Can you use dry shampoo on clean hair? I wouldn’t recommend it…

woman applies dry shampoo on clean hair

  • It doesn’t make sense to use dry shampoo on clean hair.
  • Because if your hair is clean, that means you’ve washed it and you’ve gotten rid of any dirt or residue in it from hair products.
  • If you use dry shampoo on clean hair, all you’re going to end up doing it drying your hair out at the roots and that will leave it weak and prone to breaking.


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Oh my goodness, people say such weird things these days!

And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s never a good idea to try to guess about what you don’t know.


What do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a closer look at this situation.

You want to know  if you can use dry shampoo on clean hair , right?


Okay, then I am going to make a few inferences here:

Your hair is clean because you washed it recently. And if you washed it recently, then it doesn’t have any hair product residue it in and it doesn’t even have any dirt in it from your environment.

So, then why are you wanting to use dry shampoo?

What are you hoping to do that you weren’t able to do during a regular wash with shampoo and water?


  • Dry shampoo isn’t going to make your hair shinier.
  • It also isn’t going to make your hair cleaner.

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Because the function of dry shampoo is to remove grease from your hair

woman applies dry shampoo twice a week

 Dry shampoo doesn’t clean your hair;  it only removes the grease from it, leaving it fresh and with no smell.

That means that you should only use dry shampoo when your hair feels heavy and hard, and looks shiny at your roots.

That’s when your hair would be dirty and smell bad. So, if you don’t have time to wash you hair, you can use dry shampoo.


I know that greasy hair is very annoying and it can make any hairstyle look not so good. A lot women even wear their hair up almost all the time to hide extremely greasy hair.

But, we have to admit that that grease is natural hydration that your scalp products.

And what is it good for?


The grease that your scalp produces maintains your hair growth healthy and hydrated, by working on your hair follicles.

That means that the natural grease your scalp produces helps hydrate those follicles and distributes the moisture from your roots to your ends.

That’s why  it’s important not to wash your hair every day.  Because every time you wash your hair, you’re taking away some of that natural hydration.


Can you imagine what would happen if you used dry shampoo on your clean hair?


We’ll take a look at that together now.


What happens if you use dry shampoo on clean hair

batiste dry shampoo

First I want to clarify that most dry shampoos contain starch which is the ingrediente that absorbs the grease from your hair.

Because when you use the dry shampoo on your greasy hair the encapsulates each grease molecule, completely dehydrating it.

That’s why your hair won’t be greasy anymore after using the dry shampoo.

Now, what do you think would happen if you use the dry shampoo on your clean and grease-free hair.


Think about it and choose one of the follow possibilities.

  • Your hair will be fresher and lighter.
  • Your hair might dry out starting at your roots.
  • Your hair will be dirtier.


Which option did you pick?

If you picked B, then you guessed correctly.


Because  since the dry shampoo gets rid of the grease (hydration) on your scalp, it can dry out your hair.  And I’m not just talking about your ends.

In this case, the dehydration will start at your roots, meaning that the hair follicles would dry out and even fall out at your roots.


That’s why there are quite a few things to keep in mind when using dry shampoo:

  • You shouldn’t use dry shampoo on clean hair because it could cause it to fall out at your roots.
  • You should only  use it two times a week at a maximum  and never more than two days in a row.
  • Brush your hair before and after using it.
  • You should always spray the shampoo on your hair a foot away from your roots.
  • You should always alternate between using shampoo and a traditional wash.

And I want to take an even closer look at that last point.


It’s very important to alternate between using dry shampoo and a doing traditional wash

washing products on bathroom shelf

A  traditional wash is very important for your hair because it gets rid of toxins, dirt and dust that can give your hair that opaque look and hard feeling. 

  • Water hydrates your hair from roots to ends.
  • Shampoo gets rid of dirt.
  • Conditioner gives your hair nutrients it needs.


That’s why you should never replace washing your hair with shampoo and water with dry shampoo.

And so, you definitely shouldn’t use dry shampoo on clean hair.



It doesn’t make sense to use dry shampoo on clean hair, because if you do, you might cause your hair to fall out at the roots.

And my final piece of advice: if after using dry shampoo, you have any swelling, itching or irritation, stop using it because that might mean that your scalp isn’t tolerating its use.

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