The 3 Best Shampoos to Remove the Bad Smell from Your Scalp

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A year ago, my life was hell.

And I don’t mean that as a metaphor.

I became distant from my friends, I broke up with my boyfriend, and I stopped going out on the weekends.

Do you want to know why?


 Because of bad smelling scalp syndrome. 


But today, I can tell you that I found the solution to get rid of the bad odor on your scalp. In my case, it was the shampoo, Mediceuticals.

In reality, I found three shampoos to eliminate those very unpleasant odors.


I can assure you that I understand the hell that you are living in, because I was there and I was also devastated by its flames.

But just as I can understand you, I promise that from today on, the doors of hell will close forever if you use this shampoo.

How do I know?


Because I was like you.

 It hurt me every time my boyfriend kissed my temples and I noticed that he automatically puuled back. It’s hard to get over when the person that you love the most rejects you. 


It wasn’t his fault. He tried to talk about it with me, but the truth is, I was so ashamed that I even rejected his help. The poor guy tried to convince me to see a dermatologist, but finally, he got tired of insisting.

He got tired of seeing how I closed myself off to the problem instead of finding a solution. Finally, fight after fight brought us to the abyss, an abyss of silence that was worse than the bad smell. In the end, the love gave up.


 Something similar happened with my friends. The tension started with small gestures, like for example, they didn’t want to share their comb with me. After, it followed with hair accessories, and ultimately, the flat iron. 

I’m not going to lie. They tried to talk to me and make me see that it wasn’t my fault, that they didn’t think I was a dirty person, but that I had to find help.

So, I also distanced myself. Until it came to the point where all that was left was me and my smelly head. Alone, confronting an eternal silence that made me fall even more into sadness.


One day, my mother came into my room and asked me to get dressed and accompany her to a place. At that point, I didn’t even have the strength to argue with her. I wrapped my head in a scarf and I went.

I always loved my mother more than anyone in the world, but that day, I understood why you only have one mother.


After she talked with my friends, she decided to take me to a dermatologist. And that saved my life, because I got my friends back, my happiness, my social life, and I’m on the way to reconciling with my boyfriend.

That’s why, if you have a bad smell coming from your head, don’t throw up your hands, don’t give up, don’t hide.

Because today, I’m going to tell you:

  • Why your scalp is producing that bad smell
  • 3 excellent shampoos to treat the syndrome of a bad-smelling head


So, now you know, you can get your life and your dignity back, or you can keep smelling bad forever.


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Why does our scalp smell bad?

First thing I have to tell you is don’t do what I did. That means, the best thing to do is confront the problem and not hide your head below the earth like an ostrich.

Because knowing the different potential causes of an unpleasantly smelling scalp can help you treat it quickly.


Because the good news is that many of the problems that cause the bad smell can be treated. The earlier you do something about the smell, the better.


 The important thing is to understand that if a bad smell persists, even after having washed your hair, the problem is probably in your scalp, not your hair. 

While it is necessary to care for both, focusing on the health of your scalp can eliminate the bad odors.

But the first step for solving the problem is understanding that it doesn’t smell bad because you are a dirty person.


Your hair can smell bad for different reasons:

  • You wash your hair too much

When you wash your hair, you are also washing your scalp. Unfortunately, excessively washing can damage your hair and can make it try, eliminating the natural oils.


Your body wants to protect your hair. If it notices that the oils are being eliminated, it will try to compensate for it, and your scalp will start to produce more oils.

This will make your hair greasy and it will fill with dandruff, which also facilitates the bad smell in your hair.


  • Smelly hair syndrome

Even if you wash your hair adequately, and the correct amount of times, you can develop this condition.


 Smelly hair syndrome, SHS, is presented when you have hyperactive sweat and oil glands on your scalp. 

When the skin on your scalp secretes too much oil and sweat, it can quickly start to smell bad. Mostly, hormonal imbalances cause this problem.


That was my problem, and seeing a dermatologist was the best solution. In addition to changing my shampoo, I started to take a prescription medicine to balance out my hormones.


  • Skin conditions

Some specific skin conditions can make your scalp smell bad. Sometimes, these conditions can be harder to treat on the scalp than in another part of your body because it’s covered in hair.

Many of these conditions cause itchiness and scratching your scalp, which can cause potential infections which can worsen the unpleasant odors.

Some of the most common skin conditions that affect the scalp are psoriasis, eczemas and seborrheic dermatitis.


As you can see, there are many causes of the bad smell coming from your head, which can also include the accumulatio of dandruff and the growth of bacteria.

But I promised to recommend some products to finish off the bad smell on your scalp.

Start fighting that bad odor now.


3 shampoos to treat the bad smells on your scalp

Like I told you before, if you notice a strong smell coming from your head, consulting a doctor is the most important thing.

I will start my recommendations with the first shampoo that I used, because my smelly scalp problem was pretty severe.


Mediceuticals TheraRx, Therapro

Antibacterial Scalp & Skin Wash

Check Mediceuticals TheraRx price on Amazon


This shampoo is generally recommended by dermatologists in cases of folliculitis on your scalp, like mine, which is basically inflamed follicles.

The condition made my scalp red, inflamed, and itchy, so I would scratch incessantly and I hurt myself.


This shampoo eliminates all types of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms that can cause inflammation. That’s why scalp stopped itching and I stopped scratching and damaging it.


I cured my scalp and finished off that bad odor.

But this is a strong shampoo, so it’s best to consult a dermatologist first to get a correct diagnosis.


Sage Shampoo, Maple Holistics

shampoo for anti dandruff

Check Sage Shampoo price on Amazon


Like I said before, it’s normal that your scalp produces oils. If not, how else would you get naturally shiny and elegant hair?


What isn’t normal is if you produce excessive sebum because you will start to create a “healthy” environment for bacteria to prosper which contributes to the bad odor.

Once I finished with the previous shampoo, my dermatologist recommended this product to prevent the appearance of odors.


This is a very soft product that acts against the excessive production of oils while it restores ideal pH balance of the scalp.

Also, I love it because my head ends up with a 100% natural smell of lemon extract, which makes me feel healthier and cleaner, while my hair smells fresh.


Now, after a few months, I wanted to change the color of my hair.

So, what shampoo did I have to do to prevent the bad odors from appearing in my dyed hair?


Clarifying Shampoo, Tru Moroccan

scalp treatment heals itchy scalp

Check Tru Moroccan shampoo price on Amazon


When I decided to dye my hair, the shampoos that controlled the bad odor started to wash out the new color quickly.

So, I decided to change my hair care routine and I found this completely vegan solution, which keeps my scalp clean without odor while the color pigments last the color that amount of time that they should.



As you can see, closing yourself off and distancing yourself from the people that you love doesn’t help you solve problems.

The bad odor on your scalp can make you feel miserable and guilty, but in most case, behind that bad smell, there is a medical explanation.


Let your friends help you, your boyfriend, your primary physician and because of these miracle products, my life changed.

Because from the moment that I started to use them, I stopped worrying about how my head smelled.


I don’t know if you know Elsa Punset. She is a Spanish writer that has some interesting books.

Today, in addition to those shampoos for preventing bad odors on your head, I will leave you with this quote:

“With fear and shame, almost all unexpected and fun things, unimagined opportunities and encounters escape down the drain.”


So, tell me, what will you do? Will you but your same aside and fight to get rid of the bad smell in your hair once and for all?

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