Hair Botox Aftercare: when and with what shampoo to wash your hair?

when to wash the hair

Do you know how to care for your hair when you’ve recently done a hair botox?


Well, glue your eyes to the screen, whether it’s your computer or your phone because it´s super, super important that you know really well how to care for it.

And I tell you because I know.


 Because the first time I did hair botox, the next day I washed my hair with the shampoo I had in my house, and five days later, my hair looked terrible.  

I had done the botox to make my hair look straighter, and what looked at me in the mirror was hair with terrible waves.

I also wanted to get it, so my hair didn´t look as if I had recently stuck my fingers in an electrical socket, and the evil frizz had returned with no compassion.


I swear that I remembered all of the relatives of the hairstylist that had done the hair botox treatment.

I even called her to complain, and after the poor thing put up with twenty minutes of my uncontrolled yelling, I understood that it was completely my fault.

Because I hadn´t followed her instructions to the “t” when I left the salon.

And it was true. Suddenly, all of her recommendations came rushing back to me, which I had forgotten as soon as I left the salon.


What’s more, one of the first things that she had asked me was not to wash my hair for at least three days.

Do you want to know how to care for your hair after doing a botox hair treatment?


Then keep reading and learn.

Or don’t do it and ruin your botox in the blink of an eye.

If you decide to keep reading, you will learn:

  • Why you should wait three days before washing your hair with a hair botox
  • What type of shampoo to use if you have done a botox
  • 6 tricks so that your botoxed hair looks beautiful and attractive for longer


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How long should you wait to wash your hair after doing hair botox


The most probable is that you think that everything ended when you left the salon after your botox treatment.

But the truth is that hair botox is a treatment that contains a mixture of proteins, amino acids, collagen, vitamins, and antioxidants used to revive damaged, lifeless, very frizzy hair.


The product has the capacity to penetrate the cuticle to restore keratin lost and provide your hair with all the nutrients that were lost due to using heat tools, dyes, and normal aging.


Although the botox treatments for hair make your hair straighter, the most important thing is that it is a truly restorative treatment.

That’s why I was so happy. My hair didn’t look dry nor damaged, and it wasn’t frizzy.

All of this went to hell when I washed my hair the day after doing the treatment.

I should have avoided water for 3 days.



 I repeat: you can’t wash your hair nor wet it for at least three days. Also, if possible, avoid doing intense physical exercise so the excessive sweat doesn’t damage the effects of the treatment. 


Do you want to know why you should avoid contact with water for three days?

Water eliminates the hair botox proteins when it is malleable, which can leave unpleasant marks in your hair.

Not washing your hair for three days seems horrible, but remember that you paid a small fortune for the treatment.


On average, the botox treatment effects last up to six months, and that will always vary according to the products you use and when you wash your hair.

To preserve the effects as long as possible, you should evaluate your hair care regimen and stay away from products full of chemicals.

Do you want to know what washing products to use so that the botox’s effects last longer?

I’ll tell you.


If you don’t want to ruin your botox, use this shampoo

wash hair with botox

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We saw that the more you wait to wash your hair, the more you allow the product to be absorbed in your hair.

Don’t even think about using a shampoo that you usually use, and much less one that you got on sale at the supermarket.


 You should choose a pH balanced shampoo, approximately 5.5, which will help you keep the cuticles closed, and free of strong sulfates. Sulfates eliminate the keratin from your hair.  


Look over the shampoo’s label and be sure that the product is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium Laureth sulfate, and sodium chloride.

Let’s talk about the conditioner. If possible, look for a product that contains natural seed oils, hydrolyzed proteins, and plant extracts in its formula.


6 tricks so that your hair with botox looks beautiful and attractive for longer

  • The effects of the hair botox will fade faster if you wash your hair more often. To preserve the results, avoid washing your hair every day.
  • I recommend that you apply a deep hydration mask once a week to give your hair an extra nudge of moisture and restore its strength and smoothness.
  • Try to find a mask containing hydrolyzed keratin, argan oil, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to repair the damaged hair and help revitalize your hair.
  • If possible, avoid using the hairdryer and the flat iron excessively, and if you do use them, apply a heat protector to your hair.
  • Do you color your hair? When possible, I recommend that first you color your hair, and after, you do the botox hair treatment. If you dye your hair with permanent dyes, the color chemicals will alter the cuticle and lessen the effects of your botox treatment.
  • Exposing your hair to saltwater and chlorine can shorten the life of the botox. If you practice swimming, apply a swim cap, always rinse your hair with water from the tap immediately after swimming in the sea and in the pool.

Do you want to know when the last time I applied a botox treatment to my hair was?


Exactly four months ago, and my hair looks fabulous.


 And that was a work of art because I respected the rules the stylist gave me to the “t”. 


I didn’t wait three days to wash my hair after applying it, I waited five days!

I noticed a small itch, but it was worth it because my hair looked incredible after four months.


And of course, I learned to read the labels on the shampoo and conditioner bottles to choose the best adapted to the needs of my botoxed hair.


If you are about to do a botox treatment, you now know everything you need to do to make it last longer in your hair.

Do you still have doubts?

Do you have doubts about what shampoo to use in your hair after doing the botox?


I would love to help you get rid of those doubts.

Leave me a comment below, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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