Why do I have split ends if I don’t use heat in my hair?

dyes abuse

Many women have split ends even when they don’t use heat tools such as blow dryers or straighteners on their hair. But, why?


There are many reasons for split ends, beyond the use of heat tools, for example:

  • Abuse of chemical processes such as dyeing, bleaching and straightening
  • Exposure to factors such as sun or sea water
  • Washing hair with extremely hot water
  • Not brushing hair properly
  • Not trimming your hair every three months
  • Skipping hair conditioner


If you have split ends, I want you to know that not all is lost. It’s a matter of changing these habits and incorporating good practices into your routine. These are details that make the difference and you will see excellent results in a very short time.

I invite you to keep reading. You will find solutions so that those ends do not split so easily anymore… I give you my hairdresser’s word!

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Do not abuse chemical processes: dyeing, bleaching, straightening, etc

have split ends

You may see thousands of commercials saying that hair straighteners will work magic on your hair, but don’t believe them. At least those with formaldehyde in their composition will only make your hair age and, unless you cut it, it will continue to be damaged.

What appears to be a benefit will actually be the opposite.


  • I advise you to be friends with your hair and to nourish it. However, beware, no shortcuts!
  Take a moment during the week and use moisturizing products. If your problem is volume or frizz, there is nothing better than good moisturizing to reverse it. 


  • Another common mistake is the excessive use of hair dyes.

You must try to wait the right time between dyes. Otherwise, you will end up subjecting your hair to unnecessary chemical processes. Generally, you should allow about 30/45 days between one dyeing process and another one. The more time between dyes, the better.


  • Finally, regarding chemicals: if you use bleaches, I must warn you that they dry out the hair fiber very much. If you use them you should moisturize your hair much more and even trim the ends much more often.


Avoid exposure to factors such as sun or sea water

wash hair when returning from the beach

It has happened to me many times throughout my hairdressing career that, before they go on vacation, my clients come to the salon to have their color done, their ends trimmed and their hair nourished with ampoules. They look like TV stars when they finish.

After a month, they return to the salon outraged because their color is washed, their ends are split again, and the nutrition has been lost in the sea. Just as you imagine…their hair looks like straw!


 This is because there is no worse aggression to hair than sea water combined with the sun’s rays. It’s a highly abrasive combo which sweeps everything up.  


So for those who ask me what I think is best, I advise them to come to the salon after their holidays.

There are those who want to look splendid in all the pictures… well, I tell them that if they want to spend twice as much in the salon, it’s not a problem for me. I always give them my advice openly.

Are you going on holiday to the beach?


Here is some helpful advice for you. You must implement them or, otherwise, you will not see good results.

  • Buy a non-rinse hair styling cream with sun protection. Yes, as you read it, there are not only body creams. There are also those that protect your hair from the sun and, let me tell you that they are the greatest.
  • Always wear a nice hat, which is a great remedy for the sun!
  • Avoid wetting your hair with sea water. Salt and heat will dry it out.


Avoid washing your hair with very hot water

wait at least 72 hours

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to wash your hair with very hot water. You expose your precious hair to great aggression if you do this, dehydrating it completely, generating volume, frizz and split ends.


 The solution to this problem is for you to start washing your hair with warm or cold water.  

If you feel that you are getting too cold in the shower, you can choose to bathe your body in the warm water, without wetting your hair. Then, proceed to wash it separately with water at a lower temperature.


Brush your hair the right way

does not hurts the hair

Brushing it wet with the wrong brush, pulling it out, forming knots that are impossible to untangle… the list can continue. All these details combined are a lethal combo for your ends. Here, I’ll help you reverse them.


  • Apply styling cream: First, before untangling it, you must apply a leave-in mask. It is not useful to leave more conditioner because it will dry it out.
  • Take a wide tooth comb or a brush that has enough space between them. These are the right ones to untangle hair.
  • Start at the ends and work your way up to the roots, it’s important not to pull.


That’s it! Just by modifying certain habits you can prevent your hair from breaking.


Trim the ends of your hair every 3 months

just a few inches

There is no magic here. You must respect this time span without any “but”. If you don’t want to trim your ends because you want to let it grow, you should do it anyway, even if it’s just a millimeter.

 Hair grows even longer when it’s healthy. So, say goodbye to those split ends every three months.  


You must take this into account so that the damage to the ends doesn’t continue to go up the entire hair. Do it before it’s too late!


Always use conditioner

does not weigh down hair

It’s happened to me that many clients tell me, as if it was a magic secret, that they don’t use conditioner to make their hair look shinier. My horror face every time they mention this must be unforgettable, without a doubt.


Let me explain something to you: that is totally untrue. Hair conditioner is formulated purely and exclusively to finish rinsing or removing traces of detergent, alcohol and chlorine.

 If you don’t apply conditioner, you’re leaving those abrasive elements in your hair throughout the day and, over time, they’ll end up damaging your hair. 


  • To prevent your hair from becoming dull, you should use very little conditioner and always apply it from middle to end.
  • Then, when combing with your fingers, before rinsing, the product itself will go up, without you noticing it.
  • Finally, you rinse it thoroughly so you don’t leave any residue.


To conclude…

  • Respect coloring times.
  • Trim your ends every three months or whenever you see that it’s necessary.
  • Wash your hair with warm or, better yet, cold water.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat.
  • ALWAYS use conditioner.
  • Use styling cream, wide tooth comb or brush to untangle it and treat it with love.

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