What are the best hair rollers to sleep in? The classic ones or flexi rods?


Have you ever woken up with terrible neck pain and a pounding headache like you’d slept on a bed of rocks instead of a soft mattress?


I have for the past 15 days. In the beginning, I thought it was my pillow’s fault.

But, afterward, I realized that I only had these pains when I’d been sleeping with hair rollers in.

That was the problem! I’d bought the wrong rollers!


  • That’s why, if you want to curl your hair while you sleep, your best option is to use flexi rods, and throw out those classic ones.
  • Because flexi rods simply don’t interrupt your sleep, they’re very comfortable, they don’t come out during the night and they’re easy to take out the next morning.
  • Plus, you save a lot of time doing your hair in the morning.


I do, at least – before I had to wake up 40 minutes early, just to curl my hair.

That’s why I decided to try using hair rollers at night.


Sleeping with rollers in isn’t exactly a current trend.

 Our lovely grandmothers already used this almost magical method of curling their hair at night while they dreamed of their husbands giving them a little more freedom. 


Today, we can curl our hair while we dream of everything else we long for.

But, believe me, choosing the right hair roller to use at night is key.


My first choice was the classic ones. Yep, those same ones that our moms or grandmas used.

Have you ever seen how vampires sleep in famous Hollywood movies?


That’s exactly how I slept like I was Dracula’s daughter. Firm, immobile, like I was hoping that nothing would interrupt my sleep. But, of course, my actual sleep wasn’t exactly how it seemed.

Plus, besides waking up with those aches and pains all over, I didn’t get any shuteye because I was so afraid of the rollers coming out.


That happened me to pretty often. And that’s the next problem: the curls didn’t form on some parts of my head because some tricky little curls did escape from me in the night.

I should have stopped my torture there. But, I wasn’t ready to give up curling my hair nor did I want to wake up an hour earlier to do it.

What other choice did I have?


I decided to do some market research and I magically stumbled upon the solution.

Flexi rods!


 The idea behind flexi rods is that you put them in before you go to bed, you sleep with them in and you wake up with a head full of curls, that is, with full and voluminous hair. 

They would also be great for people that have soft curls and want to get a more defined set of curls.


In theory, that sounded all fine and dandy, but did they pass the test?

In saying that, I mean, did they stay in all night long and not leave me with a ton of aches and pains in my neck?


I needed to try them, so I went ahead and bought them.

The results were… A-MAZE-ING.


I woke up with no headache the next day and the curls were well defined.

But, it’s important to put them correctly.


So, if you want to curl your hair while you sleep, keep on reading, because I’ll tell you about:

  • How to put in the flexi rods before you sleep
  • 2 different ways of rolling the flexi rods


Ready to wake up with the prettiest curls in the world?


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How to sleep with rollers in and not wake up with a neck ache

before going to bedh

Like I said before, sleeping with rollers can save you time in the morning because you won’t have to use a curler. Plus, you won’t be exposing your hair to a heat tool.

But, it’s important to place them correctly so you’re able to sleep and the curls end up with shape you were looking for.


  • Before putting the rollers in, you should wash your hair and dry it with a towel.

If your hair is already clean and dry, you can just wet your hair.

I’d also suggest that you use a leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair and to avoid frizz when you take the rollers out in the morning.


  • I have hair that’s at least 4 inches past my shoulders and I use about 10-12 rods.

I always part my hair into 6 main sections and then divide them into two or three parts.


You should always start rolling at the end of your hair and roll clockwise until you reach your roots.

Then, just bend each end of the rods to put it into place before continuing with the other sections.


  • Are you very impatient? Well, leave your impatience aside or drink a chamomile tea.

Why do I say that?


 Because it’s very important that the sections you divide your hair into aren’t too big.  

Remember, a jack of all trades is a master of none. If you split your hair into sections that are too big, they won’t stay around the rod and thus your hair won’t curl correctly.


  • Once I’ve finished rolling all of the sections, I’m ready to go to bed. That’s it. I’d also recommend putting your hair into a plastic cap to seal in the moisture.


How to take out the rods without ruining the curls

  • When I wake up, I’m ready to take out the rods right away. Always make sure that your hair is completely dry.

Wanna know why?


 Because if you don’t wait until it’s completely dry, the curl will lose its shape after just a few hours. 

Are you ready for that to happen after sleeping with those rods in?


If you think it’s a little damp still, you can dry it with a hair dryer.

But, always on the lowest heat setting.


  • Once I’ve double-checked that my hair is completely dry, then it’s time to take out the rods.

I softly unbend the ends of each one of the rods and slowly, with no rush, unroll it so I don’t damage my hair.

For me it’s most comfortable to start with the ones closest to the name of my neck and work my way up, but I think that’s up to every person.


  • Once I’ve unrolled the rods, my curls are there. The one thing left to do is comb them.

When I’m looking for a wilder style, I just comb them with my fingers. When I’m looking for a more defined style, I use some kind of curl-defining mousse to define them and so they’re neater and tidier.


Once I for the hang of using the flexi rods, I realized that there are different ways of rolling your hair into the flexi rods.

What to find out more?


2 ways to roll flexi rods to get incredible curls

There are two ways that you can try to make your curls thanks to flexi rods.


Method 1

  • You should divide your hair into many thin sections, you might even need as many 20 rods.
  • Wrap your hair around the flexi rod and roll it upward.
  • Fold both sides to keep it in place. This method will give you Shirley Temple type curls.


Method 2

  • This technique uses one rod to roll two sections, making the process quicker and you’ll have an easier time sleeping since it’s more comfortable to sleep with fewer rods.
  • You should divide your hair into six large sections and use just one rod for each of them.
  • Start by folding the rod in half. Take one medium-sized section of your hair, about 3 inches wide and apply your hair product, dampening each section.
  • Put the horseshoe-shaped rod in on top of this section, with the ends of the rod facing upward. Divide the section of hair into two large pieces and put one piece into the rod.
  • Start rolling your hair around the rod from the root to the end. When you get to the end, fold the rod to keep it in place. Repeat these step son another section of hair.



Yes, I’ve become an expert at using flexi rods.

 But, most importantly, and this is the best part, I can sleep with the rods in and wake up with incredible curls.  


Now you, too, know how to put them in. What are you waiting for to get started using them?

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