How long does it take to curl hair? Long, medium, and short hair

traditional curling iron

  • If you have long hair, curling your hair should take about 20 minutes. If you have medium length hair, about 15 minutes. Finally, if you have short hair, 10 minutes should be enough.
  • Of course, they’re estimates. The exact time to curl your hair will depend not only on your skills but also on the tool you use, on whether you have fine or thick hair, and on a few other factors that I’ll tell you about below.
  • I’ll also tell you 4 easy tricks to get enviable curls faster.


As I told you, combing a few curls in your hair shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes if you have short hair, 15 for medium hair, and 20 for long hair.

The exact times will depend not only on your curling ability but also on other factors.  You’ll have to take them into account to know how long it’ll take you to get your hair done.

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How do tools affect curling time?

 The time it takes you to curl your hair will not only depend on your speed and skill, but also on your tools.

It’s not the same to curl with a super wide and uncomfortable flat iron than to use a thinner and more maneuverable flat iron, a Waves flat iron that makes all the work easier, or a curling iron.


 The easier the tool is to use, the less time it’ll take you to curl your hair.  


  • If you’re currently using a flat iron, and it takes a long time, I recommend a curling iron. Obviously, a tool specifically designed for curls will be more efficient than a flat iron that was not designed for that.
  • If you are currently using a curling iron, and it takes you long, you might want to consider switching to an automatic curling iron such as the Baby Liss Curl Secret. That type of curling iron makes the process much simpler and faster.


You also have to look for a curling iron that best fits the shape of your hand. It’s called ergonomics. Why?


Curling is quite tiring because your arms are in a very uncomfortable position for several minutes.

If you add a tool that doesn’t adapt well to the shape of your hand,  it’ll take longer to curl your hair. Also, you’ll always end up with your arms as tired as if you had had to a cross-fit class. 


So, if you’re going to keep using the same tool as before, this is not for you.

However, if you feel like changing your curling tool, I recommend that you visit a specialized store to hold the device with your hands and see how it feels. Does it feel comfortable? Does it feel heavy?


Remember that the more comfortable your curling iron or tool is, the easier the curling process will be and the less time you’ll need to achieve enviable curls.

We already talked about hair tools, but something else will influence curling times.


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How do hair type and hair density influence curling times?


You need to know your hair type and density. If you’re wondering why it’s because they’re two factors that influence curling times.

It won’t take you as long to get curls if you have thick, heavy, abundant hair as it will if you have thinner hair and less quantity.


  • If you have thick hair:

Your hair will need a lot more time to curl or flat iron. You’ll also have to do several partings to style it. It’s essential to know how long it might take you to curl your hair.


  • If you have fine hair:

Your hair will need more care when curling; for example, try using a warmer flat iron or curling iron to avoid damaging the hair. It also means taking a little longer.


Do events influence timings?

The answer is yes because the quality of curls you want will also determine the time they take.


 An everyday hairstyle doesn’t require as much preparation or perfection as a hairstyle for an important event.  The latter should last longer and you need to prepare it in advance.

So, be careful with this detail, which is not minor.


4 easy tricks to get enviable curls in less time

iron the hair without damaging it

Yes, some tricks can help you gain curling time. Here are the most important ones:


  • Make smart partings

Organization is key to make your hairstyle last longer.

If you start anywhere, it’ll take forever.  Messy hair is not a good ally when it comes to curling. 

On the other hand, if you follow an order, you’ll be able to part your hair smartly and save a lot of time to achieve better results. Establish a pattern and follow your planned steps. That’s also saving time.



  • Use hair products that speed up the process

Some hair products make curling easier and faster.

I’ll give you an example. If you use a flat iron to make your curls, you could use a protective serum or heat protection spray as it’ll make your hair glide more smoothly. Besides, it’s an allied product for all types of hair, especially thick and heavy ones. You can add a little more heat and save time when styling.

Another example of a helpful product is the hair spray, especially if your hair’s very long.


  • Your hair health also has a point

Did you know that healthy hair will take longer to curl than dry, porous hair? What? How?


It sounds like a lie but it’s one of the only advantages of having hair in that condition.

Dry and porous hair, being stiff, forms a natural fixative that makes everything stay in place, precisely because of the lack of elasticity. That hair curls immediately and lasts for hours and even days! But, be careful! Because it doesn’t mean you can curl your hair every day without consequences.


On the other hand, healthy, shiny hair falls differently and is silkier. So, it’ll take a little longer to curl.


  • The hairdresser’s skill is what counts

Clearly, it won’t take the same to curl your hair every day than to do it occasionally.

Training is key when determining hairstyles’ timings.  So, if you want to shorten times, you must practice more often. 



It’s difficult to establish the exact hairstyle times because they’ll depend on many factors such as hair type, hair health, event, tools you use, or if you’ll help yourself with any product.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to study hairdressing or take a quick course to curl your hair in the blink of an eye. If you can profit from these tips, I’m sure you’ll learn how to organize yourself and plan how long it’ll take you to curl your hair.


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