Does Tio Nacho lightening shampoo work? Results before and after

Are you looking to lighten your hair without coloring it? Very well. Congratulations. You have made an important decision for your hair. One of the best ways to lighten your hair without coloring it is by using the very famous Tio Nacho Lightening Shampoo. Does it really work? Does it lighten your hair? Here, I’ll tell you. I’ll also show you the before and after of a person’s hair who decided to use the shampoo.

shampoo with chamomile

Jimena is a regular client at the salon.

A few weeks ago, she came to the salon and asked me this question.


Carina, have you seen the advertisement for Tio Nacho lightening shampoo?

Do you think that it works, or is it another advertising scam?


No, the truth is, I haven’t seen the advertisement, Jime. I told her.

So, Jime looked for the video on YouTube on her cellphone and showed it to me.


I left the commercial for Tio Nacho lightening shampoo in case you don’t remember. It’s 16 seconds long.

Have you seen it?


When I finished watching the video, something occurred to me.

It isn’t really anything amazing.

I simply told Jimena if she was willing to use the shampoo for a few days.


After, we would share the results on the blog.

Today is the big day.

I’m going to share with you all the results of the experiment.

I feel like a scientist.


In today’s article, we are going to discover the whole truth about Tio Nacho Lightening Shampoo.

Does the shampoo work or is it another advertising invention?

Is it worth buying or is it better to look for another shampoo?

How long does it take for it to lighten your hair?


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Does Tio Nacho lightening shampoo work or is it an advertising scam?

chamomile and royal jelly

Every day, we get questions in the salon about which products to buy, which shampoo is best, how to care for the hair, etc.

Sometimes I think that if I started a store to sell hair products I would be rich.

Imagine if to every person that asked me, I recommended my own products. Any way. In my next life, I’ll do it. I’ll write it down in my imaginary notebook.

Let’s go back to the advertisement.


A little while ago, a girl asked me, “Did you see the advertisement about Tio Nacho Lightening shampoo?”

The truth is no Jime (that’s what the girl’s name is). I told her.

Jime, very willfully looked up the video of the commercial on YouTube and showed it to me.

What do I do Carina, do I buy it or not?

Jime said to me aver the video was over.

lighten hair without dye

Jimena is a client that has been coming to the salon for many years. So, we are pretty comfortable with each other.

Let’s do something. I said.

It’s easy to discover if it really lightens hair or not.

But the shampoo and use it for a few weeks.


After, we’ll putt he results on the blog and I’ll also put on the video of the advertisement.  We can do a public experiment.

Did the shampoo lighten her hair?

How long did it take to lighten her hair?


Does the advertisement lie?

The truth is, I hadn’t seen the advertisement.

When I saw it, it didn’t surprise me at all. It’s not that I believe myself to be a genius or anything.


It’s just that after so many years in this profession, I have seen hundreds of advertisements for hair products. They are all the same.

All of them, absolutely all advertisements for hair products promise you amazing and incredibly fast results.

And of course, as if no one would buy them. The objective of the ad is to sell and as long as they sell, they’ll tell us anything.

That’s why I’m not surprised that the ad promised miraculous results. What surprises me is that at this point in the game, people still believe whatever they hear.

  • That your hair will look like it did when you were 20 when you are 60
  • That your hair will shine like a recently polished floor
  • That your hair will look exactly like the model in the photo


And just like that, another one hundred similar promises.

But let me tell you again that I’m not criticizing the advertisement. We know that their goals is to convince us to spend our money.


In this case, it wasn’t as much as what the advertisement said as what it left out.

How long does it take to get the results like the model in the ad?

A week?

Two weeks?

A year?


Impossible to know.

That’s what I was interested in finding out.


Results after using the shampoo for 10 days

After 10 days, Jime called me like we had agreed upon.

Of course, her hair was exactly the same as 10 days before.

“Do you notice any change? Is your hair lighter?” I asked.

“Honestly, no. If you want, I’ll keep using it for a few days more and I’ll call you again. At east it has a good smell and it washes my hair well.”


Ten days later she called me again.

“Cari, I have good news. My hair is lighter.

From the last time we talked, I almost didn’t pay attention to the color of my hair. But today, I remembered. And it is lighter. I can’t believe it. IT WORKS.


We had the results of our experiment.

How long does it take to lighten our hair?

At least 20 days.


I asked Jimena if she could right a few words about her experience with the shampoo.

Even more than what I can tell you, it’s important to have the real experience of a person that used the shampoo.


Review: Jimena’s experience

NOTE: everything from here on is an email that Jimena sent me telling her experience with the shampoo.

Hello everyone.

I’m Jimena.

Carina asked me if I could write a few words for the blog about my experience with the shampoo. So, here I am.

I’m going to tell you how I started using Tio Nacho shampoo.


A few years ago, I decided to become vegetarian.

With this came the idea of paying more attention to the beauty products that I used in my hair.

If we think about all the products that we use on our body, they are a lot: shampoos, soaps, creams, detergents, etc.

What we don’t keep in mind is that all of those products have a ton of ingredients that are damaging to our bodies.


A few weeks ago, I went to the salon as I always and I asked Carina what she thought about Tio Nacho Lightening Shampoo.

My idea was to look for an alternative to dye. I wanted to stop dyeing my hair every month. I was looking to lighten my hair in a way that was healthier and less aggressive than dye.


When Carina suggested that I do a test to later share the results, I didn’t think twice. It seemed like a great idea.

That way, we could try out if the shampoo worked and at the same time, help other people decide if it was the shampoo that they needed.

What results did the shampoo give me?


The results

from brunette to dark blonde

I bought the shampoo enthusiastically and I used it for 10 days in a row.

Carina had already told me that in 10 days I probacbly wouldn’t see any change. But I still hoped.

But Carina was right. After 10 days, my hair looked the same as before.

But since I’m pretty stubborn, I kept using it.


At one point, I got used to the shampoo because it had a nice smell. I suppose because of the chamomile.

Among my daily thoughts and worries, I forgot about the color experiment and the 10 days.


Until one night, my partner said to me, “Jime, your hair is lighter.”

I couldn’t believe it. My partner didn’t pay attention to those things. Imagine that if he realized that my hair was lighter, it’s because it really was lighter.

The next day, I called Carina to tell her.


Now, the only product I use to lighten my hair is this shampoo.

Not only did I meet my goal of not using hair dyes, but I also spent a lot less money in the salon.

It was a much more simple solution than I had imagined.   Tio Nacho shampoo is easy to get, it’s cheap, and on top of that, it has a nice smell.[ /su_highlight]

That’s all. I hope I didn’t go on for too long.



Before continuing, I want to thank Jimena and her brave collaboration.


Everything you have to know before buying the shampoo

Shampoo Tio Nacho Aclarante

Of the most interesting things about the shampoo is that it is made from natural ingredients.

Let’s review the main ingredients and what each one provides to your hair.

  • Chamomile is in charge of lightening your hair
  • Royal jelly helps to hydrate the hair
  • Aloe vera strengthens the hair
  • Tomato smooths the hair leaving it in the perfect state to be brushed
with natural extracts



It has a very affordable price

 The nacho shampoo costs between 10 and 15 dollars. 

Like I always say, the price is going to depend on the city where you live and the place where you buy the shampoo.


From my point of few, Tio Nacho has excellent quality products for ridiculously low prices.

What I want to say is that shampoo that lightens your hair and on top of that is made with natural ingredients for only US$12 seems really inexpensive to me.

We are talking about a well-known brand that has made high-quality products for several years.


There are other new brands that no one knows about and they already want to sell their products as if they were premium.



Don’t make me laugh. That premium history is already out of style. Just because they put it in a pretty container with a cool graphically designed label, doesn’t make it a premium product.

What matters is the content inside the package and if it gives you results.

I prefer a shampoo like this Tio Nacho. It’s okay that the advertisement lies. But the shampoo lightens your hair in the end.


Before and after, conclusions

before and after using the shampoo

Before and after using Tio Nacho Shampoo, check it on Amazon


If you are looking for a shampoo to lighten your hair in two days, I don’t recommend this for you. You are going to waste time and money.

If you are looking to lighten your hair in two days, it’s probably better that you go to a salon and color your hair the color that you like best.

If you have patience, then I recommend that you use the Tio Nacho lightening shampoo.


Like we said, the shampoo works. It lightens the hair. But to see the results, you have to have patience and be consistent with its use.

The other day, I girl came to the salon. She told me that she had used this Tio Nacho shampoo.

“It’s worthless,” she said to me.

“Why? How many days did you use it,” I said.

“Two,” she said.

Did you read that well?

She used the shampoo a few times and wanted her hair to be lighter. That’s impossible.

It’s not that I’m trying to be an adult here, but the truth is that kids these day don’t have even a little bit of patience.


The last thing I’ll tell you is the following.  If you are going to use this shampoo, wait for at least 20 days or a month so that your hair looks lighter.  

Don’t come to any conclusions before then. Listen to me. After, tell me how it went.


Now, I’m asking you

Have you ever been tricked by an advertisement like this? Did you use Tio Nacho lightening shampoo?

What results did you get?

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