Keratin didn’t straighten my hair; What do I do? Is there a solution?

keratin went wrong

Did you do a keratin treatment and your hair is not as straight as you wanted?


Don’t worry.

There is a solution.

I know, because the same thing happened to me that happened to you.


I was excited because it was the first time that I had done keratin.

I wanted my hair to be completely straight, shiny and without frizz.


 After years and years of fighting with a brush every morning to fix my curls, I was ready for the big step. 

To straighten my hair with keratin and start to enjoy my hair.

Do you want to know if I got it?


Not at all.

 Not only did my hair not end up straight, but it ended up with more frizz than before.  

The curls were still there, but now instead of curls, they were limp chunks that were neither fish nor fowl.

The frizz hadn’t gone away and it stayed in my hair like a reminder of an enemy that you have difficulty beating.


I kept getting up an hour and a half before getting to work with impeccable hair.

What happened? Why didn’t the keratin straighten my hair?

Why did it work for everyone else and it didn’t work in my hair?


Hundreds of videos in YouTube showed that the keratin was an incredible solution to dominate frizz.

I could see hundreds of transformations on Instagram that showed the before and after of incredible wavy hair and with the frizz on some people’s hair being completely straight.


Once my bad modo had passed for not being able to straighten my hair, I had to make a decision.

I had 2 options.

  • The first was to do the keratin treatment again right away.
  • The second was to wait a little bit and do the keratin treatment again.


If you’re here then I suppose that the same thing happened to you that happened to me.

The keratin didn’t straighten your hair.

And now you have the same doubts that I had a few weeks ago.

Which of the two options above would you choose?


If you chose the first option, let me tell you that you are very wrong.

 Applying the keratin again on the same day is very dangerous for the health of your hair.  

I’m sure you don’t want to end up ruining your hair.


First and foremost, if the keratin didn’t straighten your hair, the best thing you can do is wait 30 days to apply the treatment again.

 Please don’t even think about applying the keratin right now, because your hair could end up very weak.  


When the moment comes to apply the keratin again, you will pay more attention to not make the same mistakes that made the last treatment fail.


That’s why today I will tell you:

  • Why the keratin didn’t straighten your hair: 3 possible reasons
  • How to fix your hair to apply the keratin again
  • How to stretch out the effects of the keratin so that your hair looks sensational for longer


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Why didn’t the keratin straighten your hair: 3 possible reasons

Keratin did not straighten hair well

I decided to consult a professional.

One of my best friends recommended that I visit her life-long stylist.


After examining my hair carefully, she asked me how I had applied the keratin.

 And what we discovered while we chatted is that the product didn’t fail, but the person that applied it. Meaning, me.  



  • Because I hadn’t had the patience to straighten my hair fifteen times on each piece of my hair.

I think that maximum I used the flat iron was five times on each piece.

And this is a fundamental step. It’s the difference between good and bad results.

The heat of the flat iron seals the keratin in the cuticles to prevent frizz.


My damned impatience!

But as we continued talking, we found some mistakes that I made during the application.


  • After doing the treatment, I continued using the same hair care products.

Meaning, the same shampoo that I used before, when in reality, I should have used a sulfate-free shampoo.

After forty minutes, I knew that I was the only person at fault for the keratin not leaving my hair straight.


  • She also explained that the keratin doesn’t always work the same way on all types of hair. And that I should always pay attention to the expiration date of the product.

But in reality, the only thing that I wanted to hear come out of the mouth of the hair stylist was that she was going to immediately start another keratin treatment so that it would be straight.

And that’s where the horror movie continued.

Because the stylist couldn’t do anything. At least not in that moment.

So, you may be asking yourself what the stylist proposed.


Redo the keratin in a month.

But in the meanwhile, during that month, I should follow a few of her instructions, which I will tell you.

But first, I want to make something clear. I repeat.


If when you do a keratin treatment, for whatever reason, the hair doesn’t end up straight, you should wait a month before applying the keratin again.

And now, I want to tell you another important thing.


How to fix your hair to apply the keratin again

moisturize hair damaged with keratin

The stylist made me promise to respect her instructions to the “t”.

Not just because she was afraid the keratin wouldn’t work on the second application. But more because she was thinking about the health of my hair.


 She forbade me, I repeat, forbade me to use the flat iron so that my hair would be as healthy as possible at the moment of reapplying the keratin.  

After, she asked me deeply hydrate my hair once a week.


She said I could do so using extra-virgin olive oil or argan oil.

Since what I had in my house was olive oil, I used it once a week, especially covering the ends.


The olive oil helped nourish my hair, providing and retaining moisture, vitamins and antioxidants. These strengthen the hair, repairing the damages and at the same time, reducing frizz.

After fifteen days, my hair obviously wasn’t straighter, but at least it had less frizz and it was much easier to detangle.


 Another trick she showed me was that I dry my hair with cold hair from the hair dryer.   And after, to take small sections of hair and wrap them around my hair, holding them there with clips.

The next morning, My hair was much straighter and silkier.


She also suggested that I use a microfiber towel to softly squeeze out the ends of my hair and dry them.

A month later, not a day before or after, I was doing the keratin treatment again.


 But two things had changed: the location, I wasn’t in my house but in a salon. And who was doing it. I wouldn’t be me, but a professional.  

The results were astounding.


My hair ended up completely straight, without frizz, healthy and shiny.

And the most important, a month after, it still looked like that.

Because you shouldn’t do the keratin and then forget about it.

My stylist gave me some secrets to prolong the effect of the straightening.


How to stretch out the effects of the keratin so that your hair looks sensational for longer

  • Use a soft shampoo, preferably one without salt. This helps you keep the cuticle of the hair closed.

It is also important to read the labels on the containers to choose a shampoo that has an acid pH, between 4.5 and 5.5. Shampoos with a higher pH open the cuticles, so the keratin dilutes faster.


  • Reduce the frequency of washing your hair because the keratin disappears gradually with each washing.

If you feel that you can’t put up with two or three days without washing your hair, you can always use a dry shampoo like Batiste.


Now you know how I got my hair straight, even after my first attempt with keratin didn’t go all that well.

Tell me, have you ever experienced the keratin not straightening your hair?

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