Can you use dry shampoo as hairspray? No, they work differently

Girl combs her hair and applies spray

  • Don’t use dry shampoo as a hairspray because they are different products with different purposes for your hair.
  • Dry shampoo absorbs oil from the hair.
  • The hair spray is used to fix hairstyles.
  • So, you should use one or the other according to your goal. Don’t use dry shampoo as a spray because the result won’t be as expected.


That’s not all:

  • Maybe you doubt the purpose of dry shampoo because it’s not such a popular product. Also, its packaging is very similar to the hair spray, which can cause confusion.
  • At the same time, hair spray is used in hairdressing salons to fix hairstyles, and you may have little information about other uses for it.
  • Therefore, I’ll tell you more about dry shampoo, and hairspray, and what you can use them for.


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If you prefer to find out what it is, what it’s for, and how to use the spray, click here


Hi! If you’re about to use dry shampoo as a hair spray, stop right there! Don’t do it!


As I said before, hair spray and dry shampoo have different formulations and textures. They were designed to solve different problems.

So, if you don’t know what these products are for,   I’ll tell you everything you need to know about dry shampoo and hairspray so you can get the most out of their benefits. .


What’s dry shampoo?

batiste dry shampoo

It’s packaging may generate confusion. Although it says “shampoo” on its label, it’s not a regular shampoo.   Dry shampoo doesn’t clean the scalp.

  So, what is this product that looks like a spray, but isn’t a spray? It also claims to be shampoo but isn’t.


Yes, it’s a tongue twister.

  Dry shampoo absorbs the oiliness of the roots without having to wash your hair.   You don’t need to get into the shower. At the same time, dry shampoo gives body, volume, and texture to the hair.


Yes, dry shampoo is amazing. But it’s not for all purposes.

It should be used in emergencies, not for daily use. It isn’t a replacement for traditional shampoo because it could dry out the scalp and clog the follicles. Therefore, dry shampoo can cause hair loss.

However, it’s a good tool if you know how to properly use it. Dry shampooing is not bad, but what isn’t healthy for your hair is using dry shampoo and not washing it afterward.


  My advice is to use dry shampoo if you’re in a hurry, but don’t make it part of your daily routine.  

And if you have a dry scalp, don’t use it! Nevertheless, here are some tips to use it properly.


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How to use dry shampoo? 5 tips to apply it like a professional

  • Before applying the dry shampoo , divide your hair into thin layers for the product to penetrate evenly.


  • Take distance: spray the product from about 30 centimeters away and only at the roots. If you apply it closer to the hair or on the ends, it’ll leave your hair dry and dull.


  • Be patient and wait for the product to work: dry shampoo takes a few minutes to absorb the oil.

Therefore, before applying it, keep in mind   the time you’ll need to let it act: approximately 10 minutes.   Then, massage or brush your hair to remove the excess product.


  • Apply dry shampoo at night: This is a useful trick if you haven’t been able to wash your hair at night and you have an important commitment in the morning the next day.
  If you apply dry shampoo the night before, your hair will wake up looking spectacular.   And if there are areas where it doesn’t look so nice, you can apply a little more product.


  • Don’t abuse dry shampoo: As I said at the beginning, dry shampoo can dry out your hair. And if you don’t wash it, it can build up, clog your follicles, and threaten your hair health.


What’s hair spray? Don’t confuse it with dry shampoo

Professional hairstylist applying hairspray to her female client

You already know not to use dry shampoo as a spray. But what’s hairspray?


The spray, which you may also know as hairspray or lacquer,   is a product that holds a hairstyle in place.  

Hairspray helps keep your style in place and intact for hours.


But it has other uses:

  • Give volume: If you have fine or flat hair, hairspray can be an ally to gain volume. To use it tilt your head forward and spray all over your dry hair.

To finish, massage gently to distribute the product.


  • Controlling new hair: New hair on the sides is often a headache.

A good trick is to spray on a small brush (it can be a toothbrush) and run it through those pesky hairs to style them.


  • Control frizz: Frizz tends to ruin many hairstyles, so finishing with a bit of hairspray can be a great solution.


As you can see, hairspray is also amazing, but just like dry shampoo, you shouldn’t use it every day as it can dry out your hair and scalp.

Therefore,   if you use hairspray, wash it the day after.   Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the spray label.


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¿How to use hairspray? It’s simple! Write down these 3 tips

prevent the perm from curling

  You should have a clear objective to use hairspray.   Do you want to fix, give more volume, control hair, or lower frizz? There’s always a way to use it that’s just right. Check out these 3 tips:

  • Before use, shake the spray bottle for a few seconds.


  • Then, apply the spray to the hair. To do this, hold the bottle vertically 30 centimeters from your hair.

If you hold it closer, your hair will be wet instead of sprayed.


  • If you want your hairstyle to be even more fixed, you can repeat the process.

Remember that both dry shampoo and hairspray dry out the hair, so don’t forget to moisturize it after washing.


Conclusion: Dry shampoo doesn’t work as a hairspray because they have different functions

In this article,   we have seen that dry shampoo and spray are two different products with different uses. Therefore, I don’t recommend you use the dry shampoo as a spray   or the spray as a dry shampoo because the results will be quite undesirable.


You should choose one or the other according to your goals, but don’t confuse the two. You’re already an expert. Use them to look amazing every day!

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