3 Best Conditioners for Permed Hair (traditionals and leave-in products)

what shampoo to use

Do you want to know which are the best conditioners to use after doing a perm?


I have to admit that you are much smarter than me.

Do you want me to tell you why?


Let me tell you a story.

After thinking about getting waves in my hair over and over and over again, I finally came to a decision.


I left behind the fear that my hair would look like poodle.

I was sure to find a stylist that was very specialized on the matter and even asked to see what products she would use to do the perm.

I was happy. The perm solution and neutralizer didn’t even smell like pesticides like the ones they used in the eighties.


I didn’t even care that I spent four hours sitting at the salon. There were millions of magazines to read and every once in a while, I sent my friends a picture on WhatsApp so show them how funny I looked with the rods in.

The best was when I left the salon. I had chosen beach waves that took me back to my vacations at the beach the previous year.


I couldn’t have been happier!

 I was so anxious to show my boyfriend the results that I barely paid attention to the recommendations that the stylist gave me to care for my new waves.  


  • First day after doing the perm, everything was great, 10 points.
  • Third day after, something didn’t seem right, 8 points.
  • Five days after, the curls were frizzy, 6 points.
  • Eight days after, I declared a national emergency and ran to the salon.

Do you know what had happened?


 I had kept using the same conditioner I used before doing the perm. And evidently, the results had been catastrophic.  

Because the curls need another type of moisturization and conditioning.


When you modify the natural pattern of your hair to form the curl, the hair becomes more porous.

This means that it retains less moisture.

Have you ever had a friend with afro type hair?


I have. I remember that when Natalia got out of the pool, right away, her tight curls looked completely dry.

And something similar had happened to me. My waves were no longer well-conditioned, so it looked frizzy.


Also, my waves didn’t look as beautiful as the first day I had done the treatment.

 After about ten minutes of mea culpa, my stylist gave me a list of the best conditioners to hydrate permed hair.  

Do you want to know what the results were?


Then, keep reading, because I have the unbeatable conditioners that will make your curls lose their mind.


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Conditioners you should start to use right NOW for your perm

Thank god my stylist helped me save my curls with her recommendations.

Because permed hair is beautiful, but it needs more care than straight hair, since it easily dries out and loses its shine.


This is due to its spiral structure,  because the scales that protect it open and detach more easily. This makes it so curly hair is more permeable than normal, it tangles much faster, and it has a greater tendency to suffer from dryness.

Also, this type of hair generally looks less shiny than straight hair because the sunrays have a harder time reflecting off irregular surfaces.

If you are used to washing your hair and not using conditioner, please, stop doing it!


 Conditioning curly hair after washing is obligatory, because dry hair breaks, while hydrated hair is flexible and has elasticity.  

The key to maintaining that natural, healthy, shiny, and beautiful appearance in your curls is moisturizing it more frequently. But, you should do it with specific conditioners.


Now that you know why it is important to use a specific conditioner in your wavy hair, let’s move on to the three best brands that I alternate using to care for my perm.


TRESemme Flawless Curl Conditioner

hydration and anti frizz

The first time I used this conditioner, I couldn’t believe how my curls looked.

They looked as good as the day I left the salon for the first time.


Now that we live in a world of “super-intelligent technology” I think that this is an “intelligent conditioner” because it gave my curls optimal hydration especially in the drier areas.

Also, since it has vitamin B1, it is gentle enough to use daily. Every time I use it, I can detangle my hair more easily, avoiding frizz.


Try not to get it in your eyes though, because you will see stars.

But other than that, which is something that most conditioners can cause, I was able to get the moisture back that my curls had lost the first time I used it.


Ogx Argan Oil Morocco Conditioner

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I had never heard of Argan Oil. I knew of the benefits of coconut oil and of olive oil, but argan oil was new for me.

However, the Moroccan conditioner is one of the most popular cosmetic products on the market. It’s called “the last miraculous ingredient” and it can do miracles to your hair, like it did to mine.

You’ll instantly fall in love with your perm again.


Thanks to the vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are in its formula, my waves look much more defined without any type of frizz.

Are you addicted to outdoor activities?


 Then run and by some right now, because it also protects you against the damages caused by the ultraviolet rays

And don’t worry. I also was afraid of the word “oil” because I thought my hair as going to end up greasy and my waves would be smushed and plastered to my head.

However, none of that happens every time that I use it, and my waves look much softer, shinier and more defined.

Do you want to know how I use it?


  • After washing my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, of course, I apply the conditioner on my waves working from the ends.
  • Once I’ve spread it over my hair, I let it sit for five minutes and then I rinse it with lots of warm, almost cold water.


Now, my stylist had a few tricks up her sleeve.

Can you imagine what I’m talking about?


I’m talking about leave-in conditioners.

And believe me when I tell you than when you use one for the first time, you will love it.


Leave-in conditioner

leave-in conditioner

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The one that I’m using right now is called Blueberry-Reparative by Curls.

Do you know why I started to use it?


Because those days when I had a long shift, running from here to there between work, classes at university, and dates with my boyfriend, I noticed my curls lost definition as the hours passed.

I know, that could sound a bit exaggerated, but if you’ve done a perm, I’m sure you will understand.


Curly hair needs a lot of moisturizing love, and leave-in conditioner left my curls moisturized, detangled, protected from damage and shinier than hell.

Do you want to know more?


 Once every fifteen days, I use this leave-in conditioner overnight.  

Yes, I leave it in my hair overnight while I dream and count sheep!


It’s like a repairing moisturizing treatment, because my curls absorb all the nourishing ingredients overnight which allows me to wake up with softer, more defined, and more visibly beautiful waves.



When I finish washing my hair, I dry it with a microfiber towel like a turban.

Yes, laugh if you want, but thanks to this, my curls don’t lose definition and of course, the frizz doesn’t even make an appearance.


Thanks to these conditioners, I was able to get back the happiness that I had the day that I left the salon with my perm for the first time.

And when I say happiness, I mean my defined, shiny, and moisturized curls that make my waves look perfect.


What conditioner do you use to moisturize your permed hair?

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