How to Fix a Frizzy Perm? 5 easy tricks to forget about frizz forever

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Have you ever thought about getting a perm to show off perfect curls but without the frizz?


With that same concern, I arrived from my vacation last summer. I had been to the beach and taken my first surf lessons.

Even I was surprised by my skills on the board; I could not believe that I could ride the waves, almost be inside them, without losing my balance.


But, there was something that had me frustrated. And that was my hair.

I saw how the other surfers had, to be honest, perfect waves. Their hair competed in beauty with the movement of the ocean waves.


I desperately wanted that, my hair to look perfectly wavy, with those curls that seem to dance with the wind in an eternal romance.

So when I hung up my surfboard, I asked for an appointment at a hair salon that had been recommended by one of my best friends.


 Getting a perm is a process that takes time. I was sitting in the hair salon for more than four hours. All I could think about was that the next time I rode on my surfboard, my curly hair would also overcome the laws of gravity. 

Finally, the stylists said the words I couldn’t wait to hear: “We are done!”


When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe it.

There were my waves, perfect, playful, and a bit wild as if telling the world, “watch out, here we come!”

The first few days, I learned to comb and style them. I felt delighted.


But after twenty days, something began to change. I noticed that my hair was becoming a bit frizzy.

I began to worry. Ten days later, my hair was completely frizzy.


And of my beautiful waves, which looked soft and healthy, there was nothing left.

I couldn’t stop wondering what had happened. So I decided to visit the hair salon again.


I discovered a whole series of mistakes that had led me to the frizz taking over my perm.

Do you want to know what mistakes I made?


Then, read on because I will tell you 5 foolproof tricks to eliminate the frizz of your permed hair.


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How to remove frizz from permed hair

after getting a perm

I am one of those who believes that you can’t go through life-giving away money. I don’t know about you, but each one of my dollars is hard-earned.

I have to perform miracles to make ends meet. Since I had paid a small fortune for my perm, I was unwilling to throw that money away.

So, I did not waste any time and ran to see my hairdresser.


She checked my hair, almost as if she was looking at a bug under a microscope.

And when it was over, a time that surely was a few minutes and seemed like an eternity to me, she asked me two questions:

  • How did I dry my hair when I finished washing it?
  • What types of products did I use to take care of my curly hair?


While I answered her questions, I could not help but notice how she would shake her head, disliking everything I said.

 Finally, we began to work and solve the problem that had taken me to the hair salon, that is, the frizz. 

So here are the five tricks to end the frizz.


Cut split ends

due to lack of hydration

The first thing my stylist did, and without charging me, was to get rid of my split ends.


She explained that my hair needed moisture, lots and lots of moisture.

 Because curly hair is eternally thirsty, not only does it need permanent hydration, but it is also harder for it to retain the moisture. Even more so if the curls were obtained by a chemical treatment 


By cutting the ends, which were damaged, it was as if we were turning the tap off so that it would not lose any more moisture.

The first trick is to cut the ends, which is just two or three centimeters. I practically didn’t even notice it.


Use intensive hydration treatments

Once she finished with the ends, she told me that my hair urgently needed to be hydrated. Of course, a treatment in the hair salon would cost me another small fortune, which I did not have.

To be honest, my stylist is an excellent professional, one of those who love their job. Since she was not interested in taking my money, she recommended treatment with canola oil.

Why canola oil?


 Because it is capable of recovering damaged cells inside the hair shaft and is rich in vitamin E. 

I do this treatment once a week no matter what.


  • I apply a generous amount of canola oil from the root to the ends of my dry hair, gently massaging the product on my hair to cover every strand.
  • Once my hair is covered with the oil evenly, I wrap it with a bathing cap so that the heat from the scalp helps the oil be absorbed into the hair.
  • I let it act for about an hour, and then I remove the cap.
  • Then I wash my hair with a shampoo formulated specifically for chemically treated hair and rinse with warm water instead of hot.
  • To finish, I apply a deep conditioner from the root to the tips, leaving it for five to 10 minutes. I rinse my hair and dry it carefully.


Do you use a towel to dry your hair?


Don’t do that!

Let me tell you my third trick.


Use a microfiber towel!

Air dry your hair

Cotton towels have a rough, dry texture that absorbs more moisture from the hair than they should and cause friction, which causes hair breakage and frizz.

Also, they lift the natural hair cuticles, which is definitely not what you are looking for after washing your hair.


Also, they destroy the hair strands and worsen problems such as breakage and split ends.

If you’ve been using cotton towels to dry your permed hair, now is the time to stop.


 A good microfiber towel will absorb excess moisture and leave the rest in your hair, while a regular cotton towel will absorb every last drop of moisture. 

It is very easy to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair and eliminate frizz. Lean over, wrap it around your hair, and hook it on the front, side, or back, depending on the design.


After twenty or thirty minutes, I have dry, curly hair, without the frizz and without running the breakage risk when I wring my hair.


Apply oil on the ends every time you wash your hair

Don’t lose sight of one thing: our battle is to retain moisture in the hair because the more moisture, the less chance of frizz.

So apply one or two drops of coconut or almond oil; if you don’t have any of these, use olive oil on the fingers’ tips and place them on the ends.


Use the right products

To get your curly hair back under control and without frizz, the best thing you can do is invest in good products.

After all, we pay a fortune for a perm to let it just fade away.


For that, you should use products with proteins.

Personally, I use this:

Bio Ionic Super-Hydrator Intensive Moisturizing Reconstructor

Wheat and soy proteins condition the hair in depth, managing to keep frizz away.



Thanks to these cares, after a month, my curly hair again showed off the beauty of the ocean waves that I love so much.

It moves with the wind, gracefully and free of frizz, and it looks absolutely healthy, far from that frizz that had made me so bitter.

Do you want to know one last secret?


I changed my pillowcases for silk ones.

This way, while I sleep, there is no friction on my hair, which, as we saw, causes breakage, which leads to frizz.

Have you gotten a perm and the frizz is threatening to steal your happiness?


Don’t waste any more time and apply these five guaranteed tricks that will keep you far away from frizz.

Do you know any other secret?

Share them with us!

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