battle. Today I’ll tell you:

  • Why frizz appears in the top layer of hair
  • How to combat frizzy hair


Beware, frizz! Because we’re coming for you!

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Why frizz appears in the top layer of hair

Human hair is prepared to withstand the stress and strain of the environment, and even hair treatments, or the use of a straightener and hairdryer.

However, these forces can become excessive and damage the hair shaft, which no longer has the power to repair itself, as is the case with damaged skin.


  • To understand why hair gets frizzy in the top layer, we must learn about hair shaft structure, which has 2 layers.
  • The cuticle is the outer layer and is made up of hard, flattened cells that overlap each other like tiles on a roof. This creates a strong but flexible structure for the hair shaft.
  • The function of the cuticle is to protect the inner, more delicate cortex. The cuticle is resistant to damage but cannot withstand excessive environmental impacts, such as humidity, wind, cold, or excessive damage caused by hairdryers, hair straighteners, coloring, bleaching, and other hair treatments.


 When the damage is excessive, frizz appears. Even though the cuticle is tough and protects the cortex, it can’t hold it together or resist continuous wear. 

Any excessive aggression that damages the cuticle layer will eventually damage the hair cortex and cause the hair to frizz.

Is there a solution to frizz?


Yes. After all, frizz is like a symptom of something being wrong with your hair. It’s like when you have a fever, and you know it is a symptom of an infection.

What do you do when you have a fever? You take an antipyretic medicine.

What do you do when you have frizz? You use some specific products to treat it. Would you like to know what they are?


Then keep reading.


6 tips to help you avoid frizzy hair

for damaged an frizzy hair

Frizz is manifested as a kind of electricity and static that makes hair curl due to the lack of hydration, essential oils, and proteins. To prevent frizz from dominating the top layer of hair, you must hydrate and nourish it deeply. So, let’s start with the list.


  • Replace your conditioner with a mask.

This is essential since masks are heavier and have a higher concentration of nutrients, generating more weight and volume than a conditioner.

Therefore, you will prevent the hair on the top layer from lifting as if it were electrified.


  • Use coconut or argan oil.

These oils reduce frizz, make hair lighter, and nourish it, leaving it soft and shiny.

Oil is a versatile product that, in addition to eliminating frizz, uses it as a thermal protector to reduce damage caused by the hairdryer and straightener.


  • Wash your hair less.

Do you wash your hair every day? That could also be a reason for the frizz to appear in the top layer. Remember that when hair is wet, it’s more likely to break. And when it breaks, frizz appears.


 Also, when you wash it every day, you wash away the natural oils that the scalp produces, and you don’t give it time to produce more. 

Ideally, you should wash your hair every couple of days. If you have very oily hair, you can always try to alternate a dry shampoo in your washing routine.


  • If you have curly hair, avoid the hairdryer.

While diffuser dryers soften the air force, preventing hair from moving as you dry it, they also slightly increase frizz. Ideally, your curly hair should be air-dried and loose.


  • Use acid shampoo.

The acid shampoo will keep the frizz out of the top layer of hair. Do you know why?


Because the pH measures acidity. A pH less than 7 is acidic, and a pH greater than 7 is alkaline.

If you use a shampoo with a pH higher than 5.5, it will cause static build-up that leads to breakage and frizz.


  • Use a silk handkerchief to sleep.

This is an optional measure. I understand that lying next to him with a headscarf may seem unsexy if you live with your partner. So, I’ll leave it up to you.

If you wrap your hair in a silk handkerchief before you go to sleep, you’ll notice that your hair is much more disciplined the next day because you’ll have avoided the friction of the top layer with the pillow.



The top layer of hair is the most exposed to environmental agents, such as sun, wind, and pollution. So, it’s the one that suffers the most wear and damage, which leads to frizz.

If you want to avoid frizz, use suitable products such as acid shampoo and mask instead of conditioner. Don’t overdo the washing and nourish your hair with oils such as coconut or argan.

Are you ready to start fighting frizz?

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