Brazilian Blowout Before or After Coloring? Here’s the right way to do it

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  • If you have not yet colored your hair or done the Brazilian Blowout, the best is to get the Brazilian Blowout, wait 15 days and color your hair. I’ll explain below why I recommend this order.
  • Alternatively, if you’ve already colored your hair, wait 15 days to get the Brazilian Blowout.
  • Finally, if you’ve had the Brazilian Blowout, you should also wait 15 days to color your hair.


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Have you noticed anything in common about the alternatives described above, beyond the order of the processes?



All the alternatives refer to 15 days between coloring and a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

And this regardless of the order in which you perform the processes.

 You should always allow 15 days between coloring and Brazilian Blowout. 


If you haven’t yet done any, my advice is to apply Brazilian Blowout first. Why?


I borrow an example from architecture.

When building a house, where does an architect start?

Will he start with the foundations or paint the walls?


Obviously, he’ll start with the foundations, which are the structure of the house.

In the case of Brazilian Blowout, the same is true. This repairing treatment will take care of the structure of your hair. And I’ll tell you more about that below.

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If you’ve not yet colored your hair or had Brazilian Blowout, you should first repair your hair with Brazilian Blowout

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This is a decisive moment for both the health and the color of your hair.

So, the first thing you should do is apply the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Why?


  • Brazilian Blowout will repair your hair by restoring shine, elasticity, and softness. Therefore, your hair will be frizz-free, and the color will look much better.
  • Also, like any keratin treatment, Brazilian Blowout seals in heat. When that happens, it can lighten your hair color up to two levels.


The Brazilian Blowout treatment restructures your hair, closes the cuticles, and provides vitamins and nutrients. That’s why it’s so effective at eliminating frizz.

It’s probably been a long time since you’ve deeply nourished your hair. And when that happens, the cuticles break, leave the hair fiber exposed, and it gets dull and lifeless.


 Brazilian Blowout is a type of keratin treatment that gives excellent results repairing the hair and leaving it silky, shiny, and docile. 

So, what good would it be to apply a new color if your hair isn’t healthy?


Also, when you apply the Brazilian Blowout treatment in the salon, your stylists use the blow dryer. Then, they seal the cuticles with a flat iron.

The flat iron must be hot to seal the cuticles. And that high temperature causes the color to evaporate.


Instead, if you color your hair and then apply the Brazilian Blowout, you’ll get much lighter hair.

And that can be a problem depending on your hair color.


If you dyed your hair blonde, the difference will hardly be noticeable.

But if you dyed your hair brown 4, for example, some orange or reddish highlights can appear. They’ll probably make your hair color look dull.


So, if you’re planning a change of look, you should do it as follows:

  • Day 1: Brazilian Blowout application
  • Day 15: hair dye application


If you’ve already colored your hair, you must wait 15 days to apply Brazilian Blowout

toner and developer mix

In this case, Brazilian Blowout will also be the icing on the cake of your coloring process. It’ll both restore the shine to the color and eliminate frizz.


Here, number 15 takes center stage again.  You must wait at least 15 days to apply Brazilian Blowout to your colored hair. 

Also, remember this about permanent hair dyes.


The pigments take up to 15 days to settle in.

So, only fifteen days after coloring your hair, you’ll be able to see the final color. In other words, your hair continues to absorb the dye pigments for fifteen days.


 Therefore, if you apply Brazilian Blowout less than fifteen days after coloring, you run the risk of lightening your hair up to three shades. 

Also, your color will be uneven.


You’ll be throwing away your final color. Some strands may turn the color of the hair dye and others will be faded.

If you applied a semi-permanent hair dye, the Brazilian Blowout may fade the color. In this case, the pigments are deposited on the outside layer of the hair. So, they’re easier to remove.

Therefore, if you’ve already colored your hair, I recommend waiting 15 days to apply the Brazilian Blowout treatment.


If you’ve already applied Brazilian Blowout to your hair, you should wait 15 days to color it

hairdresser applied a dye too dark

Again, number 15 appears between the coloring and Brazilian Blowout processes. Did you know that the Moon needs fifteen days to reach its fullest phase?


And the Moon is related to hair processes. So, take a cue from it.

If you’ve applied Brazilian Blowout to your hair, you’ll notice it repaired and nourished. And you want it to look and feel that way for a long time.


That’s why you should wait to color it with a permanent hair dye. Those hair dyes contain chemicals that can remove some of the Brazilian Blowout treatment.

 So, if you color your hair before 15 days, I assure you that the frizz and dryness will return quickly. 


However, if you’re thinking of applying a semi-permanent hair dye, the story changes quite a bit. In that case, you can color your hair one week after applying Brazilian Blowout.

The reason is quite simple: semi-permanent hair dyes don’t contain peroxide. So, they don’t remove the keratin treatment.



When in doubt about how much time to allow between the coloring and the Brazilian Blowout, think of the number fifteen.  

In other words, you should always wait fifteen days between the two processes, regardless of the order in which you want to do them.

And if you have not yet colored your hair or applied Brazilian Blowout, my advice as a professional stylist is to repair your hair with Brazilian Blowout first. Then, color your hair fifteen days later.

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