I brushed my hair after a perm. Is it serious? Did I ruin my perm?

brushing fresh permed hair

  • If you brushed your hair dry with a pneumatic brush, chances are your perm is ruined. But stay tuned because my tips to save your perm may come in handy for you.
  • On the other hand, if you brushed your perm while it was still wet with a wide-tooth comb, don’t worry. Your perm won’t be ruined.
  • If you’ve done any of the above on your soft, loose waves, you may need to take action to prevent them from ruining. Stay and read my recommendations!


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Have you ever brushed your hair after a perm?


Oh, it could end in tragedy! But don’t worry: it may seem like a terrible thing, but it may not be.

Several things can wreck or prolong your perm after brushing.


1- Whether you brush your hair wet or dry.

2- The type of hair-brush or comb you use.

3- The type of curl shape you choose.


 In other words, don’t panic yet! 

I’ll tell you what could happen to your freshly brushed perm, and what you could do to save it.

I’ll also tell you my own experience when I brushed my perm and how I fixed it.


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When can brushing your hair ruin your perm?

brush ruins the perm

There are many different ways to brush hair: you can do it with wet or dry hair, gently or roughly, or with a comb or brush.


 Brushing your perm with a pneumatic brush will ruin it in the blink of an eye. 

It’s damaging for your hair and puts the shape and duration of the perm at risk.

Still, that’s not all! It can still get worse.


 If you combed your dry hair with a pneumatic brush, I have bad news: that’s the worst way to treat a perm. 


I’m sure you didn’t have this information. And you may not notice it right now, but as soon as you wash your hair, the perm could get relaxed and frizzy.


Brushing your soft, loose perm would mean relaxing your waves even more.

Unfortunately, those waves could be completely gone and your perm would have lasted a breath.


I brushed out my own perm too, and I tell you about it here

repair hair before re-dyeing

A few years ago, I got a wavy perm. Believe me, I brushed it out too. When I first saw myself with wavy hair, I felt so strange… I tried to stretch the curls I had done myself.


Plus, in my case, I have super fine, straight hair, which made it worse.

 After brushing, I could only recover the shape of my wavy perm with cream products that are specific for curls. I also had to scrunch it daily. 


I must admit that although my perm didn’t completely lose its shape, it didn’t last for long.

This doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. If your hair is a bit thicker, you might be luckier.


Also, the more relaxed your curl shape is, the more likely it is to be ruined, especially after dry brushing with a pneumatic brush.


Tip: Try to nourish those curls with styling products, and avoid washing your perm with shampoo containing sulfates. You need to hydrate your hair, and those products tangle and dehydrate it.

It takes some skill to keep your hair permed.


When won’t brushing your hair ruin your perm?

comb the perm

It’s not all bad news. If you brushed your perm, but it had tight, well-defined curls, chances are your perm can still be saved.

Yes, you can still do something to save your perm.


The first thing to do is to deeply moisturize your hair.

 This will be the best option to keep your curls tight as they were before the perm. 


Moisturizing will help your permed curls keep their shape.

A permed curl should be treated like a natural curl but more carefully. So, we must take every precaution to extend the duration of the perm.


Tips for perming your hair

  • Always use cream products for styling curls.
  • Don’t forget to scrunch. This beauty basic imitates squeezing the hair and waving it will be your best ally when it comes to drying your hair naturally. Try to do it daily when your hair is wet after washing.
  • Forget that pneumatic brush you used before styling.  Instead, comb your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. 
  • Never comb your hair dry. All perms should be combed through damp hair.


So, regardless of your type of perm, I advise you try to save it with these tips. You have nothing to lose.

By the way, have you combed your perm with a wide-tooth comb and dry hair?


Then, the chances of your perm being ruined are very low. In that case, I advise you to use a styling cream or curl activator after every wash, and you’ll see how your perm stays in excellent condition.


Moisturizing is the key to maintaining your perm

In this article, we have seen how you could ruin your perm by brushing it dry and with the wrong brush.

However, if you keep your hair moisturized and use the right styling products, you can probably get your perm back.


Only if you wear a relaxed wavy perm will you have a higher risk of ruining it. But don’t worry, it only requires attention and a lot of care.

Moisturizing products for permed curls are very powerful. It’s worth a try!

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