Does straightening your hair stop it from growing? No, not if you do it right…

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  • If you straighten your hair with a straightener more than twice a month, your hair won’t stop growing. But it will grow slower because it will get thinner. And it will thin out because the high temperatures of the straightener deplete it of nutrients and moisture.
  • If you straighten your hair by applying straightening fluid to your roots, your hair will stop growing. Since the liquid can burn the hair follicles, it will stop the growth of new hair. Therefore, it’s essential you get permanent straightening with the help of a professional.


In general,  if you don’t overuse the straightener, straightening your hair won’t stop it from growing. 


 Nor will your hair stop growing if permanent straightening is applied by a professional, who knows and understands the straightening technique, the exposure times of the permanent liquid, and who previously evaluated your hair before straightening it. 


As you can see, the fact that straightening your hair can cause it to stop growing implies responsibility.

That’s why I think it’s important we examine how to act responsibly so that straightening your hair with a straightener won’t slow down your hair growth. And we’ll also see how to make sure that permanent straightening doesn’t jeopardize the growth of your hair.

Let’s start by talking about straighteners and how they affect hair growth.


Straightening with a straightener can slow down your hair growth

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Basically, this is because every time you straighten your hair, you deplete it of moisture and nutrients. And that means your hair won’t have the strength to grow normally.

What does normal hair growth mean? Healthy hair grows between one and one and a half centimeters per month.

 If you straighten your hair too often, the loss of nutrients and moisture will slow down growth to as little as half a centimeter per month. 


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In addition, every time you straighten your hair with a straightener, it will burn part of your cuticles. The hair will therefore get thinner and will lose space to send out nutrients from the root.

straighten hair from roots

Lastly, you probably straighten your hair right from the roots, where it grows. And the heat causes the hair follicles to expand, making the hair more prone to fall out.

What can you do to prevent hair growth from slowing down when you straighten your hair with a straightener?


Act responsibly, as I said before.

It’s extremely important you don’t overuse the straightener. In fact,  you should only straighten your hair twice a month at the most. 

And you should always use heat protectants, which form a kind of heat-insulating shield, keeping your hair moisturized.

Finally, use a straightener with ceramic plates.


Permanent straightening can stop hair growth if you apply the liquid to the roots

application of permanent straightening fluid

Since permanent straightening is a chemical process, it modifies the structure of the hair permanently. It’s a process that uses chemicals and also requires you to seal the treatment with a straightener.

If you’re determined to straighten your hair permanently, I recommend you do it in a professional salon. Why? Because this type of treatment can easily ruin your hair if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

Because  the straightening fluid should never touch your roots. 


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If you apply the straightening liquid repeatedly onto the roots in your scalp, your hair follicles may be permanently burned. You can only solve this with a hair transplant.



If you regularly straighten your hair with a straightener, your hair will start to grow slower, because it will get thin and the nutrients won’t be able to reach the hair follicles.

If you get a permanent straightening and the straightening liquid touches your scalp, you risk burning the hair follicles. Therefore, your hair will stop growing from those burned hair follicles.

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