Can I curl my hair after a keratin or straightening treatment?

curling tool with heat control

When they say that women are like Venus, indecipherable and unpredictable creatures, I understand why that is.

And let’s tell the truth.


What would you think if after a woman yearned for a keratin treatment for months…

After getting bill after bill together to pay it…

After passing three unending hours in a salon to achieve straight hair and without frizz …

All of a sudden, you start to think about the possibility of curling your hair after doing a keratin treatment.

Seems like a crazy person’s thoughts.


It’s just that in reality, it is.

 Who thinks about curling their hair just hours after doing a keratin treatment?  

My friend Laurita, of course.


But there is something worse than Laurita’s thoughts.

And it’s her unbearable custom of pulling me into the research to check if it’s okay or not to do something.

So, we did a lot of research.


And we came to the conclusion that you can curl your hair after doing a keratin treatment.

You can, yes.

But it isn’t the best thing to do.

Do you want to know why?


Not so fast.

We did a lot of hours of research.

However, I will share it with you.


I will tell you:

  • Why it isn’t best to curl your hair after doing a keratin treatment
  • Tricks to comb your hair and not ruin the keratin treatment
  • How to curl your hair and not damage the effects of the keratin


For all the Lauritas in the world, eternally non-conformist, here is all the information about why it isn’t best to curl your hair after doing a keratin treatment.


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Why it isn’t best to curl your hair after a keratin treatment

creating waves with hair straightener

Laurita hated her curls.

Actually, more than hating her curls, she hated the work that she had to put in to her curly hair so that it looked meticulous.

Curls have their own personality. I think they are a part of the thirteenth zodiac sign, and if you didn’t realize, there are only twelve.

Laura suffered because her hair was untamable.


Also, she always gave the sensation that she had really dry hair. Dry and without form.

Hair with pure frizz that made every hair stand on end.

That’s why, at one visit to the salon to cut her curls and give her hair shape, the stylist recommended that instead of cutting her hair, she should do a keratin treatment.

If you cut your curls, the only thing you get is increased volume fo the hair, and it will go back to being unmanageable.

Finally, she did the keratin treatment.

But little by little, she started to miss the waves in her hair.


So, she tried a curler once.


Three times.

Four times and up to ten times.

Do you want to know what happened?


The effect of the keratin in the hair after being curled various times lasted much shorter.

This happened for various reasons.


The first   is that in the first weeks after the keratin treatment, the keratin continues being a malleable element in the hair. 

This means that any element that you put on the hair with keratin, in the end will show.

Imagine if even a clip can leave a mark, what a curler can do at such high temperatures.


The second reason is that curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers use temperatures that can break the hair fibers.

Once the hairs break, frizz starts to appear immediately.


The third reason was that after curling the hair, she felt the need to wash her hair more often, which makes the keratin fade faster.

Because of all of this, you can curl your hair with keratin, but it isn’t a good idea.


Now, if you get to the moment where you are bored of having perfectly straight hair, you can try some different hair styles to get out of the monotony.

Because I’m not one of those that says, “Don’t do that,” but then doesn’t give you any other options.

And because I guess that if you want curls in the pieces of your hair treated with keratin, you definitely look for it to give your hair more volume.


So, don’t get desperate.

The solution is a step away.


How to give volume to hair treated with keratin


  • Use clarifying shampoos

 clarifying shampoo

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Surely your stylist recommended using sulfate-free shampoos to maintain the effects of the keratin and make them last.

But once a week, you can alternated with a clarifying shampoo, which will eliminate the excess natural oils on your scalp, unsticking the hair fibers from the scalp, which will allow it to dry with much more volume.


  • Dry your hair correctly

wash hair with clarifying shampoo

To increase volume, you should point the hair dryer upward instead of down and finish by throwing all of your hair forward, while you fold over at the waist.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t gym class.

These are the things that we women do to look good.


  • Dry your hair by dividing it into three sections

This is the famous technique used by hair dressers in the sixties to give volume to straight hair.

Simply divide your hair into three sections and start to dry it by section the is closest to the nape of the neck.

With the help of a fine-toothed comb, fluff the roots of the second and third layer and dry them towards the back of your head.

In a few minutes, you’ll achieve a hairstyle with the most volume, but without losing the straight effect.


Despite everything I told you, I know that you think that even still, you want curls in your keratin treated hair, despite everything.


How to curl your hair with a flat iron or curling iron without damaging the keratin

straightened hair

I advise you to dry your hair well before using the curling iron.

If possible, try to find a curling iron or flat iron that allows you to control the temperature.


Divide the hair into small sections as if you were going to flat iron it.

After, take small chunks of hair, stretch them and start to roll them around the apparatus, and obviously, you should start at the ends.

This is the only way I know to avoid burning the hair and maintain the keratin for longer.


Although, like I told you, to me, it doesn’t make sense to curl your hair after applying keratin.

But now, the decision is yours.

Just like Laurita, and between you and me, she regrets it.


Have you done a keratin treatment and are thinking about curling your hair?

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