How to prevent frizz after flat ironing? Do this before flat ironing your hair

remove the frizz

Are you tired of finishing flat ironing your hair and that horrible frizz appears?

Do you want to know how to eliminate frizz after using the flat iron?


You aren’t alone.

Like you, dozens of readers write me daily to ask me how to flat iron my hair without ending up with frizz.

So today, I’m going to tell you all my hair stylist secrets so that you can flat iron your hair without fear.


I know that it could seem like an obvious topic.

And I’m sure that you will think that after years of flat ironing your hair that you know all the techniques to use the flat iron with perfection, and even so, the frizz keeps showing up.

If you think that you can’t learn anything else, skip over this article and continue having frizz in your hair, which will make you look scruffy and make your hair look dry.


But if you are open to this advice, you will find the answer to all your prayers here in a few in a few, brief minutes.

I will tell you:

  • How to prepare your hair before flat ironing it (it’s not what you think)
  • What is the best way to use the flat iron on your hair without damaging it
  • Products to control frizz before and after using the flat iron
  • How to get rid of frizz without it coming back

Here we go.


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This is the most important that you have to do to flat iron your hair

eyes wide open

Although it seems like a lie, one of the most important causes of the appearance of frizz after flat ironing your hair is that your hair isn’t dryed correctly.

And this can happen for two reasons.


 The first is that you didn’t completely dry your hair before flat ironing it.  That’s why, when you slide the flat iron throughout your hair, you hear sizzling.

That sizzling makes the flat iron create vapor when it comes into contact with your wet hair and forms bubbles in the hair fibers.

When these bubbles get to the cuticle, the hair bristles and it can even cause split ends  and split hairs.

What do you get?


Hair with frizz after straightening it with the flat iron.

But don’t put your arms down, nor throw the flat iron in the trash.


All of this can be solved with better hair drying technique.

To prevent your hair from frizzing, it’s important to first know how to dry the hair.


How to dry your hair so that it doesn’t form frizz when you flat iron it

maximum temperature

Before starting to dry your hair, I recommend applying a leave in conditioner or a serum and combing your hair with a flat brush.

Always keep the hair dryer above your hair, pointing it down to seal the moisture in the cuticles.

Don’t forget to dry the hair from the roots to the ends.


 If you prefer to dry your hair dividing it into sections, I recommend that you always start with the lower layers of your hair and you dry them in sections from below to above until you get to the upper layers of the head.  


Always finish by applying the dryer in the lowest heat potential, so that the last air that your hair receives is cold air.

Now that we have our hair correctly and completely dry, I’m going to tell you how ot use the flat iron like a true professional.


The ultimate technique for flat ironing your hair and preventing frizz

use serum

Flat ironing your hair is a technique.

And to get your hair flat ironed and free of frizz, it is important to execute this technique step by step.


1- The first thing you should do is divide the hair into sections.

You can use a comb to help you draw out these sections, always starting with the lower layers of the hair.


2- Once you have divided your hair, before using the flat iron on that piece of hair, take a comb in the other hand and slide it through first, approximately three centimeters from the flat iron.

What the comb does is detangle and align the hair so that the flat iron can then straighten.


3- Repeat this process for each piece that you have divided your hair into.


To prevent frizz before and after flat ironing your hair, it is important to know what products to use for each moment.

Now, I will tell you the products that I recommend to my clients.


2 essential products to use before flat ironing your hair


Leave-in conditioner

It’s important to keep in mind that dry hair is more prone to generate frizz.

My recommendation is that you use a leave-in conditioner.


My favorite is this one:

anti frizz

Check leave-in conditioner on Amazon


Not a single one of my clients can’t weigh in on the effects of this leave-in conditioner.



Because it contains a molecule developed by the brand that keeps hair under control, preventing frizzing.


Anti-frizz serum

Another product that you can use to prevent frizz is the serum.

A good serum applied before starting to use the flat iron guarantees that your hair doesn’t frizz.

The one that I recommend to you is one of those that guarantees the best results.

john frieda

Check serum on Amazon


What I love about this product is that just a few drops of this over the length of your hair will keep the frizz at bay after using the flat iron.

Also, althought the packaging is small, it goes a long way.

I also noticed that my hair was shinier.

And it hides split ends with perfection.


How to get rid of the bothersome frizz if in the end it shows up

Let’s suppose that you have done everything right and you followed to the “t” all of the steps that I talked about above.

You dried your hair well.

You used a leave-in conditioner and a serum.

And you correctly used the flat iron on your hair.

Even so, a little bit after having flat ironed your hair, the monster appears.


What can you do?


The first thing you have to do is not panic.

 Many women that barely have a little bit of frizz start to pour tones of products onto their hair, and I assure you that this doesn’t help at all. 

It also doesn’t help to wet your hair.


What you have to have at hand is a product that helps you get rid of the fizz.

One option would be to use a serum like the one we named above, Frizz Ease by John Frieda.

ideal for thick and curly hair

Check price on Amazon


Another option would be to use a natural oil like argan oil. If you choose this option, be sure to only use the oil when there is frizz.


Of the two options, I think the most practical is the serum because it’s easy to apply and easy to keep in your purse or backpack. But you could try the two options and then choose the result you like best.


2 very easy secrets that will help you prevent frizz

Lastly, to prevent frizz, leave your hair alone. Don’t continuously touch it.

Don’t caress it or use your hair to play or get rid of stress.


And if you can, this is truly a luxury for the whole body, not just your hair, sleep with silk sheets.

 Or at least lay your head on a pillow case made in silk.  

This will prevent the hairs from causing friction against the pillow case producing breakage of the hair fibers and frizz.


Now you know how to prevent frizz and how to get rid of it in case it appears.

Did you already know these techniques? Do you know others?

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