Is purple shampoo a type of clarifying shampoo? No, they’re two different types…

woman washing her hair with purple shampoo wonders if it will be clarifying

  • Purple shampoo is NOT a type of clarifying shampoo.
  • Because while you use clarifying shampoo to remove all traces of hair products from your hair, you use purple shampoo to remove any harsh yellows that appear in your hair after bleaching or dyeing.


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 Purple shampoo and clarifying shampoo are two completely different types of shampoo. 

Because while clarifying shampoo removes deposits and excess residue from hair products, including dye and toner, purple shampoo adds color to the hair.

Therefore, it’s essential you take what your hair needs into account in order to use the right type of shampoo for your needs.

Shall we start?


If you want to get rid of any harsh yellow in your hair, use purple shampoo

purple shampoo to tone yellow hair

Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo, which adds color to your hair. It actually adds purple pigments that, according to the color wheel, neutralize yellow.

Therefore, after use, it will leave your hair a paler or pearly blonde.

When should you use purple shampoo?

  •  If you bleached your hair and want to fade that yellow. 
  •  If you applied dye and want to tone down the yellow. 
  •  If your hair is extra light blonde and you want to achieve icy/white/gray shades. 
  •  If you want to keep your blonde hair free of harsh yellows. 


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You use purple shampoo either once or twice a week, depending on the brand of shampoo. Leave it in for three to five minutes.

My professional advice is that before you use it, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid making your hair turn purple.


Use clarifying shampoo when you notice your hair is dull or feels heavy because of product residue accumulation

clarifying shampoo to remove toner from hair

This type of shampoo is designed to deeply detoxify the hair.

While a normal shampoo removes dust or dirt particles from the hair, a clarifying shampoo has a deeper cleansing power.  It’s able to remove even toner or dye residues. 

But clarifying shampoo also has other uses.

When can you use a clarifying shampoo?

  •  If your hair is over-toned. 
  •  If you want to remove traces of semi-permanent dyes. 
  •  If you use styling products  such as gels, mousses and sprays on a daily basis and your hair feels dull or heavy.
  •  Before applying a keratin, straightening, or perming treatment. 
  •  To remove oily residues after applying an oil treatment. 


Now, just as you can use purple shampoo once or twice a week, you should only use clarifying shampoo once a week or once a fortnight.

Because since clarifying shampoo contains powerful cleansing agents, it can dry out your hair, weakening it and causing hair cuticles to break.

  • If you want to fix over-toned hair, remove traces of semi-permanent hair dye or prepare your hair for a keratin, straightening, or perm treatment, washing your hair once with clarifying shampoo will be more than enough.
  • If you use styling products often, you can wash your hair with clarifying shampoo once a week. In this case, I recommend you use a moisturizing conditioner after the shampoo.
  • If you occasionally use styling products, use clarifying shampoo once a fortnight.



Now you know the difference between purple shampoo and clarifying shampoo. You also know when you should use each one.

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