How long does keratin last? How often should you repeat the treatment?


bright by keratin treatment

I’m happy.


I don’t regret for a moment doing a keratin keratin treatment and I really am happy with the change in my hair.

But, what is best part?


The best part is that the keratin treatment lasts four months, and you can even do it again every three or four months so that your hair looks impeccable.


Of course this will always depend on the type of hair you have, the way you care for your hair, how often you wash it and even the products you use to clean your hair.

And above all, it depends on your expectations with respect to the keratin treatment.


That’s why today I’m going to tell you:

  • How to make the effects of keratin on your hair last longer
  • How often to repeat the keratin application
  • What to expect of the keratin for different hair types


How to make the effects of keratin last longer

keratin lasts for months

While I write this, I can’t help but remember my first keratin treatment.


My hair naturally is lightly curly.

When I decided to do my first keratin treatment, it was really broken, very dry, with little shine and lots and lots of frizz.

So, I decided to try keratin.



 I decided to do it because I wanted to improve the look of my hair and also I wanted to stop being a slave to my flat iron for my hair to look straight.  


When you do a keratin treatment in a salon, you should be ready to spend a few hours in the salon, like a minimum of three.

But each one of those minutes that you spend in the salon is worth it.


Because let’s not lose sight of the fact that a keratin treatment is basically to repair and reconstruct the interior of the hair fibers with protein,


Protein is nothing more and nothing less than the keratin that you naturally find in your hair.

But sometimes, that keratin that we find naturally is lost from processes like bleaching and coloring,

It’s also lost due to using poor hair products or external elements like pollution or sun rays.


It’s important that you know that keratin is not a treatment to permanently straighten your hair.

Because it fades with washing.


What keratin does is relaxes the hair, smooths the hair and leaves it straighter bu it doesn’t change the internal structure of the hair.

Now we’ve gotten to the gist,


How to care for your hair after a keratin treatment

for straight, wavy and curly hair

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Don’t wash your hair for at least the first forty-eight hours.


It doesn’t matter if you have the most important party of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like everyone is staring at how greasy your hair is.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t accustomed to having certain smells in your hair, more so if it’s summer.


Don’t wash your hair for forty-hair.


And second, but not less important.

Change the hair care products you use right now.

 Now, you should only wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo. 


Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners will have less foam, but they damage and dry out your hair much less.


But the secrets don’t stop there.

And I want to share all of them, with you.


When you wash your hair, don’t scrub it roughly with the towel, because eye hair is weaker and has a tendency to break.


Also, it’s important to use hydrating masks once a week, but simply being careful to apply it leaving 10 centimeters free from the scalp and not washing out for at least twenty minutes.


And if possible, include a leave in conditioner.


How often to repeat a keratin treatment

lasts between 3 and 6 months

Like I said before, a keratin treatment lasts between three and four months.

However, this is also the time you should wait before applying a new keratin treat,ent to your hair.



If you do it every three or four months, you’ll not only keep the frizz at bay, but also, you’ll be showering your hair with protein which will help strengthen the hair so it grows healthier.

Also, you’ll keep the ends closed which will help prevent loss of moisture.


But like I told you before, everything depends on the type of hair you have.

If you have rebellious curls, maybe repeat the treatment every four months, especially if you are a fan of straight hair.



How does keratin act on different types of hair

two days after application

Here we get into a much more complex topic, because there are different types of keratin.

And of course, everything depends on what you are looking for and the type of hair you have.


But there is something that you should always keep in mind with any type of keratin,

  Avoid keratin that contain formaldehyde because when this substance comes in contact with the heat of a hair dryer or flat iron it emits gases that can be very dangerous for your health.  



Brazilian keratin, is used to dominate the most rebellious curls.

A keratin shock is a good way to nourish they hair achieving a healthier look and shinier hair.

A Japanese straightening directly influences the internal part of the hair but it doesn’t change the molecular structure of it.

But after three months, you should repeat the treatment if you want the straight hair that Japanese’s women naturally have.


There are also smooth keratin treatments.


These are ideal for women who lobe their curls and want them forever but need to nourish their hair to get rid of frizz.


No matter which you choose, it won’t last forever.

As your hair grows, the keratin won’t be in the roots.

The more you wash your hair the more the presence of the product fades.

But, I repeat.



A keratin treatment is worth it if you want shiny hair that is free of frizz and has movement.

Have you ever done a keratin treatment?

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