How Long does it Take for Hair to Air Dry? How to Speed Up the Process?

without hair dryer

Use the hair dryer, or don’t use the hair dryer. That is the question. No, it’s not that the sudden love has taken me for Shakespearean literature.

It’s just that abusing the hair dryer has its consequences, but air drying requires time and patience.


Hair takes time to air dry, between 2 and 3 hours. Of course, various factors will make it take more or less time to dry. 

For example, do you think that thick hair takes the same time to dry as thin hair?


Of course not.

 It’s the same that occurs with clothes. A simple handkerchief will take much less time to dry than jeans. The less amount of cloth, the less time it takes to dry. Finer hair, less time to air dry. This is a simple and direct rule. 

Here, the math doesn’t lie.


It will also depend on the climate, although with climate change playing tricks on us, we can never trust it.

On general lines during the summer, the hair will dry much faster. And this is obvious, the air is warmer.

What other factor do you think can make the hair dry take more hours to dry?


For example, if it’s pulled up or loose. Sometimes, when I get home late from my university classes, I shower, and I lay down with wet hair tied up.

And the next morning, my hair is still a bit wet.

Do you want to know why I came to the terrible dilemma of letting my hair air dry?


 Because I started to notice that my hair didn’t grow and it broke easily. I analyzed what could cause that breaking, and I concluded that the hairdryer’s hot hair was weakening my hair.  

So it broke, and it didn’t grow.


The combination of the heat combined with manipulating the hair while drying was too much for my hair while trying to reach my goals of making it grow.

Do you want to stop exposing your hair to the terrible effects of the hairdryer?


Then keep reading, because I will tell you:

  • 5 secrets so that your hair will air-dry faster
  • How to avoid frizz when you dry your hair without a dryer
  • How to use the dryer in case of emergencies (without damaging your hair)


Are you prepared to discover the great benefits of air drying your hair?

A for that!


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5 secrets so that your hair air dries faster

Air dry your hair

If possible, once you wash your hair, always use a quality, sulfate-free shampoo, dry it with a towel.

Yes, I know. That’s what you always do.

But forget those rough towels that you have in your bathroom.


  • Buy a microfiber towel.

What is the difference?


First, it absorbs excess water better. Second, it doesn’t break the hair.

Do you have a microfiber towel already? Very well, now you must use it correctly.


  • Put the towel on your head and press softly to absorb the excess water. Repeat the operation two or three times.

Don’t rub or crush the towel into your hair. Remember that wet hair is more fragile and prone to breakage.


  • Once you finish, detangle your hair, when possible, with a wide-toothed comb.

After wrap your hair in a towel like a turban, but so that the scalp isn’t pulled and the hair isn’t too tight.

You should feel like a fakir for at least 15 minutes.


  • Do you not have a microfiber?

Don’t worry. One day I discovered a trick without looking for it. I couldn’t find my microfiber towel anywhere, so I tried a typical paper towel from the kitchen.

Can you believe the result?


I put various pieces of paper towel on my hair, and it absorbed all the excess moisture. Of course, after I had to take out a few pieces that had stuck in my hair. But for emergencies, it is a good solution.


  • Once you’ve finished absorbing the excess water from your hair, apply a combing cream. Of course, one that is good quality. Don’t grab the first one you find on the shelf at the supermarket.

This helps hydrate the hair and smooth the cuticles.


 With these tricks, you will be able to air dry the hair in at least an hour.  


Now, in addition to the time it takes for my hair to air dry, I was worried that my hair would end up with frizz.

If this is your case, I tell you that there are ways to prevent frizz when you dry your hair without using a hairdryer.


How to prevent frizz when you dry your hair without a hair dryer

Basically, I use this system when I wash my hair at night.

After washing my hair, I do the same process that I previously described to you, only I leave the turban towel for at least ten minutes.


Once that time has passed, I apply a serum to the hair, and I make two braids. You can also make two buns.

The next morning, I take out the braids carefully without pulling the hair. And I can assure you that it is almost completely dry and free of frizz.


Now there is one thing.

And it’s that there are moments that we don’t have time to air dry our hair.

Whether it’s because we are in a rush to get to an interview or a date, or even because it’s winter. And if we go out with wet hair in the street, we can get sick.

Then we have no choice but to use the hair dryer. But there is a way to use it to prevent damage to your hair correctly.

Do you want to know what it is?


How to use the hair dryer in the case of an emergency (without damaging the hair)

  • I dry my hair with a microfiber towel, and I wrap it like a turban leaving it for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • I always apply a thermal protector with a silicone base since it helps prevent heat damage.
  • I don’t use the hair dryer at high temperatures. I dry it with cold hair and using a diffusor. And always use it with a distance of twenty centimeters.
  • I never leave the hairdryer in the same place for a long period of time. I move it around so that the air doesn’t always point to the same places.


Since I started air-drying my hair, I noticed a great change in my hair.

Remember that I told you it didn’t grow?


I’ve seen my hair has grown about eight centimeters in the last six months, so I feel super happy.

Also, I don’t have weak hair and with split ends, logical consequences of the abuse from the hair dryer’s hot air.

Do you know any other tricks so that your hair dries faster?

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