Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair: before and after, reviews and side effects

Keratin softens and relaxes curls

Many stylists to whom I have given the responsibility to tame my rebellious hair with an infinite amount of curls suggested that I do the famous keratin treatment.

But the truth is, I was scared.


Just thinking about it, all these images invaded my mind of people affected by the supposed chemicals of the keratin treatment, stylists covered with gas masks, and clients about to faint.

That was, until I met Carina.


I got to her salon with the idea of getting rid of some chunks of hair to get rid of some weight and make it look more neat.

She firmly looked at me and said, “I wouldn’t recommend it. If I cut out part of your curls, you will get rid of weight, but it’ll only make your curly hair expand even more.”


After, she added that curly hair has a mind of its own, which I had proved. When you try to take away volume, you only contribute to its need to expand to compensate for the difference.

And that’s where she let out the phrase:

  •   You need a keratin treatment to smooth the shape of your curls, which will hydrate your hair, controlling the frizz.  


I don’t know why.

Perhaps it was the tone of her voice, sure, entirely convinced.

Or maybe it was that that day I had my guard down.

Even though I thought about it, I was tired of spending long hours in front of the mirror, trying to keep my curls at bay.

The truth is that I did it.

For the first time in my life, I brought myself to do a keratin treatment on my curls, and I have to say that I don’t regret it.

Do you want to see the results?


I’ll show you, but first, let me tell you how difficult my life was before doing the treatment.


What’s the best treatment for your curly hair? Keratin treatment or hair botox? Find it out here


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Do you hate your curls? This is what keratin can do for your hair

hairdressing treatments for curls

Although on the scale of importance of job positions in a business, the receptionist and the cadet seem to be the last rung, I am on the warpath to defend the essence of my position.


The receptionist is the face of the company. It’s the person with whom the clients have first visual contact.

That means it’s essential to always be presentable, from your toes to your head, like my grandmother would say.

I am clean, neat, my nails are always impeccable, and my clothes without a single wrinkle.

But my hair…. My God! That’s a whole other story.


The story of messy hair.

Even though most days I wear my hair tied back, my curls seem to rebel and raise signs demanding immediate liberation.

In addition to always looking unkempt, my curls always looked horrible.


No shine.

Split ends.

And untangling my curls was such a chore that it would take me a half-hour or more every day.

  I had to wake up forty minutes early to untangle it.  

And I spent a fortune, more than my receptionist salary allowed.

That’s why I said before that this keratin treatment completely changed my life.


Before, my curls always looked horrible. After keratin, I get compliments on my hair daily.

Keratin changed my curls forever.


 It moisturized my hair in a way that it didn’t look dull and straw-like anymore.  


It felt stronger, like I had received hundreds of vitamin injections and much shinier.

It’s nice to touch because my fingers don’t get stuck in the curls. It’s like the hair fibers now have a different texture.


Have you tied back hairstyles?

Completely gone!

 Goodbye clips, pins, and top knots that only damaged and broke my hair.  


Now, I decide to put my hair up to go to the movie’s grand premiere, where I want my new earrings to stand out. Well, maybe grand premiere is a bit of an exaggeration, we could say the opening night of a movie.


Even though I still get up at the same time, the time it took to detangle my unruly hair, I now dedicate to doing yoga exercises, like sun salutations, to start the day with my batteries recharged.

And the silver lining, I got a raise.


Well, that wasn’t because of the keratin treatment, but everything is connected. Don’t forget that the universe conspires so that you can get what you want.

Keratin gave me the answer that I had been waiting for for years: tidy, manageable, shiny, and healthy hair.

So from that day on, Carina turned into my guardian angel, and I will be forever thankful for her advice.


She also gave me a few aftercare tips to make the effects of the keratin last longer in my hair.

Here, I’ll pass them on to you.


How to make keratin last longer in your curls

Keratin is a product that penetrates the hair fiber to nourish and moisturize it. Because of that, those effects have a determined lifespan, which can vary depending on the person.

for color treated hair

Use washing products that don’t ruin your keratin, like this shampoo and conditioner from Art Naturals. Check price on Amazon.


I get the effects of the treatment to last longer by using sulfate-free shampoo, to prevent the detergents in standard shampoos from stripping out the keratin from my hair.

I also have an arsenal of nourishing and hydrating masks that I use every twenty days.

That is my experience.


I got rid of my prejudices against keratin and decided to take control of my curls forever.

And that is why I wrote to you, Carina. I wanted to tell you the before and after in my life since that day that I entered your salon and agreed to do a keratin treatment.


This is Maia’s testimony, one of my clients, that seemed necessary for me to share with you in case you still have doubts about the effects of keratin on curly hair.


Does keratin completely straighten curls?

softer curls and easy to handle

When I finished writing this article, I realized that at no point did I mention the word straight.

People started asking, “Carina, doesn’t keratin straighten hair?”


These are the two options.

  You can choose to straighten your hair completely or relax and smooth your curls, as we explained above.  


If you choose to straighten your curls completely, you have to use a flat iron and hairdryer every time you wash your hair.

If you want to smooth your curls, you don’t use a flat iron or hairdryer after washing your hair.

Do you have curly hair?

Have you ever done a keratin treatment?

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