Can 12-year-olds get keratin straightening treatments? Can this treatment be dangerous?

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What if your daugter asks for a keratin straightening treamtent as a birthday gift?


And I’m sure we’re not the only moms whose daughters want their hair straightened.

And surely, you’re not the only mom who’s been simply shocked by the request.

What happened to your little girl who just yesterday was  playing with Barbies?


Well, your little girl is turning into a young lady. That’s all.

But are you worried that keratin treatments aren’t safe for your little girl?


 I assure you there’s nothing to worry about. Keratin treatments are a safe treatment for 12 year-old girls, adolescents, and women. 

This treatment has been shown to be safe for a long. That being said, you should make sure that keratin treatment you choose doesn’t contain formaldehyde.


I’ll tell you why later, but first let you tell me about Angelica, one of my clients and the mother of a 12-year-old girl.

One day she arrived at the salon, as she did every other month. But this time she came in with her daughter, a playful 12-year-old girl named Belén.


She came forward and whispered something in my ear, but I couldn’t hear her.

She then glanced at the ceiling, her daughter, back to the ceiling…

Was she having a seizure? Finally I just asked her what on earth was bothering her.

Finally, and almost intears, she burst out, “You have to help me! I told Belén that keratin is dangerous for her hair!”


Then it was my turn to glance back and forth between Angelica’s desperate face and Belén’s earnest one.

I invited them both to take a seat, so I could explain what was involved in a keratin treatment.

Are you tired of your daughter begging for a keratin straightening treatment?


If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know to make the best decision for you and your daughter.

Today we’re going to discuss:

  • What you should know before your daughter gets a keratin straightening treamtent.
  • When it’s a good idea for a young girl to get a keratin straightening treamtent.
  • What you should explain to your daughter before the treatment.


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What you should know before your daughter gets a keratin straightening treamtent

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First of all, I want to make one thing clear: although keratin straightening treamtent can be done on minors, I’m not saying all mothers should let their daughters do so.

Whenever someone is considering a hair treatment -especially a minor- it’s imporant to do two consults.


  • First, with the girl’s doctor, as he will know her medical history and if any of the products could cause an allergic reaction.
  • The second, of couse, is with a sylist, who can dteremine if a keratin straightening treatment is right for your daughters hair.

And of course, never let her do a keratin straigtening treatment at home. Or worse, unsupervised at a friend’s house.

Want to know why?


First of all, because only a professional can tell if the products contain formaldehyde or not.

Many times formadydye appears under different names on different products.


Keratin, which by itself does not contain formaldehyde, is simply a harmless protien. Your hair and nails naturally contain keratin.

Secondly, because the sealing process can be just as imporant as choosing the right product. In order for the keratin to penetrate the hair fiber, it needs to be sealed with a flat iron.

The flat iron needs to be at the correct temperature. The stlyleist also need to know how to seal the hair, as leaving the flat iron on a few seconds longer than necessary can damage the hair, and even lave burn marks. And even burn and damage it.


 I your daughter is getting a kertatin straightening treatment done by a professional, rest assured that it’s complerly safe. 

If possible, choose a professional recommended by friends or family.


Now that you know that keratin treatments are safe, it’s also important to know what what hair types it works best with.

One factor to consider is if your daughter has very fine or course hair.


Becuase that can make the difference between a keratin treatment being recommended… or not.


When it’s a good idea for a young girl to get a keratin straightening treamtent

If your daughter has very fine hair, I don’t recommended a keratin treatment. Nor do I recommended one if she has thin hair.

Not only does this treatment have very little effect on fine hair, it can weaken the strands and even cause breakage.


Now, if she has course hair, she’s a good candidate for the treatment.

Does your daugher straighten her hair with a flat iron practically every day?


 In that case, I would reccomended keratin straightening, so she wouldn’t need to straighten her hair all the time And to reduce heat damage. 

Keratin strengthens the hair, and make it almost completly straight when dry.


Additionally, if your daughter complains about frizz the keratin treatment will eliminate it.

Another factor to consider is if your daughter loses many hair strands throughout the day.


If that’s the case, it’s important to consult with a dermatologist, who may be able to diagnose the cause, before considering a keratin treatment.

 The keratin can help prevent hair loss. Like I mentioned before, hair is composed of keratin, as well as vitamins, metals, melanin, and water. 


Any dag in the hair structure can cause brittle hair that breaks easily.

When your daughter gets a keratin treatment, the proteins in the product temporarily adhere to the hair fiber and fill any gaps, which strengthens the strand.

The protects the hair form additional damange and normal wear and tear.


After the treatment, caring for your daughter’s hair can be a challenge, as the texture is constantly changing as it grows.

But for the best -and safest- results, you also need to explain some things to your daughter. After all, you’re the one that’d going to paying for it, and no one wants to waste money.


What your daughter should know before getting a keratin treatment

  • The first thing your daughter needs to know is that the treatment takes time.

She will have to sit still in the stylist's chair for two to three hours while the stylist applies the treatment.

This can feel like an eternity for a young girl,so make sure she brings her phone to the appointment.


If that’s the case, ask the stylist to ventilate the salon to minimize the odor.


  • Once the treatment is done, your daughter will undoubtedly be jumping for joy.

But don't foget that it's very imporant that she doesn't wash her hair, or use any hair ties or clips, for at least three days.

If this is hard for adults to do, you can imagine how difficult it would be for a yong girl.

Are you wondering what happened to Angelica and her daughter?


Of course I did the keratin straigtening treatment, which had an almost magical effect: a huge smile for Belén, and a grateful mother, who no longer had to listen to her daugter's begging.

Not only that, but her hair looked much healthier and less frizzy.


Now it's your turn to share: Would you let your daughter get a keratin straightening treatment?

Share your thoughts or ask questions in the comments, and I'll be happy to answer them.

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