Leave-in conditioner for keratin treated hair or straightened hair

use leave-in conditioner

Today, I want to tell you why it is important that you use a leave-in conditioner if you have done a keratin treatment.


But first, let me tell you how I discovered this incredible product because I’m sure you will identify with me.


My life completely changed when a few months ago, I did a keratin treatment.


It is incredible what a hair treatment can do.

In my case, I spent two hours every morning in the bathroom, straightening my hair to get it perfect. I’m an executive secretary and my look is key.

 Also, thanks to keratin, I was able to get rid of the frizz in my hair so that it looked healthy and shiny.  


But about fifteen days ago, I started to notice a few changes in my hair.

At first, I thought it was just in my head, but after the alarm sounded in my head loudly.


The frizz slowly started to show from the darkest depths and even though the straightness hadn’t completely gone away, I had ot use the flat iron so that my hair would be completely straight.

What had happened?


I had followed all of my stylists advice.

I hadn’t washed my hair for the first 48 hours, I hadn’t pulled my hair back in a pony tail nor put it behind my ears, and I hadn’t even jumped in the pool.


 The only thing that I couldn’t do was wash my hair less frequently. I continued washing my hair every day on average, or at most, every two days.  

I have very greasy hair, and if I don’t wash it frequently, it looks dirty. And I couldn’t give that impression at work.


I desperately called my cousin, Fernanda, who is an expert in keratin treatments. She almost shrieked to high heavens when I told her how often I washed my hair.

When I explained that I washed it that frequently to avoid greasiness, she said three words, well five actually: you should use leave-in conditioner.


Althought I was a bit skeptical, I followed her advice.

And it was my salvation and the salvation of my straightening treatment.


 Are you in the same situation? Do you notice that your keratin is fading quicker than it should?  


There are two paths you can follow.

The first, continue with your normal routine and risk becoming a slave to your flat iron.

The second, incorporate leave-in conditioner in your hair to protect the keratin treatment.


What do you say?

Very well, if you chose the second option, you are on the right path.


That’s why, today I will tell you:

  • The three best leave-in conditioners for keratin-treated or straightened hair
  • How to apply the conditioner to your hair


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Have you done a keratin treatment? Use one of these three leave-in conditioners

There are many rinse-free conditioners on the market. That’s why I didn’t want to waste time, important time to prevent the keratin from continuing to disappear.

That’s why, I let my cousin, expert in chemically-straightened hair care given me her opinion about which were the best to use.


She has been straightening her hair for three years, so I think that she has something close to a Ph.D. on the topic.

In addition to doing the straightening, do you have dyed hair?


Then, I recommend that you use this conditioner because it’s the one that my cousin uses, since her hair has keratin and is also dyed.


Elvive Total Repair 5, L’Oréal Paris

hair damaged by treatments

My cousin has pretty long hair, almost to her waist, so she constantly has to protect it against breakage and split ends.

Keratin helped her reassemble the broken hair fibers, but she noticed that it lacked moisture and softness.

So, once a week, she uses this conditioner to capture the moisture which makes her hair look shinier and feel softer to the touch.


Do you have greasy hair?

You are like me! That’s why this conditioner is best for you.


Fluidissime Spray, Kérastase Discipline

ideal for keratin straightened hair

I don’t have dyed hair, but it’s very greasy. And I was washing it too often so that it would look clean. And that made me fall into the vicious cycle: grease – wash – more grease.

With this conditioner, I was able to control the greasiness and make my hair look cleaner although I didn’t wash it.


If you have greasy hair, I highly recommend this beacuse since it is a spray and doesn’t have a creamy consistency, it is a less oily producto. And we want to avoid that oily feeling that other products can give us.

Remember that I told you that I had noticed a bit of frizz?

I forgot about that when I started using this product.

Since my cousin always has tricks up her sleeve, she also recommended a rinse-free conditioner for all types of hair.


Smooth Blow Dry anti-frizz cream, Garnier Fructis Style

Brazilian or Japanese straightening

This conditioner is ideal for those people that live in very wet or rainy climates, because your hair will be protected against excessive humidity.

Since we know that that is the cause of frizz.


Do you use the hair dryer every day?

Then don’t turn your back on this product, because it also works as a great heat protector.


Now that you know which leave-in conditioners are best, I’m going to tell you how to use them correctly.


How to properly apply leave-in conditioner

You should always use it after your normal washing routine on wet hair.

Apply a small amount, focusing mainly on the ends and the zones that you feel are dryer or have more frizz.


Since I use the spray, once I get out of the shower, I dry my hair with a towel without twisting it. The idea is to simply squeeze out the excess water.

 I apply four to six sprays, I wait about ten seconds, and then I simply detangle and comb my hair.  


Leave-in conditioners generally contain moisturizers that help to moisturize and soften your hair, making it stronger and smoother.

I’m very thankful to my cousin for helping me save my keratin treatment from extinction. Because Since I used this type of conditioner, I was able to prevent the appearance of frizz and the waves that started to appear.


Which of these three leave-in conditioners do you think is best for you?

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