Best shampoos and products to make your curly hair look amazing

to avoid frizz

Do you have curly hair?

It’s your lucky day.



Because I’ll tell you how to make your curls look incredibly dazzling.

So much so that people will stop you on the street to ask for your secret.


Today I will tell you about the best shampoos, conditioners and products for your curly hair.

The goal of this article is to teach you how to highlight your curls like a professional stylist instead of destroying them with flat irons or bad-quality treatments.

Let’s not waste any more time.

Let’s begin.


The ridiculous fashion of killing curly hair

with flat irons and treatments

There is a mystery I’ve been trying to solve for 20 years.

Let’s see if you can help me.


Women with straight hair want to have curly hair.

Women with curly hair want to have straight hair.

Can you think of any logical explanation for this phenomenon?


I have been a professional stylist for 20 years.

All women who have straight hair want some kind of wave in their hair.

And women with curly or wavy hair want to have straight hair.

It seems strange to me.

Not to mention unbelievable.


It’s a mystery as big as the one that says Elvis Presley is still alive.

What do you think?

Is he alive?


This story about straight and curly hair is an impossible mystery to me.


Many clients who arrive at the salon have beautiful curly hair.

When we ask them what they want to do with it, they tell us that they want to straighten it.

It’s something I can’t understand.

Why, if you have such beautiful, attractive curly hair, do you want to kill it with a horrible treatment or flat ironing?

shampoos, conditioners and mask

Worst of all is that the treatment is not permanent. In a short time they will have to return to the salon to get the treatment again.


How to became friends with your hair

As a professional stylist, I’ve always tried to help people learn to live happily with their own hair.

My goal is for them to become friends with their hair and to accept it as it is.

for black hair

It often happens that we have a friend with whom we have certain differences, perhaps with respect to religious issues, political issues, etc. Despite the differences, we remain friends. We learn to accept these differences.


If a person has straight hair, we’re going to find a way to make their hair shine and look amazing.

The same goes for curly hair.

We’re going to find a way to make your curly hair look like the best curly hair in the world.

Sound good?

organic hair products curly hair

So, the question now is, how do we create incredible curly hair that everyone praises?

It’s something you can learn.

The same way you learnt how to talk or how to walk, you can learn how to take care of your curls.


You can learn to highlight your curls to achieve a really attractive look.

You just have to know how to choose the shampoos and products that you’re going to use in your hair.

Yes, it’s as easy as that.


The key is to master the art of choosing the right products for your curls.


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Shampoos, conditioners and masks for curly hair

products we will use after washing

Let’s review our goal. What do we want to achieve for our curly hair?

What we are looking for are well-defined curls or waves without frizz. It is very important to avoid frizz. If we have defined curls but they contain a lot of frizz, we would not have achieved our goal.

It seems like an impossible task, but it isn’t if we choose our products consciously.


Let’s split the products into two groups.

1- First there are the products we are going to use to wash our hair: Shampoos and conditioners.

2- Then there are the products we will use after washing.

How to choose a shampoo and conditioner for your curly hair

To achieve well-defined curls free of frizz, we need a sulfate-free shampoo and a silicone-free conditioner.

Sulfate is one of the main chemical ingredients in most shampoos. The problem is that sulfate dries the hair.

by avoiding products with sulfates

Our hair produces an oil called sebum. This sebum is desirable in certain amounts because it protects and hydrates the hair. Hydrated hair is healthy hair.

The problem is that sulfates tend to remove much more sebum than they should. That’s why sulfates dry the hair.

If we avoid sulfate shampoo, our hair will be more hydrated and the curls will be better defined.


On the other hand, silicones are one of the main ingredients in most conditioners and other types of hair-care products like serums, gels, etc.

Silicones create a thin layer or film around the hair that makes it waterproof. That causes the hair to lose hydration.

Loss of hydration means a loss of volume. Curls lose definition. That is precisely what we don’t want.


Curly hair is delicate. If we fill it with a lot of chemicals, we make the situation worse.

Frizzy hair will become frizzier.

Dry hair will become drier.

And you will end up hating your hair.


So we need to change our shampoo for a sulfate-free one.

And our conditioner for a silicone-free one.

make natural hair curly without chemicals

In today’s article I will show you some products that meet these characteristics.

These are products I have used myself or have used on clients of the salon. That’s why I recommend them.


Sulfate-free shampoo with argan oil

Do you have curly hair?

If you have curly hair, I will ask you a favor for your own safety.


I’m going to ask you to hold on very tightly to your seat.

If you are not sitting, please do so.


What I’m about to tell you is going to change your hair forever.

If until now you have hated your curls, with this shampoo you will love them.

If until now your curls have angered you, with this shampoo they will fill you with pride.


Imagine perfect, beautiful curls.

Curls that do not need hours in front of the mirror to be presentable.

Curls as silky as those of the models who appear in shampoo advertisements.


Sounds good, right?

Would you like to have incredible hair like this?


Having such wonderful hair is possible.

It’s possible if you choose a shampoo that, instead of mistreating your curls, treats them with affection.

With delicacy.

With love.

That’s what your curls need.

And that is exactly what this shampoo does.


The shampoo that will change your curls forever is ART NATURALS.

What is amazing about this shampoo is that it is made 100% with natural ingredients like argan.

But that’s not all.

The most incredible thing is that it does not have any of the chemicals that, until now, have been ruining your curls.

It has neither sulfates nor parabens.

That’s why this shampoo works so well on curly hair.


When you start using this shampoo, all the others will look like crap.

If you are ready to have perfect, beautiful curls, this is the shampoo you need.

for well-defined curls


Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner
Julia is a client of the salon. She has curly hair.

Instead of using products to highlight her curls, all her life she used abusive treatments and flat irons to erase them.

Her hair was a mess. Formless. Dry. Split ends.


Until one day her hair couldn’t stand it anymore. It was so damaged that it was at the edge of the abyss.

That’s when she had no choice but to make peace with her hair and her curls.


Julia started using Shea Moisture products. Shea Moisture products are sulfate free and safe for dyed hair.

The first few days, I didn’t notice any change. I even came to think that I hadn’t made the best choice of products.

But after several weeks, her hair began to show some improvements.

Her curls started taking shape, then became well-defined and attractive.


It was the first time in her life that Julia could see how beautiful her hair could be.

Can you believe it?


Julia is almost 30 years old.

It was the first time in 30 years that she had accepted her hair just the way it is.

She even told me that a woman had stopped her in the street to ask how she took care of her curly hair.

This shampoo and conditioner is specifically designed for curly and coarse hair.

Why will this product work on your hair also?

I’ll tell you why.


Because it moisturizes the hair, which is what we need for our curls.

The conditioner and shampoo are based on coconut oil, silk protein and hibiscus. All moisturizing ingredients.

moisturizes the hair


Up to now we were talking about products for washing hair: shampoos and conditioners. That would be the first stage to have perfect curls.

The second stage is the one that comes after washing.


Products to use after washing your curls

on wavy and curly hair

In this stage, to achieve well-defined curls, we will apply a moisturizing mask or a comb cream.

To obtain the best results, it is best to apply these masks or creams to dry or wet hair. Avoid applying them to totally wet hair.


As I did before, I will recommend a couple of products. Again, the idea is to avoid sulfates and aggressive chemicals since they are what generate frizz.


Argan oil hair mask
This is a hair mask from Art Naturals. The same brand we named before.


It is made with argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and other natural ingredients that moisturize the hair and eliminates frizz.

Now that I think about it, I have been naming this brand a lot lately.


Nine out of 10 people I recommend this brand to return to thank me later.

The prices of these products are not expensive considering their top-notch quality.

I mean, we spend so much money on things we never use or that damage our health, so spending $10 for a mask that makes your curls look wonderful doesn’t seem like much to me.

best hair products brands


Mask and Deep Conditioner
I have already spoken several times about this brand, Arvazallia.

It’s not easy to find products that don’t contain sulfates or parabens. That’s why whenever a product appears that doesn’t have them, I’m the first to order it to see if it really works.

Beyond the fact that it doesn’t contain aggressive chemicals, the most important thing is that the product delivers the results we’re looking for.


This is a sulfate-free and paraben-free mask specially formulated to give shape to wavy or curly hair. The most interesting thing about this mask is that it is based on one of my favorite ingredients. Argan oil.

If you haven’t tried a product based on argan, I recommend that you do it. Your hair won’t be the same.


Using this mask, Arvazallia, is like having a salon in your own home. Every time you apply it to your hair, you will feel as if you just left the salon.

You’re going to achieve such shiny curls that people won’t be able to stop looking at you.

Now comes the downside. It is somewhat more expensive than other creams of the same kind. For example, the one we named above.

thick and thin hairs


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The 4 deadly sins of curly or wavy hair

make natural hair curly and soft

We already talked about the best products to create perfect, well-defined curls.

But that’s not enough. Something is missing.


There are some habits we must eliminate from our hair routine if we want to avoid frizz.

There are habits that are bad for curly hair.

And there are habits that are mortal sins, as I like to call them.


Now I’m going to explain the four sins that must be avoided to keep curly hair in good condition for a long time.

1- Do not brush your hair

and breaks the hair

I understand that this may seem counterintuitive, but brushing curly hair is a very serious mistake that generates frizz.

What can we do?

To untangle the hair, I recommend using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers.

rebel after washing


2- Do not dry your hair with a dryer

dry your curls outdoors

After washing their hair, most people dry it using a hair dryer.

I understand that people have little time and are always in a hurry. Any device that makes things faster is a temptation.

Drying the hair with a dryer is easy and fast.


The problem is that the dryer also generates frizz. In the long run it can damage the hair and produce split ends.

How to dry your hair then?


The best option is to dry your hair outdoors.

When your hair dries outdoors, it will look better. Your curls will take on a better shape and be defined.

I know that it takes longer and your time is precious, but if you want perfect curly hair, believe me, this is the best option.


3- Do not towel dry

to avoid frizz on curls

This is a little-known secret.

Like we said before, people are always hurrying to arrive on time.

In their hurry, they dry their hair, creating friction between the hair and the towel. This friction generates frizz.


I recommend drying your hair using an old cotton shirt or T-shirt. Try to support the shirt on the hair and place slight pressure on it. The idea is to absorb the moisture slowly.


4- Do not go to sleep with wet hair

pillow crushes curls

I can’t believe that in the 21st century there are people who continue to sleep with wet hair. When they wake up, they look at themselves in the mirror and wonder why they have frightful frizz.

I’m going to tell you why they have such frightful frizz.

Because they went to sleep with wet hair!


The best time to give the hair the shape we want is when it is wet. Wet hair is more elastic and more manageable.

When the hair is already dry, dear friend, there is nothing we can do to modify the shape it takes after drying.


When we go to sleep with wet hair, the curls fail to define their shape because they’re drying between the head and the pillow. This will result in hair with frightening frizz that we are going to meet in the morning.

How can this be avoided?


Is as easy as going to bed with dry hair or washing it on the morning.


If you can incorporate all these habits, your curls will look much better. More defined and with better volume.

My humble recommendation is that you don’t try to incorporate all these new habits in one go because it won’t work for you.


Instead, choose one – the one that is easiest for you – and start with that one. After a while, when you already have it incorporated into your routine, you can incorporate the second and so on.

Again, don’t try to incorporate all these new habits at the same time because you will end up getting overwhelmed and returning to your bad habits.


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Julia hated her curls.

All her life she had sought 1,001 ways to eliminate them.

But the force of nature is more powerful and her stubborn curls came back again and again.


It was only when she learned to get along with her hair that she realized how beautiful she was.

I want to tell you that maybe you have really beautiful hair and you don’t know it.

Maybe you have beautiful hair and you’ve been hiding it for years.

As happened to Julia.


Having curly hair is possible.

You just need the desire, patience and attitude to wear perfect curls.

It’s time to bring those curls to life again.

You’ll surprise yourself.


Do you like your curly hair? Or do you hate it?

How do you take care of your curls? What products do you use?

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