Can I oil my hair after keratin treatment? Coconut or Argan oil?

take care of the effects with argan oil

My friend Susana and I went to a salon to get a famous keratin treatment done.

On the way back to our houses, a doubt popped into our head.

Can you use coconut oil or argan oil on a keratin treatment?


In the case of my friend Susana, she did a keratin treatment to calm her rebellious curls.

She was tired of using the hair dryer and flat iron every single day.


In my case, I decided to do the keratin treatment to nourish my hair and get rid of that evil frizz that makes your hair look spongy and extraterrestrial.


When we left the salon, radiant and happy, we realized on thing.

 We hadn’t asked the hair dresser if we could apply oils to our keratin treated hair.  


So, my friend Susana and I made a decision.

For a couple weeks, one person would use oils and the other wouldn’t

After, if the oil worked well with the keratin, the other  person could incorporate the oil into their daily routine.


With Susana, I always had to do the risky part of our adventures.

If we liked a boy, I had to asked for his number.

If we took an exam, I had to be the lookout, so the teacher wouldn’t see us cheating.

If we were going out without our parents knowing, I always got caught.


It’s these small things in friendship that make it fun and not boring.

So, to mix things up a bit, I took the “risky part and tried different oils on y hair.

To sum it up, I should be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records for greasiest hair in the world.


Two months ago, I started using coconut and argan oil in my hair.

My friend didn’t use any oil

Do you want to know what happened after 2 months.

 Is it a good idea to use oils in your keratin treated or can the oils ruin your treatment? 


I’ll tell you now.

But first, let me tell you which oils I’m using and how I applied them to my hair.


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Coconut oil to bring out your keratin treated hair

to moisturize and remove frizz

The first thing I want to clarify is that you have to use 100% coconut oil, none of those cheap imitations or mixes with other ingredients.

Why does coconut oil work?


Because it soaks into the hair follicles, nourishing the hair fibers.

Also, in many cases, if you do a keratin treatment every three months, you will minimize the damage caused to your hair during the process.

And finally, coconut oil brings out the shine you get from the keratin.


Since coconut oil is semi-solid, you should heat it up first in a double boiler.

Then you put a small amount on your hair and apply it over your strands and scalp.

Smoothly massage everything in circular motions to help facilitate the absorption of the oil.


In my case, I let it sit all night long and the next morning I rinsed it out with a lot of warm water.


I use this coconut oil, but you can use the one you like best.

Apply to moisturize and prepare hair

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This coconut oil in particular comes ready to use without needing to heat it up in a double boiler.

Also, it revitalizes my hair. I was able to get rid of an annoying itch on my scalp, that I kept scratching to the point where I had small wounds on my scalp.

I use coconut oil once a week.


How to use argan oil after a keratin treatment

The following month, the challenge was to use argan oil.

Not slow or lazy, I was ready to continue the next part of the test, since the results from the coconut oil had been more than auspicious.

Argan oil is a natural element used often in beauty treatments.


This wonder comes from Morocco. The Phoenicians used it around 600 B.C.. Yep, when they still knew very little about keratin and all that jazz. It’s pure vitamin A, C,and E, which is what stimulates cellular production within the hair fibers.

What I did was use it on my split ends as a conditioner without rinsing. This gave a nice finish to my hair, a frizz-free finish.


Another thing I discovered   is that when I used the flat iron to intensify the effects of the keratin on my hair, I place two or three drops of argan oil on my hair, I use the iron and immediately, my hair is shinier, protecting it from the heat of the iron and the hair dryer. 

to nourish burned hair

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What I discovered with the argan oil is that it doesn’t look greasy in my hair and a few drops go a long way.

Also, I swim twice a week.

And I discovered that after doing my exercise routine in the pool, I wash my hair and place a few drops of argan oil on my whole head.

This made it so my hair didn’t try out from the chlorine, and at the same time, that my keratin treatment stayed intact for longer.


Final Verdict: Is it best to use oils to care for and make the effects of the keratin treatment last longer?

After two months of using coconut oil and argan oil on my hair, I met up with Susana and compared the results.

 My hair looked much shiner and healthier.  


Also, I didn’t need to use the hair dryer as much to keep my frizzy hair at bay.

This time, it seemed that I got the better part of the deal with Susana.

And of course, my friend ran out to buy argan and coconut oil.


I always pay attention to other details so that Keratin lasts longer in my hair.

For example,   if it’s the first time that you’re doing a keratin treatment, avoid getting your hair wet for the first three days. 


Also, avoid ponytails or pulling your hair back in another way, since the keratin proteins keep working on your hair and it can leave marks.

Lastly, avoid using shampoos with sulfates, since those erase the natural oils from your hair.


How do you care for your hair after keratin?

Do you use natural oils?

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