Can you use leave-in conditioner every day?

wash her hair daily

Do you want to know if you can use leave-in conditioner every day?


If so, I’m going to get right to the point.

  • If you have very curly hair, it works.
  • If you have greasy hair, it’s not the best idea.
  • If your hair is very dry, then it might be an interesting possibility for you.


Of course, when it comes to hair care and hair types, it’s not all black and white; there are some gray areas.

And this is one of those cases, since not everyone is the same, and neither is their hair.

 That’s why I’m going to tell you everything I know about the best way to use leave-in conditioners, depending on your hair type. 


Believe me that this stuff wasn’t easy to learn, I basically had to figure it all out through trial and error.

As you’ll see, my hair is greasy. And when I mean greasy, I mean like so greasy that it often looks like I haven’t washed it in more than a week.


If you have greasy hair, then you get me. It doesn’t just look dirty, it looks dull, opaque and when you touch it, somehow, it’s totally dry.

So, I started reducing the amount of times that I washed my hair in a week

But, although that helped to make my hair look less dull and opaque, it didn’t help with the texture.


So, I decided to try leave-in conditioners. I’d read that they might help nurture my hair, making it feel less dry and also help me avoid needing to wash my hair so often.

Because if you didn’t know, you use leave-in conditioner in dry hair. And of course, you don’t rinse it out – you leave it in – until the next time you wash your hair.

Do you know what happened to my hair?


I’ll help you guess:

 What would happen if night after night you put a moisturizer on your face and you didn’t rinse off what’s left of it in the morning?  


You’d end up with a greasy layer on your face that would form some kind of horrible mask, scary enough to save for Halloween.

That’s basically what happened to my hair. Using leave-in conditioner on it day after day left it opaque and greasier than ever. And, if that weren’t enough, it didn’t moisturize it like I hoped it would.


 You can’t use leave-in conditioner every day like it’s some kind of hydrating treatment. Because it’s not. 

And you shouldn’t use it every day without keeping in mind what you’re using it for and what effects it will have on your hair.


That’s why, after my experience and research, I’m going to tell you:

  • What kind of hair is suited for using leave-in conditioner every day
  • How to apply leave-in conditioner every day to get the best effects out of it


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What kinds of hair is suited for using leave-in conditioner every day

moisturizes oily hair

Before you start using leave-in conditioner every day, you need to know what kind of hair you have.

And not just that. You also need to think about what your goal is.


We all know that it’s great to give greasy hair a break from washing and shampoo.

It’s surprising how that simple action can help you get softer and healthier hair in a short amount of time.


But, it’s also important to ask your hair what it needs. Of course, it’s not exactly possible to ask your hair what it wants out of a leave-in conditioner.

Well, I guess it is possible to ask it, but it probably won’t respond, at least not with words.

But, you can take a look at what state your hair is in.


Figuring out what kind of hair you have is the first step toward discovering if you can use leave-in conditioner every day.

If you already know what kind of hair you have, yay! That’s why I’m going to help you decide how and how often to use leave-in conditioner.

For example, do you have curly hair?


  • If you have curly hair you can use leave-in conditioner every day if you really need to.

Do you know why? Because curly hair absorbs a lot of moisture, both from water and from hair products. But, it also loses it quickly.

That’s why if you want to use leave-in conditioner in your curly hair every day, you won’t have any issues. It will condition it, control it and your curls will feel every more moisturized.

Now, if you are going to use it every day, I’d recommend that you use a spray version of leave-in conditioner, since it’s a little bit lighter in that format.


  • Now, if your curly hair is thick, you can use leave-in conditioner in gel or cream form, since that will help you add volume to your hair.


  • If your hair is greasy like mine, I have two pieces of advice:
  • Don’t wash your hair every day.
  • Use leave-in conditioner every two days

Because if you use it every day with greasy hair, you’ll only end up with an unpleasant accumulation of grease on your scalp, which can actually do more harm than good.


Do you feel like your hair is really frizzy after you wash it?

Let me tell you something.

Maybe you didn’t know that your hair has a negative electric charge and the strength of that charge is based on your hair’s porosity.

For example, dry hair that has been treated with chemicals and is damaged will have a strong negative charge. And that’s what makes the frizz appear.


Conditioner is made to maintain a positive charge, so those charges attract one another.

Leave-in conditioner has a similar formula, since it’s also a conditioner that attracts your hair’s negative charge.

In those cases, leave-in conditioner works as a barrier that surrounds your individual strands of hair, eliminating the frizz.

So, if you’re tired of fighting against your frizz, you can use leave-in conditioner. But, I’d also recommend that you only use it every two days.


How to use leave-in conditioner

Using leave-in conditioner really is easy.


  • If you’re using it as a spray, just spray it over damp hair and brush through.


  • If you’re using a heavier product like a gel or cream, take a small amount into your hand, like the size of a coin, depending on how long and thick your hair is, and comb it through your hair using your fingers.

Make sure you rub it lightly over your scalp and don’t forget about your ends!


Lastly, remember that there are leave-in conditioners that are made for different kinds of hair.

  • If you have dry hair, for example, look for a product that’s made with hydrating ingredients that can soften your hair.
  • If you have curly hair, look for a leave-in conditioner that can help you manage your frizz.
  • If your hair is damaged, you can go for one that can help manage split-ends and make your hair look brighter, since damaged hair can feel straw-like and lifeless.


Now, all you have to do is listen to your hair and with everything that I’ve told you, and decide if it’s useful to you or not to use leave-in conditioner every day.

What will you decide?

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