After how many days can I use oil after a keratin treatment?

keratin treated hair

  • You had a keratin treatment and want to use your favorite oil. Then, the time you should wait to apply it will depend on the oil type you want. Some are very greasy and could ruin your keratin treatment.
  • To use anti-frizz oils, you should wait for 7 days after the keratin treatment.
  • To use jojoba or rosemary oils, you should wait for 10 days after the keratin treatment.
  • Finally, to use argan, almond, coconut, and olive oils, you should wait 15 days after the keratin treatment.


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I don’t know what oil type you use nor the quantity or the reason.

 So, I’ll tell you what types of oils you should use, the right amount, and how many days you should wait to use them after a keratin treatment. 

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The first week after keratin, you should NOT use any oil on your hair

heat activates keratin

Keratin treatments aim to tame the hair, control volume and frizz.

Although it usually leaves the hair very beautiful, it’s not magic. In some cases, it’s necessary to use other products such as oil.


 To avoid ruining the keratin treatment, don’t use oil for any purpose for the first 7 days after your keratin treatment. 

That’s how long the hair needs to finish processing the treatment.


In fact, in my salon, we work with a professional keratin treatment (without formaldehyde, of course) We always advise all our clients not to apply any leave-in product or oil during the first week.

Still, that’s not all.


 If possible, you should blow-dry your hair every time you wash it. The aim is to extend the duration of the treatment. 


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There’s no difference if the keratin was applied by a professional or if you applied it at home.

 As it is a thermo active treatment, it finishes settling in that full week. For this reason, you need to avoid applying oil for that entire week. 

Remember that you shouldn’t overuse oils to take care of the keratin treatment.


How much oil should I use after the keratin treatment? Just a few drops to reduce frizz

olive oil

If you use oil or serum to finish taming your hair after the keratin, there’s no problem. A few drops of this product are harmless and don’t interfere with the effect of the keratin treatment.


If you need to reduce the frizz, you can apply a few drops of the oil you use for that purpose.

Keep in mind, however, that you can only use the oil 7 days after your keratin treatment.


Do you use greasy oils to nourish your hair?

If you usually use other nourishing oils for your hair, such as coconut, argan, or almond oil, I advise you to use them carefully and only 15 days after the keratin treatment.


Although oil is an essential beauty product, it should be used in small quantities not to interfere with the keratin treatment.

I forbid you to use it every day. Above all, I beg you not to get oil all over your head.


Edible oils

Many women are inclined to the new trend of using edible oils. If this is your case, I advise you the same as before: less is more.


You can use oil once a week and 15 days after the keratin treatment. However, always use small amounts.


Oil types and how to use them after keratin

  • Anti-frizz oils

You can apply a few drops 7 days after the keratin treatment. This oil can be used daily.


  • Argan oil

Fifteen days after keratin, put a few drops in the palm of your hand and rub them to heat the product.

Then, apply the oil to the lengths and mid-lengths of your hair. Finally, massage it into your scalp.

 This is the correct way to apply the oil and avoid saturating the hair and ruining the keratin treatment. 

This procedure can be done once a week. Wash the hair the next day.


Another useful way to use this oil is by adding a few drops to the shampoo or conditioner.


  • Almond oil/coconut oil

This oil can be used 15 days after the keratin treatment.

Almond oil and coconut oil can be used for many different purposes.

 For this reason, its application on the hair should be moderate to avoid ruining the keratin.  It can be used in minimum quantities every 10 days.


  • Olive oil

This edible oil is full of properties. Fifteen days after the keratin treatment, you can apply a few drops of olive oil once a week and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then, you should rinse it out.


  • Jojoba oil

This oil is ideal for oily hair because it nourishes it and doesn’t weigh it down.

It can be used 10 days after the keratin treatment. You should apply it just like argan oil: on the lengths, mid-lengths, and then on the scalp.


  • Rosemary oil

This oil is used for hair loss. It also moisturizes and gives shine. Use it in the same way as jojoba oil: ten days after the keratin treatment.


Use the oil sparingly after the keratin treatment

In this article, I told you how long after the keratin treatment you should start using oil on your hair.

We have seen the different oils that nourish, give shine, and eliminate frizz. As you’ve seen, my advice is to wait from 7 to 15 days before applying them.

Remember to use a small number of greasy oils. This way, you’ll avoid ruining the keratin treatment that improved your hair so much.


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