7 Disadvantages of Oiling Your Hair Daily you should know

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Using oil on your hair every day has 7 disadvantages:

  • Disadvantage 1: your hair will be excessively greasy and could lead to dandruff or other infections.
  • Disadvantage 2: your hair may start to fall out from the roots due to excess fatty acids.
  • Disadvantage 3: washing your hair will take long, and you’ll use more shampoo to remove the oil.
  • Disadvantage 4: your hair will start to dry out on the lengths and ends.
  • Disadvantage 5: dirt will adhere more easily to your hair.
  • Disadvantage 6: your hair will smell very bad.
  • Disadvantage 7: you’ll stain your clothes, sheets, and everything that touches your hair.


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 Oiling your hair daily makes no sense. 


Like any hair product, you have to use it with the right frequency. For example, light oils are used more frequently than heavy oils.

  • Argan, flax, sesame, and coconut oil are used up to  three times per week. 
  • Avocado and almond oil are used up to  twice a week. 
  • Castor oil is used  once a month  because it could damage your hair if you use it more often.


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No hairdresser or dermatologist will recommend you apply any kind of oil every day to your hair. Oil could damage your hair if you used it so frequently.

Want to know the disadvantages of oiling your hair daily?

Let’s get started.


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Disadvantage 1: excess oiliness in the hair will lead to dandruff and scalp infections

You probably already know that the scalp generates sebum to moisturize the roots.

However excess sebum, should be controlled with a special shampoo because it could cause irritation, inflammation, flaking, and infections such as dandruff.

Why do these symptoms appear?


Because excess oil can clog your scalp pores. So,   oiling your hair everyday could clog your scalp pores. 


Your hair can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients per week. If you apply the oil every day to your hair, you won’t give it time to assimilate all the nutrients. Then, the pores will become clogged, and  cause irritation and dandruff. 


Disadvantage 2: If you apply oil to your hair every day, your hair will weaken and fall out

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It’s quite the opposite of what you’re actually looking for when you apply oil to your hair, which is most likely to strengthen and nourish it.

If you accumulate too much oil at the roots, you may start to experience hair loss because the hair follicles will be over-hydrated. Therefore,  your hair will fall out from the roots. 



We need to talk about something we, hairdressers, call hair resistance.

Did you know that your hair has two types of resistance?

  •  Breakage resistance,  which happens when hair breaks as a result of a knot.

When the hair is healthy, the resistance is greater and you don’t experience breakage during styling.

  •  Scalp strength  which is the force that your hair can withstand from the root when you pull to style or braid it.


If your scalp is over hydrated or damaged, this resistance disappears and you could start losing hair from the root.

So, if you apply oil every day to your hair, I can assure you that in less than a month it’ll fall out in clumps.

Disadvantage 3: If you apply oil to your hair every day, your hair washing routine will be hell

Close your eyes and imagine this situation.

  • Monday: apply the oil to your hair.
  • Tuesday: apply the oil to your hair.
  • Wednesday: even though your hair is greasy, you apply the oil.
  • Thursday: even though your hair is greasy and doesn’t smell good, you also apply the oil.
  • Friday: you can’t stand the flies around your hair anymore and decide to wash it. But if it washing your hair usually takes ten minutes, it’ll take at least an hour now that you have to remove the excess oil and dirt. You’ll also use a lot of shampoo.


Do you have time and money to spare?

Then, don’t apply oil every day to your hair.


Disadvantage 4: if you apply oil every day to your hair, you’ll dry it out

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When oil clogs the scalp pores, the lengths and ends begin to dry out, because nutrients and vitamins don’t circulate normally.

So, if you were looking to moisturize your hair by applying oil every day, you’ll get the opposite effect, which is dry and brittle hair.


Disadvantage 5: if you apply oil every day to your hair, environmental dust will adhere more easily

Even if you don’t notice it with the naked eye, dust, air pollution, and all airborne particles stick to your hair.

However, oil works like a magnet to attract even the tiniest particle of dirt.

And  this buildup of oil, grease, and dirt can lead to scalp infections that you’ll need to treat with prescription medication. 


Desventaja 6: si aplicas aceite todos los días en tu pelo, tendrá muy mal olorDisadvantage 6: if you apply oil every day to your hair, it’ll smell very badly

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And if we talk about excess dirt, we’re also talking about bad small. Also, the smell generated by an excess of oil on the scalp is very persistent, even if you use scented oils such as coconut or argan oil.


Disadvantage 7: if you use oil on your hair every day, you’ll stain your clothes and sheets

It’s not easy to remove oil stains. Many women touch their hair often. Excess oil in those cases will mean staining your cell phone, purse, makeup, and clothes.

You should also think about completely renewing your pillowcases because the stains will be impossible to remove.



Applying oil every day to your hair has no advantages. It could be very harmful to your hair health.

The oil is applied as a mask up to three times a week for twenty minutes. You can also use it to nourish your hair once a week overnight.

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