Is it dangerous to perm kids hair? At what age is it recommended to do?

at the hairdresser

Are you thinking about perming your daughter’s hair?

Has your ten-year-old girl asked you to curl her hair permanently because her best friend did it also?


I am not God.

I am not at all interested in playing a judge or the lady of justice.

  But the things I see lately on Instagram, give me goosebumps and stir all those feelings you can’t help feeling. [/ su_highlight]


Fury, perplexity, pity, anger, sadness, resentment when you see mothers willing to do anything to get another like on social media.

The last thing was a picture of a mom who published a photo of her three-year-old child, getting a perm at the hairdresser.

First of all, let me tell you something.


You should never do a perm on children under sixteen because it uses strong chemicals that can damage not only their hair and scalp.

But, they can even aggravate their eyes and the skin near their temples.


Therefore, no, it is not advisable to permanently make your little’s one hair wavy.

And in this kind of thing, I’m old fashioned. And very proud.


  • First, do you think for a single moment that a young child can sit at the hairdresser for three hours to curl his hair?
  • Do you think a three or seven-year-old is interested in whether his hair is straight or curly?
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I believe that kids at that age, fortunately, want to enjoy games in the park or at most, on the computer.


How nice would it be if parents helped their children find happiness in riding a carousel or tracing a kite!


   On the other hand, if your ten or twelve-year-old daughter wants perm her hair because her friend got it, it's time for you to talk with her.  

So you can help her understand that not because somebody jumps off a bridge, she has to do the same. And that there's a time and place for everything.

That she will have time to experiment with her hair when she's old enough, likewise, she'll find the right time to fall in love, to get married, to travel for the first time without you.


What will remove the idea of getting a perm when he doesn't have the right age from your kid’s mind, depends on the communication you have with him.

A dialogue based on emotional intelligence and knowledge.


I know that sometimes, it can be challenging to deal with small kids or preteens. You don't have to tell me, I have a ten and a 15-year-old, and they think they know more about the world than me.

Therefore, today I'll help you out, and I will let you know all the arguments you can use so that your daughter not only does not get a perm,

but you will ensure that her hair is not permanently curly, and that she doesn't hate you for not allowing it.


So, don't move because I'll tell you:

  • Why a perm is not suitable for children under 16
  • Other alternatives to getting a perm so you can curl your little one's hair[/ su_list]


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Why it's not convenient to perm a girl’s hair before they’re 16

for her birthday party

I'm not here to tell you what you should do on your daughter or son's hair.

That is why I am going to tell you what a perm consists in, so that you can later decide what's best for your most significant treasure.



  During a hair perm, the hair is wrapped around a curler or roller, and they apply a chemical called ammonium thioglycolate, sodium thioglycolate or glyceryl monothioglycolate. [/ su_highlight]

These products are strong chemicals that break the structural loops of the hair, which are what make the hair straight or curly.

When the chemicals break these loops, the hair is reduced to a state similar to porridge.


After processing, they apply a neutralizer to the hair, restructuring the hair bonds and reshaping the hair to the shape of the curler, creating curls.

It seems like a simple recipe, in which you mix a few ingredients and get an ideal dough.

But this mix contains risks, risks to your kid’s hair and scalp.

Do you want to know why?


Over the years, and as your kid grows, it is evident that your kid’s hair will change.

The color, thickness, and texture and curls can undergo several changes, until they reach puberty.


   Almost all dermatologists do not recommend chemically changing the internal structure of a child's hair before puberty. [/ su_highlight]

Because until then, the kid’s hair is usually thinner and more fragile, and can easily be damaged even with the softest perms.


The same goes for the scalp. It is much more sensitive and prone to irritation or an allergic reaction than adults.

Why do you think there are shampoos specifically designed for children?


The chemicals of a perm in children, can cause hair loss, itching and, in some cases, chemical burns on the scalp and the surrounding skin.

In addition to these issues that threaten your child's health, perms can leave hair more dry and fragile.


And on the other hand, you will also need to use specific products to comb and model the curls.

It's almost like sentencing a child to spend hours in the bathroom to achieve a proper hairstyle!


Also, if you don't find a suitable professional that processes the perm correctly, your daughter's hair can end up with a lot of frizz.

Finally, perms take time, such as a minimum of two to three hours in shorter and thinner hair, and more than four to five hours for longer hair.

Can your daughter remain seated and still for all that time?


  • Are you willing to take the risk of your daughter's scalp getting burned?
  • Do you want to spend a lot of time applying products to shape curls after a perm?
  • And what if the hair gets burned in the process and you must cut at least seven inches? [/ Su_list]


   If you have answered each of these questions thoroughly, you already have the answer to whether it is convenient to perm your daughter's hair or not. [/ su_highlight]

And you have all the arguments you need to be able to discuss the issue with your daughter, so that she can understand your decision.

And if she doesn't understand it, nothing lasts forever; her anger will quickly vanish like summer rain.


Now, you can always convince your children to do better if you offer them alternatives.

Something like, “I can't let you get a perm, but we can make some fun curls in another way, what do you think?”

And you will see that in minutes her angry face will show a smile.


Other ways to curl your daughter's hair without perming it

Of course, I'm also not advising you to use a curling iron on your daughter's hair.

Therefore, I propose this natural way to curl a girl's hair without using heat tools.


You will need a little patience, and your daughter too, and some hairpins.

  • Wash and dry the girl's hair with a towel before she goes to sleep.
  • Apply hair cream all over her hair to define curls.
  • Split the hair horizontally in half, separate the upper half and secure it with a hairpin.
  • Split the remaining hair again horizontally in half and separate it. Now you must have two clipped sections and a loose section.
  • Comb the loose hair and split into four sections.
  • Take a section of five centimeters and roll the hair, using your fingers, from the tips to the roots until you reach the scalp.
  • Secure the curl with hairpins. Keep going until you have four, or more, small buns on the girl's neck.
  • Unlatch the central section and repeat the last step.
  • Finally, repeat the same procedure in the upper section.
  • Before your daughter goes to sleep, spray all of her hair with hairspray.
  • In the morning, remove the hairpins, unwind the small rolls and comb the curls with your fingers. [/ Su_list]


Now you can decide what is best for your daughter and her hair, and you can also play with it so that she can show off amazing curls.

Help her go through childhood and her preteen years without doubts and to accept herself as she is!

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