Best Ampoules For Hair Growth: the secret that professionals don’t want you to know

for hair growth

One product that has become very much in style in the last few years are the ampoules for your hair.

In some countries, they have different names, but it refers to the same product.


It’s a liquid that comes in small bottles that you apply to your hair for different uses.

If you have ever done a hair botox treatment, or something similar, the container of the ampules is very similar to the one the hair botox comes in.

There are ampoules for hair growth.

Ampoules for dry or mistreated hair.

Ampoules to strengthen hair.

And many more.


Today, we’re not going to talk about every one of these because the article would never end, and I have to do my shopping for the week. I’m not just a hairdresser; I’m a mother of two little ones that eat as much as adults.


So, today, I want to talk specifically about ampoules for hair growth.

Today we’re going to talk about:

  • How to choose a good ampoule for hair growth?
  • What brands to choose and which to avoid
  • How do you apply it?

And some other things.


Before continuing, I want to clarify that everything you see here is just personal experiences based on my experience.

I clarify this because when you talk about hair products, it’s always the same debate. Maybe for me, a product is excellent, and for someone else, it isn’t.


When I was younger, I would weave myself into lengthy discussions with co-workers about the effectiveness of different products. I could spend hours arguing about shampoos, conditioners, treatments, etc.

different opinions about hair products

At one point, I was close to going a couple of rounds with a colleague. I have been about 20 or 21 years old and was starting in the hair-styling world. She must have been around 40, just the age that I am now.

Why did we start arguing?


Honestly, I don’t even remember. I think it was over a brand of hair products. She said it was garbage, and it wasn’t worth anything, and I thought that it was a high-quality product.

We were arguing for about 1 hour when the owner of the salón told us, “either you stop or your both fired.”

For days, we didn’t say a word to each other. Hahaha. I still remember.


As years passed, I matured and understood that not all of us have to think the same. One person can believe that whatever product is excellent, and I can believe the exact opposite. That doesn’t make the other person an idiot or stupid.


That is why I say again, everything that you see here is a personal opinion based on my experiences. You are free to follow the advice that I give or look for help somewhere else. I won’t be offended.

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The different types of ampules for your hair and which to choose

with vegetable placenta to nourish the hair

The first thing you need to understand about the world of ampoules is that not all of them have the same uses.


There are esthetic ampoules for professional use and ampoules for home use.

Esthetic ampoules are like the ones used for botox, for example.


If you have ever done a botox treatment in a salon, surely you have seen that the botox comes in the form of ampoules. These are very different from the ones that are used at the home level, for example, for a hair growth treatment.


They are different in the way they are applied, as well as in their components. Drinking a Coca Cola and drinking orange juice are not the same. Similarly, an esthetic ampoule and an ampoule for hair growth are also not the same.

I clarify this because just the other day, a girl wrote me who had bought a botox ampoule thinking it would work for something else.

for thin and weak hair

For pure curiosity’s sake, I searched on Google “ampoules for hair,” and to my surprise, the first thing that popped up was a hair botox ampoule. That’s when I realized that the same thing happened to this girl also, and it probably happened to many other inattentive people.


One fundamental difference is the way it is applied.

Esthetic ampoules need heat to be sealed, like traditional keratin treatments. In contrast, the ampoules that we are going to see now are applied at the scalp, but it isn’t necessary to use a hot iron or anything. Apply the product and then massage. Don’t worry because now I’m going to explain how to apply the ampoules to obtain excellent results.

liquid is applied to the scalp

Lotion for hair growth

There are also differences in these ampoules like the classic lotions for hair loss, like, for example, Minoxidil. If you have pronounced hair loss, the first thing you should do is consult a dermatologist.


If it has to do with an androgenic alopecia,  the doctor will tell you to use a lotion popularly known in the hair loss world as Minoxidil.


These ampoules are to strengthen hair that has been left weak after a treatment or bleaching. But in no way can they claim accelerated hair growth using these ampoules.


Ampoule Brands

At this point, you should have a clearer idea in respect to if this is the type of product your hair needs. If you still have doubts, you can leave me a comment below.

Now, let’s take a look at some brands.


Salerm Placenta

restructures and strengthens hair roots

These ampoules are made with a vegetable placenta base.

What they do is increase cellular activity in the hair follicle.


What the heck does that mean?

Let’s try to understand what that cellular activity means.


Each of our hundreds of thousands of hairs grows from a hair follicle.

The follicles give nutrients to our hair so that they grow healthy and strong.

What happens when a follicle stops giving nutrients to a strand of hair?

Or rather, what happens when a follicle starts to receive less nutrients?


The same thing happens to you if you stop eating for a week.

If you stop eating for a week, surely, you’ll start to feel sick and weak. The same happens to follicles when they begin to receive less nutrients.

If the follicle doesn’t have enough energy, it also can’t produce good quality hair. Slowly, the hair that grows from that follicle is weaker and weaker, it turns opaque, and it loses elasticity.


However, there’s still time to revive that follicle, returning the lost nutrients. That is where these ampoules come in with all their splendor.


The placenta in these ampoules gives the follicles the dose of nutrients that they lack. This is going to translate into the weak hairs little by little regaining their strength.

Have you ever hiked for three consecutive hours in the mountain?


If you do a three-hour hike, you’ll get exhausted, and the first thing you’ll want to do just when you finish is replenished your energy. Surely, you would eat the first thing to cross your path. If it were an elephant, you would eat an elephant.

(That’s a joke, just for clarification, so that the animal rights defenders don’t get offended)


Let’s think about these ampoules as food that your hair needs after hiking the mountain. Your hair is tired. Weak. It needs to recuperate strength and energy. This is what Salerm ampoules do.


How do you correctly apply the ampoules?

products strengthen growth

I’m keeping my word. Before, we said that we were going to talk about how to apply the ampoules correctly.

  1. The product should be applied on dry, preferably clean hair. ADDITIONAL ADVICE: The day you use the ampoule, avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer. It’s better to dry it with a towel.
  2. In each application,  you should use the entire contents of the ampoule.  Many people commit the error of only using half because they think that’s enough, because they don’t have that much hair, whatever the case. Don’t make that mistake. Each session should use the entire contents of the ampoule.
  3. The contents should be applied to the scalp. Please, do not use the liquid on your hair. You should part your hair until you find skin and apply the liquid there. In this way, the active ingredients of the product have more of an effect and penetrate the pores of the skin on your head.
  4. Do not rinse it off. Let the liquid evaporate off your head, which can take longer or shorter, depending on the climate where you live.


How many times a week should you apply the ampoule?

for faster growth

At first, one or two times a week. After that, according to the results, you can increase the time between applications. If you apply the ampoule that we just talked about, and if you choose the right quality product, it shouldn’t take long to see results.

After the first two or three applications, you should pay attention to if you are losing less hair when you bathe or brush your hair.

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