Do hairdressers mess up your hair on purpose? Yes, a hairdresser confesses

Girl with hair rollers suffers in the beauty salon

  • Of course, the answer in the title is a joke.
  • Never will a hairdresser ruin your hair on purpose.
  • However, in this article, we’ll see that even if they don’t do it on purpose, hairdressers who mess up your hair are not entirely innocent and must take responsibility.
  • Maybe you’ve been to an unprofessional hairdresser, a beginner, or a cheap hairdresser.
  • I’ll tell you about all of them in this article and if you stick around to the end I’ll tell you how to choose your next hairdresser to save you trouble.


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Do hairdressers mess up hair on purpose?


Obviously, if you think that hairdressers mess up hair on purpose, it’s because  you’ve had a horrible experience with one. 


In my case, I’ve had some terrible experiences with dentists and so  I could say that all dentists are out to get you. 

However, I don’t think this is the case.


Truth be told, there are superb dentists out there and many people recommend them.

So, this simply indicates that  my previous experiences have been unfortunate. 


The same goes for hairdressers. So I propose we check to see if your bad experiences have been because you encountered:

  • Hairdressers who didn’t study or beginner hairdressers
  • Cheap hairdressers.

Let’s see what could have happened in each case.


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Did a bad hairdresser mess up your hair? The following will interest you

Hairdresser with thumb down and disapproving gesture

 To become a professional hairdresser you need to study hairdressing . There is no other way to achieve it.


Serious academies and schools offer courses and, in general,  they last between one and two years. 

In Europe, the training lasts five years, because they include  one year of actual practice  in a hairdressing salon.


However, as there are many people who want to find a quick job and  there is no official regulation for hairdressers,  new academies appear all the time promising to turn you into a professional hairdresser in 3 or 6 months.

In addition to these unreliable institutions, there are an unusual number of  Youtubers who teach hairdressing  in a completely irresponsible way. So what does that all mean for you?


Well, the result is that you may find yourself in a salon with  “hairdressers” who have a very insufficient or incorrect knowledge  of hairdressing processes.


As I was saying,  to set up a beauty salon, it’s not necessary to be a hairdresser. 

This is a problem because people who enter these beauty salons are unprotected because they may find that the “hairdresser”  barely set foot in an academy and keeps themself up-to-date via YouTube.  


Another very common situation is that hairdressers with little training go to work in  chain hairdressing salons, where there is a permanent rotation of employees.  What does this cause?


Well,  sometimes you may have a good experience in one of these places,  then you come back another day and find that the hairdresser who was good is no longer working there and  you’re left in the hands of an inexperienced hairdresser . And then yes, may the universe help you!


Don’t worry: it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are people who do study in serious hairdressing academies. There are hairdressers who continue to improve their skills with great masters.


In addition,  there are brands that offer courses  for the use of their products . There are also very demanding hairdressers when hiring employees.

There are salons that strive for excellence, but they are usually  the ones that charge higher prices. 


Did the hairdresser who messed up your hair charge a high or low price for their services?

girl in beauty salon with her hairdresser and makeup artist

Just as there are hairdressers with formal hairdressing studies and hairdressers who learned in a few months and on YouTube, there are also  expensive hairdressers and cheap hairdressers. 


Express hairdressers (low prices)

Budget salons work with cheaper brands, so  the quality of the products they use is generally of medium to low quality.  What does this mean?


It may mean that  the results of the work are of inferior quality.  These salons are aimed at customers who don’t pay too much attention to quality. Customers who are looking for quick service, that aren’t too fussy.


Conventional hairdressing salons (moderate to high prices)

So, if you’re looking for quality service,  conventional salons are the best option.  Why? Because both the hairdressers and the products used there are of higher quality. How do you find them?


These salons are located in the center of a city or in the suburbs, but  they always have a steady client base. 

People who go there are looking for  a hairdresser who follows their history and knows their tastes and preferences


VIP hairdressers (only for celebrities, very high prices)

There is another type of hairdresser, intended for a small group of very select clients. Celebrities look for these hairdressers because with them everything is glamour, excellence, and quality.


The people who go to this type of salon are looking for  100% guaranteed quality, in every sense, regardless of the cost. 

It’s the place to cross paths with celebrities, influencers, artists, and other important people. The prices of these salons are very high.


Keys to choosing your next hairdresser

Female client in the beauty salon points her finger at the look she wants

  • Before making an appointment at a salon,  look for photos and references of their work  on social networks.
  •  Find out the cost  of their services. This is a good tip; be well informed.
  • If your budget doesn’t allow for a very expensive type of hairdresser, maybe you could get a haircut that doesn’t require monthly maintenance, or instead of a complete hair dyeing, choose balayage.

That way you can save money and go to the salon you like best.



As I made clear at the beginning, you can’t generalize: hairdressers don’t ruin your hair on purpose.

Not everyone who studies at a bad academy is a bad hairdresser. Nor does having a reputation always make you a good hairdresser. There are  salons that are pure marketing. 


And of course, there are always unscrupulous people who for money will do any job  without caring about the quality of their clients’ hair. 

That’s why my advice is to get informed and look around until you find the right hairdresser.  When you find them, don’t change them for the world. 


Help them by taking care of your hair, and by communicating well what you want. Go for it!

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