Apple cider vinegar for protein overload: does it help?

apple cider vinegar supercharges hair with protein

  • Apply cider vinegar doesn’t work for fixing protein overload in your hair.
  • All that is going to happen if you apple cider vinegar in your hair is that the acids in the vinegar will dry out your scalp and cause dermatitis.
  • If you want to fix protein overload, you should use a detox shampoo to get rid of the excess proteins and then make some changes to your hair care routine. I’ll tell you what those changes should be later in this article.


 Are you considering using apple cider vinegar for protein overload in your hair?  Before you do, take a few minutes to read what I have to tell you.


I’m aware that we all need to do our best to conserve our planet Earth, and we often opt for natural products to try to do so. Or, at least products that say they’re natural.

And I count myself as one of these people. I try to eat healthy, use face masks made with natural products and sometimes, I even make my own hair masks.

vinegar causes protein overload

But, as a professional hair stylist, I have to be cautious about these things. And when a natural product isn’t right for your hair, I need to speak out.

That is the case with apple cider vinegar.

 Why shouldn’t you use apple cider vinegar if you have a protein overload in your hair? 


Because vinegar is an acidic product, made from several fermentation processes. A lot of people say it prevents dandruff, leaves you hair shiny and regulates your hair’s pH.

But not all of the things people say about it have scientific backing. So, I repeat:  as a professional hair stylist, I can’t recommend using an acidic product in your hair. 

protein overload can cause seborrheic dermatitis

Because it can dry out your scalp, which can cause dermatitis on your scalp and you’d need to visit a dermatologist to start a treatment using cream and antibiotics to cure it.


And,  if your hair is weak, the acids in the vinegar will damage it even more. 

So, what can you do to fix protein overload?

The first thing is toss that apple cider vinegar and the second is to keep on reading because you first need to find out what caused the protein overload to be able to find the solution.


Take a look at your hair care routine to fix protein overload

happy woman shows the shampoo she uses

 Excess protein in your hair happens when we abuse products that contain protein. 


If you use, for example, a lot of products with keratin, like shampoo and conditioner, masks or serum, all the time, keratin will deposit in the outermost layer of your hair.

Up to that point, okay, no big deal. Because you’re using proteins that help to stop your hair from drying out and eliminate frizz and damage to your hair.


But, for example, if you use a keratin mask three times a week and in reality you should use it just once, the proteins will stop up your hair cuticles. And that will prevent nutrients from being able to get to your hair fiber.


When that happens,  your hair will become frizzy, the ends will split and it will all dry out. That is what protein overload causes. 


As you can see, it’s important to start by looking at the ingredients your hair products contain. And that’s what we’re about to do.


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What to do to fix protein overload

woman looks at her hair with protein overload

We could say that the plan for fixing protein overload has three steps.


First step: stop using hair products with protein in them

Don’t worry, this is just for right now. Once you get rid of the excess proteins, you can start using them again, but this time in the right quantity and frequency.


Second step: wash your hair with a detox shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is designed to get rid of the excess accumulation of any product you’ve used in your hair. In fact, many of my clients use clarifying shampoo to fix over-toned hair. Because of those properties,  detox shampoo is good for getting rid of excess protein. 


You can use it up to three times a week, although you’ll notice the difference in your hair from the first wash. It’s important to wash your hair with two rounds of detox shampoo to completely get rid of the excess proteins.


Third step: incorporate products that contain protein into your hair care routine, using them the right way.

And I want to be very clear about this.

If you were using products that contain keratin, it was because you needed to repair your hair.

And,  I never said that your hair doesn’t need proteins. Of course it does to be healthy. 


But you need to use these products in just the right amount. For example, if you use shampoo and conditioner with keratin, you should alternate them with another kind of product that doesn’t contain protein.

When it comes to washing your hair the right way, then, you can follow this plan or one like it:

  • Monday: wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner that contain proteins.
  • Wednesday: wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and use a hydrating conditioner.
  • Friday: wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner that contain proteins.

This is an ideal routine if you have protein overload.



Apple cider vinegar doesn’t work for protein overload in your hair.

If you want to get rid of excess proteins, you should decrease the use of hair products that contain protein and use a detox shampoo at least once a week.

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