How to Get Curls at the Ends of Your Hair with a Perm

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Have you ever thought of getting a perm just on the ends on your hair?

I have, and it all started with an epidemic.


But let me start at the beginning.

 Have you ever sat there looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking “I’m missing something,” but you’re not really sure what it is?  


That happened to me a lot until three months ago.

Everything started with an epidemic among my best friends, the fantastic five.


Unfortunately, like a bacteria that gets into everything, my friends were dropping like flies one-by-one.

Don’t be afraid. It wasn’t an Ebola or Yellow Fever epidemic. It was a style change epidemic.


  • Alejandra and Liliana decided to change their hair color. But they didn’t just decide to lighten their brown hair a few shades.
  • They decided to go for complete and total change. Alejandra went to having lavender hair and Liliana light blue hair.
  • Then it was Mariana’s turn: she had shoulder length hair and decided that she wanted to have longer hair. Her solution? She added extensions that brought it almost down to her waist.
  • Laura’s change was the most classic, she did a keratin treatment to get perfect straight hair.


And that’s how I started to show the first symptoms of the epidemic sitting there in front of the mirror.

 I looked and looked and look at myself, trying to imagine myself with different styles. The change-of-style bug bit me too! 


But I couldn’t bring myself to do a dramatic color change. The extensions looked a little fake to me, sorry Mariana.

And my hair was already straight. So straight it had even gotten to be kind of limp.


One day while I was on the train heading to work, I saw another passenger’s hair.

And there was the answer to my troubles!


 Her hair was straight at the roots until the middle where it started to change into fun little curls that gave her hair movement and life. 

That’s what I wanted! That day I forced myself to focus at work, but when I got home, I went right to my computer and started to investigate.


I could use a curler to get those curls, but that is too much work and anyway, it isn’t a permanent solution.

Did I say permanent?


That’s it! A perm? But what came to mind when I thought of a perm were little corkscrew curls and that wasn’t what I was looking for.

But, as I started my investigation, I found out that it’s possible to get a perm just on the ends of my hair.

And there was my solution!


I’d only get the perm done to the ends. But, getting a perm is a very complicated process. You have to choose the right rod size and your hair has potent chemicals applied to it.

So, I got an appointment at a salon that my one of my cousins recommended me.

Do you want to know how I got my perm just on the ends of my hair? Then don’t move from your seat.


Because, I’m going to tell you:

  • What kind of hair is best for a perm only on the ends of your hair.
  • Step-by-step how the perm is applied to the ends.


And, can you imagine how my friends reacted to my style change?

Keep reading and you’ll find out.


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What kind of hair is best for a perm on the ends?

coppery color

On the day of my appointment, I found some pictures in a few magazines that I had at home where I could see the kind of perm that I was hoping to get.

And there I went, with my pictures and my heart beating faster than a bride’s heart on her wedding day.


The stylist, a specialist in perms, was already waiting for me. She asked for the photos and after taking a good, hard look at them, she started to examine my hair.

 And finally she gave me the good news: my hair was perfect for getting a perm.  

Do you want to know what she told me?


  • Getting a perm only on the ends lets both the middle and ends get more volume and a lot more movement.
  • It’s recommended for short hair or mid-length hair that falls up to four inches past your shoulders.
  • She doesn’t recommend it for long hair because the hair’s weight makes the curls go away quickly, therefore the perm lasts much less time.
  • It’s also not recommended for very thick hair for the same reason.

Is your hair thin and that’s why you want to get some more volume on the ends?


You’ll be able to get a perm on the ends perfectly. There’s just one condition: your hair must be healthy.

Because we shouldn’t forget that the perm changes your hair’s structure, thanks to the chemicals that it uses.


 And even if the stylist is really good and their products are of high quality, your hair will always weakened and more fragile. 

That’s why, if you’ve gotten it dyed or gotten any other chemical treatment on your hair, like a straight perm, for example, it’s not a good idea to get a perm on the ends.


How is a perm on the ends done step-by-step

type of curlers

  • The first thing that my stylist did was wash my hair with a special shampoo to make sure that there weren’t any other hair products left on it.


  • Once she detangled it and combed it, she divided my hair into various parts, and started putting in the rods, which, as I understood it, were medium-sized.

The size of the rod was very important because I didn’t want a tight curl at the end, but rather a soft wave.


Of course, she didn’t put any rods in the part of my hair from the roots to the middle, just from the middle to the ends.

Because in these kinds of perms, only the parts that you want to curl should have the rods, namely from the middle to the ends.


What I saw while she was curling is that she slipped each of my locks through the middle of the rod, and then put it into place perpendicular to my scalp.

She explained that she did this to help the rod stay in better and so it wouldn’t leave a mark on my hair from the rubber piece.


  • The rest of the steps were the same as any kind of perm: you apply the perm solution, which changes the internal structure of your hair, you rinse it and then you apply the neutralizer, which is what makes the curls’ shape stay.

After almost three hours, the stylist was ready for me to see myself in the mirror finally for the first time.

Do you remember when I said that I always looked in the mirror and felt like I was missing something?


 When I looked at myself for the first time in the mirror in the hair salon, I realized that this was the “thing” I was missing: LIFE. 

My hair was missing life.


But that was already a thing of the past because the ends of my hair now has life, movement, volume and even bounce.

And my features had another dimension to them.

It was like my green eyes stood out better and my face’s angles, which were very noticeable before, had become softer.


Conclusion and How to Take Care of Your Perm

and highlights

Before I left, the stylist gave me a few recommendations: I shouldn’t should wash my hair at all during the first 48 hours, then I should use shampoos with no sulfates and say goodbye to the hair drier.

Do you want to know how my friends reacted to my new look?


They wouldn’t stop taking pictures of me to put on social media!

And they couldn’t believe how much the perm helped me.

To celebrate, the fantastic five went out; we beat the style change epidemic with damn good results.


And now you know which cases are the best for curls or waves at the end part of your hair.

Do you still have any questions about getting a perm?


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